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Jun 21, 2008
First of all I'd like to say this is my favorite Miyazaki Film. Why you might ask? Its the most powerful and thought provoking of all his films. It also communicates a message very differently since it has much darker overtones than his other lighthearted films. While they may be enjoyable and powerful in their own way they can never be compared to the stature of this film. I hold this one higher than the quality of Spirited Away. Which in my opinion is then most overrated Miyazaki/anime film. This is the one film that Miyazaki completed perfectly because it gave you that feeling that read more
Jun 4, 2008
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
First off I'd like to say this is an amazing piece of artwork both with the manga and anime. Urasawa shows us his genius and ingenuity when creating mangas. I've never been able to find anything else out there which has as much complex plot weaving and carefully crafted characters who never lose your interest.

Whatever you do don't be discouraged by the lenghtyness of monster. Its 74 episodes may be something which would scare away most thinking the show might be filled with fillers, fan service, and horrible bland characters. The sheer brilliance of this manga/anime is what allows it be hailed as read more