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Jun 28, 2008
Chances are, last Spring when you where watching the likes of Lucky Star and Gurren Lagann you were not watching this little gem. Hitohira slipped under the radar and went for the most part unnoticed. Although Hitohira shares the school drama format of many shows from the time, it puts an original spin on it, ensuring viewer attention.

Hitohira's storyline is an interesting subject, parts of it are dazzlingly original while other parts are downright generic and predictable. Whilst the basis of the school drama genre is all too familiar, what actuals happens in Hitohira is a refreshing change, albeit a change still read more
Jun 23, 2008
Yumeria (Anime) add (All reviews)
Yumeria should come with the subtitle "an adventure in mediocrity", when it comes to games NAMCO (usually) try and to do something different or at least attempt to put an original spin on a tried and tested formula (see the Tales series), but with regards to Yumeria, there's doing things by the book and then there's copying the book word for word. Whilst it manages to avoid some of the major harem clichés, it falls slap bang on to every one for the action/magical girl genre like a combine harvester in a minefield.

The story is too poor to analyse in any real detail, just read more
Jun 22, 2008
It would appear GONZO seem to think they can use their unique release format to gloss over the fact this series is riddled with flaws. There are three experiences to be had from Druaga, a hilarious comedy one, a somewhat below average action one and a dire fantasy one. It is literally a lottery as to which genre will be dominant in each episode.

The storyline couldn't possibly be any more generic; explore dungeon, defeat evil boss, find legendary treasure etc., its not even well executed. When its not being generic, it's being downright predictable, major plot points are seen coming a mile read more
Jun 19, 2008
Moyashimon is a textbook example of a show not living up to potential. A highly original concept and a very strong cast of characters ultimately let down by a poor plot and a crushing lack of urgency. It does get major plus points for having the balls to do something different, especially considering the anime environment at the time, rich in shonen action and school life shows.

There is no denying Moyashimon is a highly original concept, the story follows Tadayasu Sawaki who has the ability to see microbes with the naked eye, as he enrolls at an agricultural university. One of the read more
Jun 17, 2008
The best way to describe this movie is as an enhanced recap, its summarises the events of the first Shana novel/ the manga/ the first of arc of the anime with a few extras added here and there.

The story of Shana is a beacon of originality in a sea of cliches and genericness that make up the majority of the action genre. It explores coming to terms with the unimaginable and the value of human life. This freshness of the plot grabs the viewer's attention and the removal of the somewhat lame love interest in the anime only improves the experience. The read more