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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
11 hours ago
Watching 20/25 · Scored -
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
11 hours ago
Watching 4/10 · Scored -
Senryuu Shoujo
Senryuu Shoujo
11 hours ago
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Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jan 19, 2:15 PM
Completed 18/18 · Scored 10
Hoshi no Samidare
Hoshi no Samidare
Jan 17, 5:27 PM
Completed 65/65 · Scored -
Oct 26, 2018 1:25 PM
Completed 69/69 · Scored 8


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Karizmaa Apr 11, 3:28 PM
Thank you for accepting my friend request.^^
florizeta Oct 30, 2016 9:05 PM
I just finished the episode *O* it was amazing!! I love this kind of animes *O* like the slice of life vibe and I can feel the feels coming soon...

Also, how are you liking 'Yuri on ice' so far? I love the intro and the story is good but I'm getting the BL or yaoi feels from it o_o why can't people see it as bromance? :C how do you feel about it?
florizeta Oct 30, 2016 8:05 PM
I know this is random but....
I wanted to watch it when it first came out but I got stuck catching up with so many other airing animes ;-; I can't believe I didn't watch it the first time it came out but I'm kinda glad I waited so I can truly appreciate it!! the art its just marvelous, the music!! the french song at almost the beginning *O* and I'm just really amazed by the art... dude!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RECOMMENDING BEAUTIFUL ANIME! I haven't even seen the actual whole episode and it's already beautiful xD

Well, it's normal to not brag about yourself xD you are a modest person :P If I was you and had a really good voice, I would honestly from the bottom of my heart, I would never shut up and sing all day anything (and of course, annoy people >:D )

Wow those are really great songs O_O The first link said to be unavailable but its okay because I looked for another one xD
wow the lullaby was so beautiful o_o the lyrics :C please sing this to your future children D: because I think most parents don't sing lullabies anymore :/

But despite my lack of knowledge in singing terms (tenor 2 and baritone?) I think acapellas are the best thing ever! and I say this because I love acoustic songs xD it's more like natural if you think about it :o
You guys should totally do this one and its even better because you get to invite girls over who can sing too *O* ahahha

Yes, Disney and proud/guilty ahahaha

I think it will be an amazing night for all of you :O how many secrets e__e
That's sounds so amazing to be honest, it reminds me of how sometimes for some people, friends become even more of a family then your own family :/ so you can just interview them about anythinggg!? o_o do they watch anime?! :D ♥ do they share same taste in anime if they do watch it? :o do they consider them chinese cartoons ? T_T
florizeta Oct 25, 2016 10:36 PM

si-singing rehearsals?! dude O_O that is soo...

Are you the best singer ;D hahaha no seriously, you should be competitive >:D

Well, it's all part of the School Experience :O
and wooow O_O 37 brothers D: imagine if they were your real brothers e__e (poor mom...)

wuu wa WAHAT?! sell out years in advance?! D: so I'm going to end up watching anything when I'm in my 40s? D:

ahahahah I think the same way xD because of the contrast, it's fun to see how the other will react :P (and by see, I mean imagine how the other person reacts :O). I won't lie, once I almost typed ":D" in an essay xD but I do so when it's something less serious like answer the following questions from a movie or something. You know, the never-serious-supply-teacher work ^^'
Am I really open? O_O so far you know my obsessions with golden retrievers, piano and Disney :O wanna hear my darkest secrets and weaknesses? :o I actually don't think I have any dark secrets... hmm... what would be considered a dark secret anyway? like "I killed my boss once" or something like that? I have killed countless of insects if that counts T_T#
Share your dark secrets :D you can use the spoiler thingy

Ummm have I mentioned how much I suck at explaining?

some people get offended D: but it's basically calling you smart :D
ohh strategy games!! chess, puzzles, and the ones that come on the newspapers xD which... I don't know their name.... the one with the numbers and 9 different box-square thingies with 9 box thingies that you have to fill with numbers but they can't be the same numbers in each row (horizontally and vertically and in the same box)... yeah let me find a picture xD

