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Aug 21, 2011
Sacred Seven (Anime) add
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
I'm going to keep this review rather short, because frankly, even thinking about this show bores me to death. Writing a review about it is even worse because it makes me think about it harder than watching it.

STORY: 1 (Pathetic)

This show has no direction. Main character automatically has hidden powers from the get-go, of which the origins are glossed over within a few minutes and we are just expected to accept it. He fights to... Fight... And save... Something... Because the Darkstones (the enemies in this show) are... Evil? Because... They just are. Really. There's nothing to this at all. I'm not expecting a deep ...
Aug 31, 2010
Preliminary (6/12 eps)

Season 1 of the Sengoku Basara anime over a year ago was my first foray into the Sengoku Basara franchise. I've never played any of the games up until this point, though I have pre-ordered the North American version of "Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes" (known in Japan simply as "Sengoku Basara 3"), as well as the first season of the anime on BD. I'm surprised this series got licensed, but you'll hear no complaints from me!

Sengoku Basara is a rare gem. Although I haven't played any of the games yet, I do know that most video ...
Jul 25, 2010
Before I say what I think of this OVA in general, I'm just going to briefly say why I rated each attribute what I did.

Story: 3 (Poor)

What story? It's a high school slice-of-life, *but*, an extremely underdeveloped one. I've seen a number of popular slice-of-life animes, and while the genre itself is "basic", it doesn't have to be uninteresting. Genshiken is a shining example of slice-of-life done right. As is Azumanga Daioh, which I've just recently started watching. In order to make up for a lack of deep plot twists and turns (though they can work in the genre, they're rarely done well when implemented), ...
Jul 21, 2009
Needless (Anime) add
Preliminary (3/24 eps)
NOTE: I have not read the manga, so manga readers can go to the manga page for this show and talk about it there. This review is for the anime only.

Although I've only seen 3 episodes at this point, I think I've seen enough to write a fair review. I'll update it later of course to reflect the future scope of the story, because at this time it's still not completely clear what's really going on. Besides the fact that we know Simeon is evil, what the Needless are, and that they are after Adam Blade.

STORY: 7 (Good)

The story so far is typical of a ...
Jul 11, 2009
Preliminary (5/14 eps)
Mod Edit: This review contains spoilers.

I usually try to give a fair, as unbiased a review as I possibly can. But not this time. This is the 0.01% of the time where I'm going to purposefully express my hate for a show. And today that show is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2. Or as I like to call it, "The Melancholy of The Fans of Haruhi Suzumiya".

In case you didn't know, "melancholy" refers to sadness or depression. Only instead of Haruhi being the sad and depressed one (as the show is about those around her trying to keep her spirits up), this time around ...
Jun 25, 2009
Samurai 7 (Anime) add
I'm a sucker for almost any show with samurai and loosely-based historical story-lines, so I figured I would give this show a go. That, and I saw the Blu-Ray boxset in a store, and I'm also a sucker for Blu-Ray. But I was pleasantly pleased with my purchase, which I will now discuss.

STORY: 9 (Great)

Samurai 7 is loosely based on an old movie, but also possesses an original story of its own. Basically, the story takes place in a world where samurai, merchants, and bandits rule the era. The samurai fight for honour, the merchants seek riches, and the bandits, who were once samurai, have ...
Oct 28, 2008
Ranma ½ (Anime) add
Well, I finished this series a short while ago, so now it's time to put in a review for it. If you don't know what Ranma 1/2 is about, check out the synopsis above before reading.

Story: 7 (Good)

Ranma 1/2 does have somewhat of an ongoing story, although there is no major objective in the series other than Ranma's constant failed attempts to return his body to normal. Even though Ranma can return to 'boy-type' Ranma by taking a warm bath (cold water returns him to 'girl-type' Ranma, aka Ranko Tendo for some purposes), he still desires to once again become 'all man' by ridding himself ...
Jul 16, 2008
Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations did what the rest of the anime series failed to do: be interesting. While the art style is more or less the same, it is obvious in the first few minutes that it has been supplemented with greater detail, some additional special effects here and there, and the animation seems to move more smoothly and remain more "active", versus the all-too-boring and sluggish feel of Tsubasa Chronicle and Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Season.

Story: 8 - Very Good

We all know the story of Tsubasa Chronicle from the manga, because chances are, if you are not a manga reader, you have not seen this ...
Jul 7, 2008
Mixed Feelings
It's been a while since I've seen this series, so I believe this is the right time to write a review. A lot of people sit down and rave about this show after having just seen it, but if you give yourself some time, you can write with a clear head.

On with the show. And please, people, let's try to be as unbiased as possible. Just because you thought this show may have been epic win, don't allow that thought to distract you from the facts. Let's read on shall we?

Story: 7

The story is original, I'll give it that. It's a neat idea, but far ...
Jun 30, 2008
Preliminary (8/26 eps)
I know it's still quite early in the game to be writing a review for this series, but after having just finished episode 8, I'm feeling somewhat agitated, and this will help cool me down.

STORY: 3 (Poor)
Thus far, even though it's early, Real Drive seems to have no discernible plot what-so-ever. In fact, it's quite boring. The beginning of the series started out alright and showed a huge amount of promise, leaving me full of wonder and intrigue, but now... Meh, it's all I can do to keep watching (in agony).

ART: 6 (Fair)
Quite frankly, the art for the background scenery, most of the male characters, ...

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