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Mar 10, 2021
I went into this manga expecting a sol story of a girl being kind-hear ted by helping people and realizing that there is a fine line between good and bad consequences of her actions. It delivered wonderfully, and it showed something as deep as traumas, or crossing boundaries by exposing secrets people wish to hide.

The main girl is a over-powered character who clearly uses her powers as and when she wants to make people's lives better, sometimes even without their permission. I liked her, but sometimes things are read more
Feb 2, 2021
I usually call it as "Her, Hello and Him" since it's about the relationship between two characters. One who seems to know more about the other person, making it a bitter-sweet and not a very long-lasting one. It's similar to the Japanese film, "My tomorrow, your yesterday."

Art - Since it's a light novel, they put a handful of images for us to see the beauty of the girl, hiding her deep sadness, the clueless boy who's trying his best to understand and his female friend, who helps him.

"You promised you would remember, but you don't..liar"

Characters - The relationship between the characters is slowly read more
Jan 26, 2021
Cute, comedy, doubt filled and yearning of the first love stories!

The story is fairly normal, the same old cliches of dating for first time, showing off to your friends and attempts to get close to the person you like. Being insecure about not being liked back, a rival appearing who shares the same feelings or wanting to come together after growing apart.
If you enjoy normal stuff like that, you will like it.

The art is super cute. They all look a bit similar though, blonde-black read more
Jan 23, 2021
The story starts with a grandmother narrating a story tp the 5-year old girl about her mom being the descendant of princess kaguya, how she landed on planet earth to escaped her arranged marriage and meets two boys, Ichi and Shin to know more about the life here.

The story is fun and enjoyable to read. There are a bit gaps here and there which makes it difficult to catch up. It's a bit tragic, be warned and can be a bit confusing at read more
Jan 15, 2021
This manga manages to balance between gross and beautiful. A man who faps to reptiles, owns a gecko and works at a reptile shop meets a girl who looks like a university student who is fascinated with the animals he's interested in.

There's not much of a story to this except for how they both relate to each other by being different and distant from other people while learning how to love and care for the reptiles. The girl has her own difficult life which is revealed slowly as we go through the story. Not particularly interesting but not completely boring either.

Quite attractive to read more
Dec 26, 2020
It's a simple, sweet story about a smart, doesn't ever get into trouble girl who has a crush on a tardy, imaginative boy.

The guy is mostly an air-head and an adventurer. He bunks school and goes wherever he wants without a care in the world. He loves to have fun, basically. The girl secretly likes him and follows him in his adventures reluctantly, as a way of looking out for him. She's a sincere girl for the most part and gets dragged into his easy-going pace.

It's like any other shonen manga and even colored at times.

It's a one-shot but captures the gist of two opposite read more
Dec 20, 2020
First off, don't expect anything much deep in this manga since it's funny, charming, and childish filled with minor obstacles here and there kind of manga.

The female lead, is a kind, loving, naive, and hot-headed character who befriends the male lead, who is a vampire when they were five. Due to her, he is accepted in the human world and does a lot of charitable things to maintain a good reputation in society.

The characters (their classmates, parents, etc) who ship the couple are fun, the villains have motivations of their own to either sabotage him and kidnap him. The girl is oblivious to the read more
Dec 14, 2020
The story is extremely cliche.
A rich girl makes a promise with her childhood friend- now turned butler/servant boy to marry him when they grow up. But, she thinks he doesn't remember it..

The hime-sama (princess) relies on him to do everything, orders him around to do her bidding, and rejects suitors who show interest in her. She's tomboyish, rude, incredibly jealous, and possessive about him. Very frustrating at times, but enjoyable when her behavior is used as a gag.
The guy is your typical, cold yet serves diligently to her. Tries to keep his distance due to his position but secretly in love with her.

Story:- read more
Dec 8, 2020
Timing (Manga) add (All reviews)
This manhwa is an absolutely thrilling but grim story - would suggest you to binge read.

It's about people with supernatural powers related to time and dreams.
A shaman's daughter sees a horrifying prophetic dream of students dying in the school she teaches and a bunch of people along with her who witness the same thing. It's all on her, by finding them to prevent it from happening.

Plot - The pace is fast and the twists are really interesting as the story proceeds. It soon becomes a team effort by special people to stop a villain who makes this tragedy into reality.

Art - This might be read more
Oct 4, 2016
1)Oreimo talks a lot about the anime culture of Japan. Comiket held in Akihibara, doujinshis, eroges that people buy. Yes, people have such hobbies and the society reacts in a disgusting way towards people who tend to have such hobbies.

2) Despite many people criticizing the second season because it focuses more on the relationships with different girls (harem) of Kyousuke rather than the otaku culture. I found Manami's arc to be quite good. An arc like that is rare in harems. I liked the humourous parts too.

3)Kirino's character is relate able, especially for those who have to hide their hobbies because of read more