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Mar 5, 2024
EARTH RECORDING 0001 is an emotional short story about an astronaut (Soichi Mawatori) who feels out of touch and out of place amongst his fellow man. while on a mission to the moon he encounters an alien (io) who also says that she too is incredibly lonely and has been traveling the universe for companionship since the universe's creation. the two bond and understand each other, and themselves in the process.

ART (10/10): the art in this manga is very crisp, clean, and striking. the scenery and the depictions of earth & space are absolutely gorgeous. soichi's design is also very well done. the design of ...
Jan 20, 2024
daily life of high school boys is a great read. it had me legitimately laughing out loud. i HIGHLY recommend reading if you like anime like gintama or saiki kusuo no psi-nan you will really enjoy this manga.

the manga is made of short chapters that literally tells the life of a group of high school boys. it is a super funny slice of life manga that is super funny and lighthearted. its a great wind down manga, especially if you wanted to palette cleanse in between darker manga/anime.

the characters are super likeable, the stories are entertaining, the gags are great, and it was an easy ...
Jan 16, 2024
Mixed Feelings
~*CONTENT DISCLAIMER: manga depicts sensitive topics like sexual harassment (adult & of a minor), pedophilia, suicide, abandonment, child abuse, child neglect, and sexual assault (adult & of a minor)*~

TL;DR: a pair of siblings get abandoned by their parents and are sent off to a school on a remote island with other abandoned/orphaned children. when the pair get there the children become fueled by rumors & speculation that the adults on the island are out to get them and its a mad dash to escape the island in one piece. the story is solid but has a lot of inconsistencies that are conveniently waived away at ...
Jan 5, 2024
*~CONTENT DISCLAIMER: manga makes mention and/or depicts sensitive topics like alcohol/drug abuse, sexual violence, abortion/miscarriage, and child sexual violence~*

TL;DR: a tortured young man tries to understand what it means to be human and leads him down a rabbit hole of bad impulse decisions that ends up worsening his situation. his endless wandering leads eventually causes a psychotic where he nds up being completely consumed by his madness. this story is absolutely beautiful and terrifying. it was such a great read but NOT for the faint of heart. if you like Berserker, you may like this manga.
SYNOPSIS: youzou is a troubled individual struggling with identity and ...
Jan 2, 2024
Mixed Feelings
*CONTENT DISCLAIMER -- this manga depicts sensitive topics like suicide, self harm, bullying, incest & child abuse*

TL;DR: the story talks of a neet whos trying to better himself. the story is funny, looks amazing, has some solid characters and the concept has legs BUT the plot doesnt really DO much with them. the story loses steam halfway through and has a rushed ending. what would be a great manga to talk about real issues like self isolation & mental health, japanese working culture, and otaku culture where not expanded upon and thats a darn shame

SYNOPSIS: Tatsuhiro is your run of the mill NEET, down on ...
Dec 28, 2023
About Death (Manga) add
~*CONTENT DISCLAIMER: this manga discusses difficult topics like suicide, self harm, abuse, assault, and abortion. it also displays various scenes of death~*

TL;DR: about death is a quick but profound read that delves into death, acceptance, repentance, and remorse through various scenarios all depicting different characters and manners of death. god is portrayed as a neutral and somewhat sassy constant that helps each character come to terms with their manner of passing, the people they are leaving behind, and their traumas. it is a fast paced manga with some twists that kept me engaged and emotionally invested. please note the content warning!! some scenarios were harder ...
Dec 27, 2023

TL;DR: simply put -- this manga is incredible. if you can forgive the manga for it's artistic shortcomings it is WELL worth the read. its a well paced psychological thriller about a group of high school seniors facing their inner demons head of and coming out the other side better people. the story revolves around the flushed out development of all of the characters (which the manga does an excellent job of doing) and there are plenty of twists that keep the reader on their toes! while the story is dark and tense, it ...
Dec 26, 2023
Mixed Feelings
SPOILERS BELOW!! & Disclaimer: I didn't read the novel before reading the manga!

TL;DR: the decagon murder house is a class locked room murder story an interesting read that had a fair amount of legitimately good and compelling twists. there were some aspects of the characters, plot and twists that just werent THAT convincing and i felt slowed the momentum of the story. overall is was an easy, fun and thrilling read for what it's worth. if youve read books like "and then there were none" by agatha christi or books like that, then youll like this.

SYNOPSIS: K university has a mystery novel club consisting of ...
Apr 11, 2020
Interlude (Anime) add
its been a while since i wrote my last anime review. this one really made me want to write because its so fascinating


STORY 6/10

-quick summary:
the anime starts off with our MC (akio) in high school with his childhood friend tama. the day goes on per usual however every so often he begins to see odd things, experiences vivid nightmares, and remembers people/events others around him dont. he bumps into a girl named aya and through her, realize that he isnt alone in what he experiences; she too has experienced the disappearance of her entire town, has memory lapses, and saw things other ...
Oct 12, 2019
Handa-kun (Anime) add
in my opinion, the worst thing a comedy can be isnt being "unfunny", its being boring. thats exact what handa-kun is.

i should start off by saying that i only watched handa-kun because i wanted to watch something akin to sakamoto desu-ka and danshi koukousei no nichijou, which are two animes that are really good at not only executing the jokes/visual gags, but also being generally entertaining and engaging. so coming into handa-kun, i came in pretty unbiased but from what ive heard about barakamon, i had high hopes.

story (3/10): there really is no story. every episode revolves around the main premise of the anime ...

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