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Aug 13, 2017
The first thing I want to say is that it's too short. For an anime premise that involves a whodunnit, most of the crimes are solved within 1 episode.

I stumbled upon this anime by accident, and being a fan of the CSI franchise, I was welcoming of such an anime. But boy was I wrong. The relative ease that the mysteries during the series get solved turned me off. The main character, like most main characters in anime is overpowered - she's basically a genius when it comes to solving mysteries. As a viewer, I am not taken on a journey or even allowed to read more
Jul 1, 2017
You know the saying "bringing a knife to a gunfight"? That's exactly what Mamoru Hijikata does. And boy does he do it well. He's a swordsman fighting for justice in modern day Tokyo with his team of other uniquely strong characters.

STORY: It's a story about a girl who can predict the near future, who befriends a lone swordsman. Although the MC is blind, he uses specialized glasses to help him "see"; kind of like a bat's echolocation (through vibrations). I found a quite refreshing story, probably because it was completely different to what I've read before. There's some sci-fi information which may throw off a read more