I find it fascinating :O my dad recently started to do them. Have you done it before?
florizeta Oct 17, 2016 5:49 PM

How's school going? I hope you get time but not to reply to me but to watch anime :o (ahahah kidding, you better reply T_T)

Isn't a hot spring like a hot tub? although one has bubbles xD

Hamilton? :o never heard of it :o I have hardly seen musicals, well if you consider High School Musical then yeah xD I want to watch one in broadway *O* but isn't like super expensive?! D: well, there goes my education funds...
hjahahaha what gave it away? xD that i was a Disney freak fan D: I do admit being sort of childish as I love or enjoy watching Disney movies or things related to my childhood. But I guess its normal eh? o_o I feel like we are complete opposites xD I'm childish while I feel like you are so mature and serious D: If you were to use gifs, that would totally change that perspective :P

ooohhh O: would you consider yourself a nerd? but not in any offensive way, I mean not like the stereotypical nerd e_e because no one really is like that. I think... I'm not even sure why nowadays people (by that, I mean teenagers) make fun of people who like to study or go to school to learn. It's like "not cool bruh" ._______. so I always remember this...

ohh I might as well too then,
florizeta Oct 3, 2016 5:42 PM
dude! let me just brag first!! LOOK WHAT I'VE LEARNED!!

IS THIS WITCHCRAFT OR WHAT!? *O* thats like emojis/emotes to a whole new level O:

And secondly, yesterday was my birthday, where's my present? :p

aww :c but we are never too old ^^ nicknames i guess you either get them because your name is too long or too hard to pronounce T_T

But I think if I were to go to Japan, i wouldn't be able to get inside the hot springs, it's just like getting naked and seeing others of the same sex naked.... it's just too much e___e And YASS go and take as many pictures as possible! also, be in the pictures to have 100% proof you were there :P oh oh you know what!? best present ever!! get me a kotatsu xD they are sooo cool *O*

Xylophones... I could've said the first instrument a baby learns .__.

yaaay! :D i do the same thing xD like right now, I'm listening to - because I'm not sure if I said it before but i'm a huge Disney fan... well not that huge because i may not remember most names o_o but i sure love Alan Menken *O* and Randy Man (i think), he did the You've got a friend in me song :D
- this is just so beautiful! ahaha xD I haven't seen the Aladdin on Broadway but I plan on doing so *O*
Okay I got off track, Yes, i have a playlist of instrumental music :D because when they have lyrics, i just keep singing and never really get things done xD or when its hard to sleep, you can just relax with the music and fall asleep C:

ALBERT EINSTEIN! or like some say, "Albert Frankenstein" ahahah sorry i saw it somewhere because they didn't know his name and hahahhahaha its hilarious xD

Really? o: I always found history not boring because its really good to have some knowledge of everything that happened, but i neither liked it or disliked it xD
hmm looking back at high school o: I guess I could brag about doing really well in Geography, gym/fitness, English (eh... its interesting but luckily i did good xD), sports leadership and parenting/working with children :o
What about you? besides history :D

just leaving this out here so it cheers you up whenever you're feeling down....
florizeta Sep 26, 2016 1:29 PM
Ohh I know that movie!! I already had it in my plan to watch list! :D I should read the manga too :O it already came out?! D: I thought it would just next week or so :o It honestly looks amazing!! the art and story!

