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Ayato-Hiragi May 27, 9:21 AM
Ah i see, what’s your occupation?
RepentInReprise May 26, 8:35 AM
Awesome. In fact, all of them I've already heard of or had them on my PTW except for Yama no Susume :D

However! Gunslinger Girl? Aw, man... I remember a long while ago I tried to start it up, especially because of how it looked. I remember being bored AF dude, and just confused; not interested. It seemed like things were a mess, I dunno. Something about the voice acting and how things flowed. I'll give it another try, though. One thing is for sure: the music is 10/10! It's by the same composer as Simoun! ;D So you know it's fucking good music! Ever since I listened to Simoun's music, I can't get enough of that guy's work! When I listened to Gunslinger's OST, I recognized right away that is was his music because of his very distinct style.

RepentInReprise May 25, 11:30 AM
I found a few more that you don't have on your list. Before any of these, though, definitely make Simoun your first priority! :P. These ones are just for later or whenever you want to watch them so we can discuss stuff.

So, I rated this a 4. It wasn't that bad; it's just bad because of the pacing, and plot issues. Otherwise, the characters were pretty damn good, and the story/premise itself was really interesting. There's LOTS to talk about here once you watch it! If you can, try to watch it in the Dub. I found the dub to be really great and hilarious xD (and better because it helped to differentiate between characters; you'll see what I mean when you get to that point).

This is a CGDCT anime through and through. The animation is FLUID! like, holy shit. and everything is BRIGHT AS FUCK! When I first watched this, I was like "Oh, is God coming for me, now?" xD. You'll see how fluid the animation is in the first episode; when a girl runs, it's like.. butter xD. Besides that, this had really fantastic character development, IMO, especially with the MC. From beginning to end, I felt like I really grew with her.


Can't really say much about this except to just watch it xD. It's hard to say anything at all without spoiling anything. I'll say this: It's like Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil, but Japanese xD. It was a REALLY good watch. It picks up quickly after episode 3. For this one, I picked up the Dub as well, especially since this guy goes to the Middle East and Russia. This helped me create the suspension of belief and setting that he really WAS in those areas. They did a pretty good job with the accents!
RepentInReprise May 25, 11:01 AM
Ah, that's right. I forgot about that Haganai part! Haganai was one of the first anime shows I watched when I really got seriously about watching anime. Thus, it was also one of my first Harems, so it has a special place for me :P. It was well done, IMO; except for the ending of season two, of course, because of the BS that happened with the author and editor, or whatever.

As for Wandering Son, I haven't fully gotten into it yet. I started up episode 1, but then I read that you should read the manga or something to get a better background and understanding of the characters and blah-blah-blah, so I'm trying to figure out what to do. Apparently, it's quite a bit of the manga to read until you get to the point where episode 1 starts so... I'm kind of dreading it lol.

KLK, as you can see, I'm only about halfway through, so I'm not sure who cuts what hair or where xD, but I'm getting through it little by little.

You understand what I said perfectly, man. Yes, a very useful skill about empathy is that, once you understand someone, you can have a greater influence on the right direction that they should take. If you understand someone so well and you give them which direction to move, they are likely going to do so because it's like they are listening to themselves. I've done this myself multiple times with people; it's really quite a beautiful thing to experience.

Whenever we have to do something, we tend to have two differing feelings:

Alright, I need to do this, so let's get it out of way; I need to do this, but... I'm not feeling up to it right now, I'll do it later.

If you understand someone on this level, and you voice what they're thinking to them, they are likely to go deeper into themselves, and discover more thoughts:

"If I do what I need to do now, then I'll be able to enjoy myself and work on the project for the rest of the day!" or "If I wait, then I'll have to be in a rush to take care of business because Rush Hour Traffic will be in effect!"

Again, voice your understanding to the person. Perhaps about the time it would take? "So, if you go now, it will take about 20 minutes; if you go during Rush Hour, it will take an hour!"

From here, people will find their own positive and beneficial direction for themselves, and will take action. The "answer" might seem obvious to you, "Well, of course I'm going to take care of things now, then!", but who knows? Maybe the person is just so lazy or involved with something that they really want to do at the moment, and doesn't mind too much about having to go through Rush Hour. There's no right or wrong answer; the person's decision is their own.

Do you see how fluidly the interaction flows? Have you ever had a conversation where you felt someone just wasn't listening to you? In the above example, the average person would probably reply:

"Okay, then just go now, then!" and then the conversation would likely be unproductive:

"But, I don't want to go now! I'm busy doing this important project!"

"Okay, then finish it and then go later?"

"But then Rush Hour traffic will be happening!"

I've seen too many conversations like these (especially firsthand!), where the conversation is an argument or a disagreement or whatever, because the person is telling someone their opinion or what THEY would do. It's not about you, it's about them.

