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Jul 4, 2013
The anime was nothing out of the box.. except it conveyed a very special lesson.
"There are some who are GENIUS and there are some who are hard workers. The genius always tend to succeed at the first attempt but it may be not in the case of the hard worker and when these two classes clash.. it's all about the anime. "
The best thing i loved is the message "NEVER GIVE UP, no one is PERFECT"
A decent romantic and comic anime with touch of emotions and some nice quotes and speeches.
8/10 personal rating.
Watch it if you have spare time like me.. (enjoying vacations...)
Jul 3, 2012
I haven't read the manga but i must admit the ova's were awesome.
Good climax, decent characters, and nice story.. makes t worth watching.
It proves my theory..
"You can fall in love more than once"
Apr 25, 2012
For somethings in the world you have to free minded,you can't go on reasoning everything you see and everything you watch. People say a person dies two times in his life, once when he is really dead and once when he steps out of his childhood. So if you are given a chance to live up your childhood for some 90 minutes, this movie is for you. Mystical creatures, nature, joy and sadness conquered by happiness are the some childhood reasoning. You wont go on reason everything you see and you have a belief in everything even Santa Claus when you are a kid so read more