That's a really cool name o: mine is Natalia but people always end up giving me weird nicknames or call me Natalie T_T so feel free to do so xD yeah we would recognize each others' voice :D but I think some people have similar voice o_o but I also think since we play instruments, our hearing has expanded to the point we can hear the little things in life :o I want my hearing to be as good as Chihaya from chihaya Furu D:
Okay, now I can happily go in the streets yelling your name, MAL name and my name xD

Yayy! :D There's so much I'd like from Japan too! :O but I can't possibly ask you for much... (I'd like some taiyaki, sweet buns, a luck charm, a sakura tree branch with some leaves on it, manga... lots of it xD, pictures of: Mount Fuji, Itsukushima, Arashiyama, Hiroshima peace memorial, Hiroshima peace memorial park! ♥o♥, Himeji Castle, Mount Koja, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, etc xD) No I'm kidding, any souvenir you send will be wonderful :D ohh but don't forget when you have free time, to visit a hot spring! I always thought they were weird but fun!

You were in London!?!? :O oh my gosh yoU ARE SO LUCKY! did someone video tape you guys? I wanna see :D
Woow, wasn't it so hard to learn the choreography? it looks amazing by the way O: I specially loved the sound of the little things that I don't know the name of D: at the front, that i think starts with X, xylo or something. hope you know what I mean ^^' because I don't xD

Yaay I will send more then xD Don't mind if I do ^^
-> this one is so far my most favourite one that I can play.
-> This was the first song I learned. Of course, besides Twinkle Twinkle Little Star :P
-> My goal at the moment xD It's so hard D: but I accept the challenge >:D
-> I know, everyone knows and plays this song but I find it absolutely beautiful.
-> When I learn violin, I'm definitely learning this ♥o♥ I just have an obsession with it. In my mind, it plays a story that takes place long time ago. About despair and then hope.
-> *O* I just found it right now and it sounds amazing xD
and of course! we can forget about piano man! ->

Okay then, it's settle, we meet in 40 years from now to play together :D hopefully nothing bad has happened. I did! I usually always stick with piano or string instruments to listen to but thanks for showing me a whole new world :O

How cool would it be to steal someone else's ability/skill? I think I'd go for Kyle Landry's piano ability, Steve Seagel's, and someone with amazing Opera voice :D haahaha what about you? Imagine singing opera whenever you wanted to xD the shower would be an amazing concert.

oh i never thought of it that way o: I always thought being a teacher would be a huge pain though. Just thinking how much kids or students take teacher for granted, are rude to them or never appreciate them. Not that all students are like that but it does require a lot of emotional stability. Would you ever consider being a teacher? or would it depend on which subject to teach o: I guess being an Art teacher or social science one would be amazing! :D because in music, you would have to specialize in all instruments xD which is hard o_o

HOOP HOOPPP HURRAAY! :D You will meet great people :D hopefully you will get in! :D let me know how it goes n__n
florizeta Sep 22, 2016 2:00 PM
hahaha but it's okay xD thanks to you I watched the most cool movie this season! or I don't know when it came out... you get my point :D
Wow, how rude 7__7 now I'm going to go outside yelling "OI! YOU YOAKEN!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!" hahaah Well, depending on your name, I'm going to go and yell all names xD although I'd like to learn your name :D feel free to ask me for mine c:

I hope I choose something and stick to it until the very end D: Don't forget to let me know before you go to Japan :D (you will!)

hahahaah high five!! xD although a golden retriever won't be the first I buy when I get a job :c there will debt to pay xD I think buying a pet is probably the greatest thing one can do. It shows you responsibility and to care for another. Also, that if you ever plan on having a family, it's better than a baby :D haha xD

O_O wow, it sounds amazing!!! O_O please, let me hire you just to listen to it while I read a book or something xD

Well, not even knowing which key is which, learning how to read the notes is so complicated! it's not like looking at which key is what note because they combine with other keys and becomes a completely different note e_e hahaha even explaining this is confusing xD But let's play piano together one day :D

o: how come you didn't want to become a musician? :D it sounds cool and all but I always thought having a job as one would be hard o_o
florizeta Sep 14, 2016 6:53 PM
IT WAS PERFECT!! WHAT DID I JUST WATCHED?! dude, thanks for totally spoiling the movie xD ever since the beginning, I was confused waiting for them to pass each other but it was until the very end T_T then, I knew what you meant xD how cool would it be to pass each other and have no clue we know each other O_O I'm going to go on the streets yelling "YOAKEN!! YOOOAAKEEN! IS THAT YOU?" of course, thanks to our weather conversations, I know where you live >:D (MOAHAHAH)

