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Sep 8, 2016
A Bias Girl is comedic slice of life story depicting two student's, Kim, and Boa, who mean well, but often get into trouble.

Story: 9, because it works as a slice of high school life without getting too boring. The plot centers on Kim who gets into crazy situations and how she affects those around her, mostly her best friend and partner in crime, Boa. The plot is character driven and relies on Kim's biased and extroverted attitude to bring any events.

Character: 9. Kim is funny, determined, outgoing, and bias. Boa is calm and mature, but can be too serious at times. Together, they read more
Sep 6, 2016
Despite being a sequel, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure was the first anime I watched. Although being targeted for children, the series has been one that I've come back to for some enjoyment and nostalgia.
Story: The plot follows the three heroines after their battle with Gaito. While they prepare to resume their duties as mermaid princesses, Hanon and Rina face new troubles with possible love interests. Then, tragedy occurs when Kaito is lost at sea, and Luchia finds herself dreaming of a winged humanoid and a young Orange mermaid named Seira, whom she has been bound to rescue. On top of that, read more