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Sep 29, 2018
Story (8/10)

Our protagonist has now started studying at the university. We get to follow him and several other characters with their respective problems. I’d say the main focus is identity - who you are as a person and what you want to be.
We get to see characters like Makoto trying to find his own path in life and Sousuke, who is concerned about a surgery that may or may not be the end of his career as a swimmer. Rei, Nagisa and Gou are studying their final year at Iwatobi. We get to see them with new recruits for the swim team.
These are only some read more
Nov 2, 2016

Plot and story:
So, the "story" follows Urara, Hanabi and Inaho, who become the three legendary Naria girls - Spring, Summer and Autumn - to stop the evil Ice Queen from sending her monsters to Earth.
The story is rushed. Everything happens so quickly and the episodes are repetetive. All episodes go something like this;
1. The girls talk about something random
2. Monster appears
3. The girls do some improvisation sketches
4. They transform
5. They call out random names of their attacks and defeat the monster
It's the same thing over and over again. The only thing that changes are the jokes.
There are no fighting scenes either. Just pictures.
Oh, and let's read more
Oct 27, 2016
After reading the manga for the third time, I've decided to write a review on it.

Plot and story:
The Yu-Gi-Oh GX manga has one long story, unlike the anime where there's a new 'story' for each season.
The story follows Jaden on his journey to become like his idols - Yugi and Koyo.
The antagonist is the father of one of the characters and is being possessed by the shadows. He uses the power of the shadows to take control of strong duelists and use them as puppets for his plan of gaining ultimate power.
One minor problem the story has is that they don't show when Jaden starts read more
Oct 27, 2016
Why is there no anime adaptation of this manga?

Plot and story:
The story follows the two best friends, Kaichi and Akira, where one of them can see spiritual things like ghosts and fairies.
The manga is very short, but is able to show us how the two characters became friends, how close they are now, (Spoiler) and (Spoiler). That's quite impressive for such a short manga.
Another thing I like about this manga is that they switch protagonist. The first chapter follows Kaichi while in the chapter after it, we get to follow Akira. This lets us, the readers, see the story from both characters' point of view.

Kaichi read more
Oct 27, 2016
I was really looking forward to this OVA...

Plot and story:
This OVA is based on the manga event from halloween 2013 where the countries attend a halloween party and try to win the costume competition.
Although the scenes shown in the OVA are accurate (more or less) to how they were in the canon manga, the anime director removed plenty of scenes, characters, dialogues and even the "red string" of the event just for the sake of fanservice.

After I had watched this OVA, I was in rage with how the anime director had degraded the characters.
One of the characters they degraded was (ze awesome) Prussia, one of read more
Oct 26, 2016
"Romantic" my ass.

Plot and story:
This short anime is about Ranmaru who recently got married. He ends up drinking on their wedding day and, obviously, becomes drunk. The captain then takes advantage of Ranmaru's drunk state and leads him to a room on the ship where he rapes Ranmaru. Yes. Rape. Non-consensual sexual activities.
Even if it had been with consent, there is no love story or romance. Not even friendship. The captain clearly has no interest in Ranmaru's personality or life and only wants to bang him, which is far from being romantic in my opinion.

The captain is a disgrace to Italians, even though read more