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RepentInReprise Aug 2, 8:11 PM
Thanks! Honestly, I'm happy that I came up with the idea, as it provides a solid flow of writing. I need to take it even further and start organizing pictures I take by episode, so that everything is in story order. It also really helps to give context to what you want to talk about, and helps the other person remember what episode was which, and what was said where. Its thanks to you that I even thought of it in the first place! I love you <3 lol xD. Seriously, though, this is a fantastic thing for me, as it will help me in any future endeavors like these, if I happen to find other people to whom I'll paragraphs upon paragraphs xD. You're all I need, though! xD.

In total, I actually ended up with 49 pictures! Here's What I Didn't Use.. I didn't use those because it was a bit difficult to fit it in with my thoughts, to keep the flow going. Indeed, I could have included it in "Random BS", but I took each of these with the intent to share my thoughts for these pictures. I'm sure you can infer why I took a screenshot of these pictures, or what I was going to say... but if you have any curiosity or questions about any of these, please let me know! I'll post the pictures you're asking about (so you can see them better) and I'll make my comments <3.

I appreciate your comments on the main three girls! I know I certainly picked up on Yako's insecurity about her bust size... It goes so far to say: What girl doesn't worry about their breasts? Yako, this is where I really felt the first pang of sadness (and empathy) for Yako. Looking back on this picture, and seeing that text, and her expression... man, that really breaks my heart. For a girl to be saying such a thing... that's taking away something you're born with... something you should be proud about... in fact, this is really starting to piss me off; all those people who make fun of girls with "flat-chests" or small breasts... man, people are born with what they've got.

However, I certainly seemed to have overlooked Haruka's and Nayu's character development. Perhaps it was a little more subtle than I thought! What a superbly written anime! Woo. Two reasons I think I overlooked them: I was focused too much on the yuri between them LOL xD; and, I believe I'm really similar to Nayu, in my naivety, and innocence. Perhaps I wasn't able to actually see what she was missing out on, because I haven't experienced these things myself.

Emotionally and socially, I haven't had too much interaction, really. If I have, most of it has been through online mediums. For instance, I tend to lose my temper (or emotions in general) and end up hurting people or making things awkward. There's many times where I can't get a read on the situation and I say what I want until I realize too late that what I said hurt this person. (This also ties in to me potentially have Asperger's, as I mentioned in the past). Of course, I'll feel terrible about it afterwards, and I'll apologize and whatnot.

I'm happy you enjoyed my nickname for Komachi... I was hoping you'd get the giggles like that hehe ^-^.
RepentInReprise Aug 2, 9:38 AM
Tommeow Jul 27, 10:56 PM
Nice lol. Honestly I don’t think FLCL is meant to be understood. Thatnks for the rec too!
Tommeow Jul 27, 8:14 PM
Tommeow Jul 27, 8:13 PM
Watching Psycho Pass rn, lives up to the hype imo. Honestly Urobuchi Gen is probably my favorite writer right now lol
Tommeow Jul 27, 5:56 PM
Pretty good hbu?
Tommeow Jul 27, 4:18 PM
Kinekuri Jul 12, 7:25 AM
Thoughts on idol witches now that it has become a thing? We're almost a decade in and it seems like idols just keep growing strong rather than the opposite.

Either way I'm not sold on the idea. Brave witches was underwhelming and Macross Delta suffered from being way too idol centric compared to its previous iterations. Although I wouldn't really mind if it goes straight musical like GuP does however, this is an idol unit we're talking about so it would most likely copy some of the same formulas from other idol clone shows. I just hope to god that this trend doesn't extend to other of my favorite series.
RepentInReprise Jul 6, 10:54 AM
LOL! YAAAS! Fate/Illya xD. My friend saw me watching it one time as I was trying to get into Mahou Shoujo genre... he was like "No no no, you're doing it wrong. You've got to start here." and showed me Madoka Magica as my first Mahou Shoujo. Good man!

Anyways, I've seen too many hilarious clips from Fate/Illya on YouTube xD I really need to see it for the laughs and DA YURI!!!
RepentInReprise Jul 6, 9:19 AM
LOL. No worries, man! It makes me wonder how my teachers felt when a 15 year old kid freaking emailed them that paper xD. I did talk to each teacher I sent it to, after I did, of course, and we had quite the interesting discussion! For the most part, most really didn't have a response LOL. Only a handful had a few of their own thoughts, which I would write my response to their thoughts as a contention in the paper.

Lol reading xP... there's this one story, a fanfiction, That's 1.2 million words long... I've read it four times! LOL. Best thing I've ever read (: Each time took a good few months, of course. Lol
RepentInReprise Jul 5, 1:54 PM
Yes, that's why I put at the top of my profile:

"I've tagged any anime that may seem too highly rated appropriately with their respective genre tag, such as 'Comedy' or 'Harem'." so that people know why some shows seem rated perhaps too highly.

