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Mar 2, 2013
Clannad Movie (Anime) add
if i had to summarize this i would call it a wanna be anime knock off of clannad that didn't stick to the story line and if you were confused at the end of clannad after story let me tell you my take *SPOILER ALERT* when ushio supposedly dies at the end of ep 23 it was merely what i perceived as an awful dream tomoya had due to his fear of losing nagisa, stress, and out right being tired the end clannad after story had after that little farce is the happy ending i wanted to see when i watched this movie i ...
Jan 8, 2013
Mixed Feelings
the comedy in this anime is and was to be as expected. However, I forced my self to watch this season after I watched the first. I was agitated with the way they wrote this season. I would have liked to see a continuation of the story from the first. Maybe a new threat or something along those lines. To me it just seems like they wiped the board on what happened last season and started a new. If you didn't care for the story line in the first season and you were only watching it for the comedy then i would recommend watching this. ...
Dec 18, 2012
When I first saw that there was a sequel for clannad i was ex-tactic. So of course I began watching it, the art work and the sound were as good or better than the original. Though i was happy that they ended up together and she was pregnant, I didn't like the way they branched off from what was really happening after she gave birth for half the season. I would have like to see more family things than see this depressing story arc with her being dead and him in a depression. I'm glad they didn't really kill her off, and in the end ...

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