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Jan 14, 2020
Story 7/10
The story does have a strong NGNL feel to it, but it also feels rather rushed and as if it wasted quite some potential. The movie may go for almost 2 hours, but you see almost nothing of all the other races. You see flashes and glances of some of them, but nothing really concrete, and even those glances are usually not for very long. The real focus of this movie lies on humanity's struggle for survival... and for what it's worth, what is shown is pretty enjoyable for the most part.

Art 10/10
Simply stunning. As usual, NGNL is a feast to the eyes. read more
Dec 18, 2019
One Punch man is an amazing anime, and would almost get a 10 out of me for sure! Well, if it wasn't for Saitama, the One Punch Man.

The art and the sound are sublime. The battle scenes are amazing as well. Even (most of) the characters look really unique and are fun to watch to say the least. It's all just so good! The story could be a bit better, but it's still decent enough to enjoy.

The only major thing that holds this anime back in my opinion, is Saitama, the One Punch Man himself. Why? Well, I call it the Superman-effect. As soon read more
Dec 18, 2019
While the sound, art and character designs are absolutely amazing and definitely deserving of all the amazing ratings this anime gets, the overall enjoyment is abysmal. At least for me.

The world of Made in Abyss revolves around a massive crater. Around the top of this crater is a city, and in the depths of this crater lurk many mysteries and dangers. For reasons that make themselves clear pretty quickly, the two main characters have to delve into the depths of this crater - into the Abyss. They have to not only delve deeper and deeper, but survive the many dangers lurking within as well. read more