And alright, man, I'll definitely check out Kanamewo! LOL jaded salaryman... Indeed, just by reading the description for it, I could tell xD.

Also, have you received my paper on Discord? Just send me an email or something whenever you have your thoughts (if you have much to say). I wouldn't want it here, since it's not anime; and I wouldn't want it on Discord, since it's a 2k character limit per message xD.
RepentInReprise Jul 2, 11:50 PM
I definitely agree with you about the prefectures. Of course, not being from Japan, it's hard to tell if there really is a reason they put them in there, so I can't really argue against them using that, if they had a reason. I also agree that, except for (me, personally) the episode 7-10 arc, everything else was rather forgettable. That arc is, as I said, the only one I actually kept on my downloads, as it was action-packed, and told a decent story.

I did cry at the end when she went to her grandma and she cried and said she couldn't do anything... the feelings were twofold: that she was broken because she would have died had it not been for the charm; and, that she was so powerless that she couldn't do anything to save that girl. From all this, I could tell that she was a very sweet, kind, and caring girl... but very fragile and innocent, perhaps even a little naive. This made this all the more sad for me. She must be protected xD!

I definitely enjoyed the series as just a one-off as well... I will definitely stand by my saying that this is the best 3-4 minute anime I've encountered. In the episode 7-10 arc, they used that incredible 30 seconds of silence at that scene where they are at the top of the tower... to me, that speaks volumes at how they weren't afraid to use a single-shot for an extended period of time, despite their time limitation. That seriously sent chills down my spine. On the other hand... they also wasted time by using the beginning of an episode to "recap" certain events.

The entire thing never was able to make me feel like their battles or struggles were important enough to care about, except for, again, the episode 7-10 arc. This brings me into pondering: what if it was a full 24-minute, 12 (or even 24, but I doubt that length) episode series? Then they would have been able to really explain things, and expound upon things such as the importance of the Prefectures, the Mahoutsukai, etc., not the mention... the ending, when you get to it.

So, while this stands as the best in its genre of 3-4 minute anime, it also screams that it had potential had it been a full series. I rated it as a "9" on a scale across the other 3-minute anime. As an anime on its own -- compared with everything else --, this would probably come in at a 5. It's alright; not bad, but not good either.

In the end, I just took each arc as they were... for the most part, most of these were just nice to watch visually, to say "That was fun!", and continue from there. Certainly, though, towards the end arcs, there is an urge for curiosity and wonderment about the world they are in, what the mahoutsukai are, and what that ending was. Again, this leads me to believe this show had potential as a full series.

Bruh! I wear headphones allll day xP. I damn well better, since I've got myself some beautiful Audio-Technicas m50Xs, with a DAC-AMP.
RepentInReprise Jul 2, 3:13 PM
Alright, I'm feeling inclined to do this now... please add on me Discord: RepentInReprise#5428. This goes for you too, Kinekuri! If you're reading this xD.

Oooo. If you enjoy powerful scenes, check out the YuYuYu: Washio Sumi no Shou movies... They are only an hour each long, so not that much of a time investment (if you have an hour to spare that is, anyway!). I understand you've watched the original YuYuYu, if I remember. Those movies, though, oh man... they're on whole different level. Same with Symphogear; I've watched this series over and over. The movies, in particular (because they're one hour of epic goodness!), I've seen 3 times each (also because I watch them with friends).

Also, I noticed you finished Mahou Shoujo Taisen (maybe?). What did you think about the episode 7-12 arc? (;

I'm also noticing that you're quite the Shoujo Ai fan? o:! Forgive me for not noticing sooner xD. With this being said... have you seen Strawberry Panic? Bruh. This isn't a recommendation, nor is this a suggestion... this one is a MUST watch if you love Shoujo Ai / Yuri. It's considered "THE" Yuri anime, and a classic. It's a legitimate love story.

Kinekuri Jul 1, 6:21 AM
Precure is good... until I found out there are other little girly cartoons that warrant better watching that are less repetitive and much more interesting. I do realize it might just be following the tokusatsu formula (not an expert on this medium so I apologize to fans if I'm wrong), but the way every episode goes is some character gets a problem, then monster of the week appears, then characters learn a lesson of the week at the end, rinse repeat while the plot advances. Which is why every season is like a dejavu despite different themes. Well I'm watching Gegege no kitarou right now from the same studio and it also has an episodic monster of the week formula but the monsters being based off youkai actually feel unique from one another -- everyone has a set personality that bases off the negative aspects of humans, ironically -- that it makes it less stale plus the fights are better imo. I dunno, maybe it's just the monsters in precure that are lame. I'd still get back to Precure someday, I just dunno when.