Thanks! for the support and career help ;-; it's been hard deciding on something to do. Since being a ninja is not possible (at least here...), something cool is hard to find :/ besides, I'm going to spend my whole life doing it so I might as well love it xD

haahah dachshunds are soo cute!! I read that you have to take them for walks everyday or at least exercise them since if they become fat or overweight, they can't longer walk. Ah! HIGH FIVE! I don't see why people love small dogs D: I have 2 yorkies (not sure If I already mentioned this) but I would much rather have a golden retriever :c OMG WOULD YOU LOOK AT THESE CUTIES!?!? *o*♥♥ ahaha when I can live on my own, that's the first thing I'm buying! not even furniture or food xD

O_O I just watched the video o: oh my it sounds beautiful!! *O* please go play on the streets and let people hear your beautiful talent! you can play like this? *O*

Yess the music from the movie was perfect!! first time I enjoy all songs in an anime xD I.. I don't have words to describe how beautiful it was *O* I hope they have the songs in youtube xD hahaha I wonder if everyone would do what they did when they were in a different sex body xD hahahaha that killed me.

I hope you get to play piano one day :D It would be my pleasure to recommend songs if you want xD
*cough cough* this is a beautiful piece *O* just found it recently and I want to play it so bad but I'm not at that piano level xD it sucks to be me T_T

I hope you do get in :D but wouldn't it be easier to get in if there wasn't as many that play your same instrument? e_e
florizeta Sep 13, 2016 4:40 PM
Oh, can I just say how exciting it is to feel autumn come!! ♥o♥ then Christmas :D

florizeta Sep 13, 2016 4:36 PM
hahhahaha you say that but I bet you're thinking " HA HA SUCKERS! I got here first!" >:D hahaha jokes xD awwe that's the thing that sucks with College or University, you don't get to have a close relationship with your teachers :/

biomedical research huh? o: it does sound interesting o_o The last time I talked with my Biology teacher, he asked me what I wanted to be and well explained the same thing I just told you but then he said there's umm... I seriously forgot the name but it's like a nurse that's not really a nurse xD but has more authority than a nurse but a Doctor would still be higher. Ah, had to google and find it xD Nurse practitioner.

ahahah yeah I don't think I want to be a game designer xD it does seem or sounds stressful e_e

Waaat? dude, if you are allergic, it's going to be painful o: but isn't there some sort of medicine you can have to stop the allergies? Awwe D: What about Yorkies? They are great if you have allergies since they don't shed fur :D

Woow *O* the Saxophones are beautiful!!! *o* ♥ the song I'm currently listening to it helps xD

So you must be really good at running o: or swimming xD hahaha dang it, I'm going to learn the saxophone >:) (Well, I'll attempt to and fail tragically).

yaay! I love souvenirs xD a sakura leaf would be amazing!! but it would go bad until it gets to Canada T_T

Kimi no Na Wa? I think I heard about it o: I usually don't watch movies but will :D I have to watch that one, The Puta I think was the name, and The moving castle or something like that :P
huhh never thought about it in that way o_o or you know when they say that you might have already met who you're going to marry.