Of course, things like work and the like, you better damn well get to work if you don't want to get fired! xD. Unless that person, of course, just doesn't care, for whatever reason. At that point, just list every damn that thing that could possibly go wrong in their lives and how it would affect everyone around them, etc., maybe the person just wasn't thinking of the consequences. It all depends on the person.

LOL the meme xD.

And LOOOOL Just noticed your Scoring Flowchart has Michael Rosen in the background XD Damnit

PS: I'll send you what I think about Haifuri another day xD -- that freaking essay was enough for me today lmao.

PSSS: Chu-Bra, no problem! I think I watched the first episode or something, I can't remember xD. I have been meaning to watch it, though, so yay!

And LOL, awesome. Simoun is amazing, man.

The other anime I was going to ask you watch (I'll just list them here, then, since it seems that you watched at least a portion of each!) are:

Pupa (XD LOL)
Houseki no Kuni (Why drop? T_T. It got really good towards the last half! I was so impressed I'm reading the manga! It literally gets SUPER interesting on episode 4 xD. At least give it that one more episode :P)
Princess TuTu (YES BRUH! You've watched it all! <3)
Himegoto (You dropped this one too xD. There's a certain scene that happens in a later episode that I'd like to discuss. It's actually pretty fucked up, despite the tone and theme of the show...)


Scorching Ping Pong Girls: which you don't have on your list. So if anything, it's this one! xD. Now, this one was quite interesting, because... it's directed by the same director of FMA: Brotherhood! xD So I watched it mostly because of that. I was in for quite a pleasant surprise!

This anime was so freaking hype for me that I watched it in one sitting!! Seriously, the action, momentum, and flow of the scenes and episodes was so freaking good, that I was on the edge of my seat for some of the matches.

It was so good, that, for this show too, I picked up the manga. Unfortunately, all the English translations aren't available yet; or, if they are, I couldn't find them. From what I've read, it's EXTREMELY detailed in the actual playing of Ping Pong! It's crazy how in-depth they get into it; the animation doesn't come close! The biggest surprise for me was the character development! Sweet Jesus, for a sports / ping/pong anime I wasn't expecting such thorough character development!

One thing, though, is it's sexually implied as hell xD -- the girls are sweaty as fuck; they're panting hard; their clothes are sticking to their skin
to where their skin shows; and they're constantly telling each other that they're "Going to make your heart race!" LOL. I mean, I don't mind -- it makes the scenes funny as hell LMAO.

So, in essence, when you watch it, don't take it too seriously; it's a nice, fun, adrenaline filled ride. While I say that, I was really rooting for every single character, though! They are so well developed I became attached to each one of them!
RepentInReprise May 25, 8:42 AM
Here's one that's extremely short. This anime has 4-minute long episodes. There's story arcs for different characters every 4 episodes. So watch 4 episodes in a sitting if you want to do it in chunks. It's action-packed and the story isn't too deep. So, that means there isn't much to discuss.

HOWEVER. This is a Gainax anime as well... and the ending was interesting... and, if you know Gainax well enough, you know their endings are... something else xD. There's also the point of whether or not this should have been a longer length series or not (like, 20 minute episodes), as the story itself was quite interesting. Other than that, the episode 7-10 arc in particular was my favorite of the show! I would like to hear your thoughts on that one, in particular.

Other than all that, It's Mahou Shoujo (so yay!), and, personally, this is the best damn short time format anime that I've seen out of all so far! The way they use the timeframe for episodes; the pacing; the characters; the action; the development... it's all so exceptionally well done for the format.

RepentInReprise May 25, 8:12 AM
Also, yes, I have another anime in mind for you to watch that I'd love to discuss with you:

The synopsis should be enticing enough!

The OST, though, oh man! ;D

Click on track #3, #4, and #6 and be blown away by the epic classical style music! :D

Also, when you do get around to watching, be sure to have a comfortable/flexible time span where you can watch it one sitting (if possible, anyway!). Or two sittings, if you can. There's just so much content, material, and themes to digest that it would definitely be hard to keep track of if you watch this week by week. One thing is for sure: I made the mistake of watching this in small chunks (3-4 episodes) every OTHER week... I don't remember much of what happened just because there was so much stuff every episode. It's fucking GOOD, but so thick with knowledge. I need to rewatch this.

I took a part of a review from here on MAL: "...However, as with anything that's as rewarding as Simoun is, watching this anime requires a bit of effort from the audience. The one major flaw with Simoun is that the story is fairly complex. Starting with the first episode and lasting until roughly the third episode, you'll find yourself swimming in a pool of brand new terms, characters, and politics so large that you're literally going to have to muddle your way through the series for a bit until everything becomes familiar and starts to make sense. (You might also need that time to get used to the fact that all male characters are voiced by women...) However, once this happens, you'll be thankful that you didn't run away after episode 1. By the time you reach episode 4, or episode 5 at the *very* latest, the plot and character development will take off in such a way that you'll want to go through the final 20+ episodes in a straight 8 hour marathon. And really, a marathon is the best way to watch a series this good."

