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Nov 29, 2019
//Somewhat spoilers ahead, be caution
//Also, I wouldn't say this is a proper review, but just some thoughts I needed to get down somewhere.

Some of my favorite quotes from final chapter are: "Is Joe Tabuki not afraid at all of dying or becoming crippled? Does he have no one... to weep for him?" and "I haven't turned completely white yet."

I love Yabuki Joe. His tenacity, stubbornness, his selfishness, his character design, and plot armor (lol) all made for an incredible combo. His dialogue was always on point. His actions made sense for his character. His personality, despite some changes, was so natural and read more
May 29, 2019
I'm going to have a difficult time giving this manga a 9, since I truly loved it from beginning to end. One could say I'm being generous and that this manga deserves even lower, but I still think highly of it as it intertwines different themes into one being. For the first manga I've ever read being from 1970's, it certainly changed my view of manga from that time period.

When I came to know Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, I fell in love. I mean, everyone loved her, but the reader is no exception. A person gets to see her explore the emotions that read more
Dec 23, 2018
Kingdom (Manga) add (All reviews)
Kingdom is one of the best mangas that not many people in the West talk about. I'm really just going to discuss key points I think people should know if they want to get into it:

Get past the first arc! There is quite a loud minority that skip out on it, reasonably so (the art, some cliches, etc) but I love it and encourage people to read it. As many first arcs, it is an introductory to the future of this well thought out manga. You will seriously indulge in all the physical conflicts of the manga and those moments of just theorizing and drama. read more