You should totally learn piano :D hahaha yeah i know, this is coming out of nowhere but I feel like everyone should learn *o* and it would be better since you already play an instrument :D join the piano club xD if there's one :c oh have you joined a club yet?
florizeta Sep 8, 2016 11:10 AM

This is actually the best thing I've ever seen xD except for the head popping out of the side O_O that's...tthat's just creepy as flan.
florizeta Sep 8, 2016 11:09 AM
wow o_o I always wanted to do the same T_T but then everytime I think I'm the first one, there's someone already there or right behind me D: Although one can get in the teacher's good side xD since they love people who's present and early :D

AH! i know right? T_T it's like the most annoying thing ever! feeling so excited to watch anime but then it won't play anymore :c

*GASP* J-Japan? O_O I think you told me before xD oh man you are so lucky T_T but yeah you're right, I get money to spend it all in education T_T I hope I choose something not that hard and expensive :s I originally wanted to be a doctor, a diagnostician like Dr. House xD I know it's not that same but I do love medicine and science (mostly biology), but that went down the drain since I suck at Chemistry ._. so just lately I've been trying to think of career that I'm going to enjoy forever :/ I know I'm the workaholic type xD Since I saw the anime "New Game", I got an interest in game developer or artist o: but that's like sitting all day o_e I'm sure that's not healthy xD help :c
I'm trying to think of active careers like police officer o: but can't think farther than that xD a career in the military also sounds cool o:

O: I would also settle in the country side :D like somewhere in Netherlands or Switzerland ^^ I want no summer T_T YESS A BUTLER!! with the whole butler outfit xD I'm not sure why I find the outfit extremely cool! *O* maids, nah xD Sadly, when one becomes rich, you get to know more your friends and family members .__. their true colours :/
aww that's soo cool! :D I always wanted a beagle T_T when the brand "The Dogs" came out, I fell in love with the beagle and dalmatian :D but my parents were like "NO." .___. all they want is small breeds :c which I don't love since if I hug them, I could kill them >_< but golden retrievers are THE. BEST. Sorry xD I have a huge obsession with animals and mostly canines :p ever since I was a baby, we always had pets xD thankfully I'm not allergic e_e If I could have a wolf, I would >:D or even a tiger :o the whole zoo!!

Ah :/ I wanna learn how to play the saxophone D: and most instruments xD but I feel like I'm going to be out of breath all the time o: you my friend, have amazing lungs!

haahahhahaha you can show me which saxophones you want any time ;D

Oh, if you do go to Japan, be sure to bring me a souvenir ^^♥ anything xD as long as it's from Japan *O*
florizeta Sep 3, 2016 4:46 PM
whaaat I thought they said in the manga Aizawa used to be a villain o: or something like that o_o my bad xD

oh hahaha geez I gotta wear my glasses when I comment back xD i just added that anime and manga to my PTW list :D i love the art! Lately haven't had enough time to read manga T_T I'm either too lazy or watching too much anime :c (read usually at night) xD I find it waay better when reading at night o: what about you?

oh wow O_O 3 hours for reading, that's incredible O: you will finish your manga fast xD
Ah, you make me feel excited to go to University or College. Because I'm taking a year off, I will hopefully start next September o: I'm so stupid like, I honestly lost 2 years (well, lost 1 and will lose this year too) D: But I hope it's as good as it sounds xD I know it's not all parties and friends but studying can be fun at times xD right...? o_o
Well, it's true o: after all the money spent, and all the hard time studying and pulling all nighters ;O; it's all worth it at the end ~.~

Okay, since long conversations were allowed to begin with, let's talk about something so interesting... If you were rich (the amount doesn't matter), what would you spend your money on? Why?
I thought about it myself and could quickly think of buying like few old pianos and just collect them :D Of course that would require a large residence xD Everything would be vintage, industrial, rustic *O* and would have like at least 3 big dogs o:
-Golden Retriever
-Australian Shepherd
-A dog from a shelter
ohhh could help to fundraise for any kind of shelters o:

hahaha I saw a quote and it really hit me;

A man's worth can be measured by how he spends his money.
ahh just love quotes so much xD I can't just have 1 or 3, there's so much to learn from them o_o
florizeta Sep 1, 2016 8:10 PM
Geez O_O I just got comfortable and wrote more than I should have xD I'm sorry ;-;