^ This person isn't kidding, literally when I reached episode 4 and 5, I was like: "I need to seriously sit down and watch this now!"
RepentInReprise May 25, 7:46 AM
As you said:

If anyone happens to be reading this comment or this conversation, please consider watching this show! It really is something else. While I made an AMV that you can watch on my channel (as spoiler-free as possible!) for the show to get people interested, hopefully these comments are enough to entice you!

That's an awesome, awesome experience that you say you had with the show! To be honest, that was what I was hoping for! Since the anime is the way it is (as it also took me by VERY pleasant surprise), I figured it would also have that same "wow" factor going for it among other people as well. Like you said, it wanted to do something much more, and that's why I liked it so much. Had it been your regular, typical CGDCT show, I would have probably given it a 5, or 6 -- in my book -- just because it was more entertaining than most.

All things considered, what you said about that "one" main issue is helping me reconsider the score for myself; probably an 8. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to drop a score on a show that I love so much, but I wish to keep things as critical as possible in my scoring (Enjoyment/Entertainment isn't everything!). This is one thing that I wholeheartedly appreciate about discussing things with someone else; it helps me objectively (by having another perspective) and holistically reevaluate the show. And, of course, it's just fun to talk about things!:D So, thank you so much for your time and effort! <3

Think about how hard it was for me to drop some of the scores on some the Symphogear seasons! (First season is a 6!) xD. The first season was REALLY not that great, critically speaking! Still above average, but, holy fuck, there were so many issues. SO many issues! It gets better... WAY better after the first season. The entire series is a journey that needs to be considered as a whole; that's one of the reasons why the rest of the seasons are so highly rated.

Onto the show:

When I was 13, I studied psychology for 5 years; reading college level textbooks and the like. Among these studies, the greatest of my perusals was in the topic called "Humanism" or the "Person-Centered Approach". This is where the bulk of my empathy and knowledge of others come from. The person I studied most was "Carl Rogers". Look him up and give his material a read! In particular, read this:'_person-centred_personality_theory

The above two things explain where all my talk about "Self-worth" and "Acceptance" comes from; any conflict or issues you have with yourself can be resolved by simply recognizing the faults with yourself, accepting them, and believing yourself to be worthy.

Aside from that, did you know that Stella has a manga? Please, I say that you MUST read it! It offers such a vastly different experience from the anime. I like the manga, as it fleshes out the "side characters" tremendously. It makes them so that they don't feel like "side characters" anymore and more like they're actual characters. Yura's character has quite the interesting change! I will say that, in the manga, she isn't the person you saw in the anime; trust me on this.

I tried to find anywhere to get the manga legit online, but I couldn't find anything!

You can read the whole thing here:

PS: Haifuri is your #1 CGDCT show, eh? I'm happy that Stella is your #2, then :D! I'd love to talk Haifuri with you man! I loved it as well. I've been meaning to watch it a second time (:

PSS: Take a serious listen to the Stella soundtrack! :D

Which one is your favorite? Mine is Rin's theme, as well as Surudoi Manazashi (Which is basically an orchestral version of her theme. I love the instrumentation! It's the one I used in my AMV!!). Her theme is just so... the feelings it brings for me are a mix of someone who is cold, calculating, harsh, and unforgiving, yet there's a certain mystique to her, like a loneliness or isolation that no one else can understand, and that's why she's so distant. The chords on the track are sooooo goood!

I've listened to the more jazzy/thumpy/bass soundtracks on my surround sound system, and HOLY SHET, the booms on my subwoofer the soundtrack gives! xD beautiful Bass (;

PSSS: Please, do give me an anime recommendation that you'd like to discuss! As you can see, my anime watching had died down quite a lot recently; I've been meaning to find things to watch, but I'm having trouble finding some things to entice me enough. I have tons of time!
Zehennagel May 24, 1:23 PM
gg man thats how gambling works, you either win all or lose all!
Ayato-Hiragi May 24, 12:57 PM
I suffer most of the time.
Why was today boring?
Ayato-Hiragi May 24, 12:41 PM
How was your day?
Patchou1i-Patcho May 24, 12:28 PM
Really tough choice! Probably RTRT and Excalibur. What are yours?

Patchou1i-Patcho May 24, 12:11 PM
You have a beautiful Mili forum set
boa555 May 22, 3:52 PM
you ok
boa555 May 22, 2:39 PM
hi want to be friends
Ayato-Hiragi May 22, 2:12 PM
Happy birthday!