Ehehehe, I'm happy if I can convert another fella to the fandom, it is seriously niche outside of Japan XD. Consider catching up to Season 4 before the new (and possibly even the last tv series to come out), one comes out. I also saw you two discuss about fanservice and I think I should clear that up a little bit since I assume it was a response to my other comment. What I mean about fanservice is that the sequels starting from 3 suffer from sequelitis as in they add a bunch of new things that doesn't even compliment or give much substantial meaning to the previous seasons (some tried but failed, even undermining them). From a production standpoint, the show does indeed get "better", though not by a margin since it still has some of the same problems. But with the way the newer seasons have been going make me think if the staff actually even remembered what the show was actually like, or they just decided to go fuck it, we just want to go overblown with this without considering the significance of it. Now I'm probably not anticipating the upcoming season as much as I used to, but I've been attached to this series that I have this small glimmering hope that somehow a sequel is going to fill the magic that was missing.

It's all good. I'm actually glad you said that though, it's a concurrent problem with most communities nowadays since people don't even know their own tastes! I just didn't want to be hypocritical that I'm this big massive schmuck for gays but dismiss anything labeled male with male as fujoshit (although actual fujoshit is another matter entirely). You'll see what I mean when there are people saying:

>ugh I hate mecha
>Code Geass and TTGL are the best mecha ever!
>Can't even name any mecha shows from 80s or 90s when mechas thrived, thinks it's all just gundams
>Ugh magical girls are formulaic monster of the week cliches
>watches madoka religiously, unaware that madoka tributes references to earlier magical girls
>moeshit (or) insert x genre here is teh cancer that is killing anime!

Kyoani can actually make something competent once in a while despite the other mediocre gimmick shows that comes along with them. The only reason I compared it with Nichijou is because of the similarities in direction. You can't really compare it with their other shows since Kyoani themselves make pretty varied genres themselves. You have things like K-on which shows their best at directing a show about friends growing up together and interacting with each other that builds some relationship in the process, and some unusual romance stories like Tamako Love Story and Koe no Katachi , and Hibike Euphonium is about interpersonal communication among others.

True, if you argue about it that way doesn't that mean Toohru is just the escapist fantasy character for the unfulfilling and isolationist life of the average salaryman that yearns for something to break the monotonousness of their life? Not to mention, the other unusual and eccentric cast of other dimension characters that joined in to crash the party one by one because ??? It's a good thing this has never happened in another show before, namely of the same genre and same season with the angels an dem-- oh wait. Kobayashi is obviously the main character, but that doesn't change the fact about how Toohru is central to her character so the fact that Toohru's link to the real world is weak just didn't convince me enough. Hypothetically, even if Toohru were to become comfortable with the real world (mostly because of Kobayashi), would she still stay if Kobayashi were not there? If she only loves Kobayashi and not the real world, then that just proves my earlier point. I find it contradictary that Tohru acknowledges herself as different from the others yet gets intrigued by a modern society that alienates such difference. The only reason she seems to be happy is because she is lucky enough to be around a circle of friends that accepts her for who she is, otherwise how would she actually cope there by herself, as with the same case before she met Kobayashi? On a related note, I haven't watched Liz and the Blue Bird yet since it isn't out yet, but I read a post about how it's the most mundane yet truest slice of life . Just reading it got me the impression how it manages to give out tension from the ordinariness of how people live their life. It won't be until a while that I can watch it to see how I view it sadly, I liked Euphonium so I can't wait to see how it goes.
RepentInReprise Jun 30, 9:35 AM
Oh no, don't worry about it, man! Lol. It was just my own struggle and response, too, since I really couldn't say that I was or wasn't. xP.

Season 5 (XV... I think Symphogear is trying to be Final Fantasy with a title like that xD). Apparently it's pronounced "X - ive". Very peculiar... no idea why they decided to name it that. Anyway, the next season (5) isn't going to air until April 2019! So you technically have until then! xD.

LOL. We sound like the strangest group of friends... "Yeah, we talk to each other, but only in response to what we said to someone else."

Kinekuri: "How are you?"
You: "I'm great! Thanks!"
Me: "Oh that's fantastic! Me too!"


I do have a Discord... and of course, as you know, I have an email. I definitely prefer messaging systems like this (thus, email), since we tend to type so friggin' much! xD. When I do IMs, I have to drag my attention away from whatever I'm doing. Then, when I get back to what I'm doing I get a response... so then I feel compelled to reply again (since its IM). So, I like to type messages like these, where, I can get all my thoughts and what I want to say out all at once, and get a reply later, at my convenience.

Speaking of, I apologize for not responding to you about Antarctica Land! How is it for you so far? I see you've been watching it! I'm still on episode 3 lol. The sense of adventure speaks so prominently, though, from what little I saw.

PS: LOL. I just found a comment someone made on a YT video about Stella Jogakuin: "Gentlemen. Welcome to Kawaii." xD can't stop freaking laughing!