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Jan 6, 2021
I don't what I expected but overall it was fun, stupid but fun. The characters are silly, overexaggerated , and the rap battles themselves make me curl up into a bowl and laugh my guts out but I got to say I had fun. I couldn't take any of the battles seriously but if you don't mind laughing at the absurdity of an anime , this is the one for you.

In terms of story, a lot of mysteries are left unsolved, and the past histories are still barely touched on. Also that last fight 12 people v. 3 talk about unfair, and the opponents ...
Jan 3, 2021

The hardships and pitfalls of each group is unique to its members, and helps in developing the characters growth. The choice of plays for each group suits each
groups' personality and the plays themselves are quite fun. Sometimes the interaction between characters are slightly on the boring side, and sometimes the conflicts slows the pace of the show so much so that I skim through much of the episode. I'll say this though, the entire show is easily digestible for anime only watchers while leaving hints and sweet kisses to those who play the games as well. My gripe would have to be how ...
Dec 28, 2020
I’ll be brief... everything was oh so joyful. The character growth was beautiful, the friendships, and relationships being one of this show’s greatest strongest points along with a believable/relastic plot. I only give it an 8 though for getting my hopes up with it’s cliff hangers (like ep 14/start of ep 15( I mean there’s no way he did it it but the fact it was the cliffhanger made me think otherwise and actually fall for the trick. Even though it turned heartwarming, I can’t help feel disappointed because if the twist followed through it’d be more interesting)). Also the zero mystery too obvious. Sometime ...
Dec 24, 2020
Akudama Drive (Anime) add
I have a strong bias and that's that I could never come to like the main character, because of that the events that followed were never all that inspiring or moving to me. And I think above all else the amount of destruction and blood spilt was too much for me, because most of it that was spilt felt like it was spilt with little purpose.

The story was imaginative, it was creative, but there was too much, and the motivations for some of the characters felt flimsy. Cutthroat, Doctor, the Executioners, even Courier. In the end<Spoiler> They all die, die to save two ...
Dec 22, 2020
Mixed Feelings
The one thing that stands out the most in the anime is the music, it's catchy rhythmic, and unlike many others this anime season. Outside of the music most if not all parts were mediocre.

Problem 1, i.e. the most fatal hit for this anime has to be it's episodic nature. Episodic shows need to carry weight with each installment, either the setup, the characters, or the audiences feelings have to change. When you fail to accomplish any of the three, you fail as an episodic show. For example the setup should've changed with the new adopted sister, especially with the past she has. But no, ...
Dec 20, 2020
An interesting take to the usual Sherlock Holmes story. I've never read the books but I have watch a variety of adaptions of the Holmes formula from the BBC version to elementary, as well some anime adaptions like kabukichou sherlock, etc. So believe me when I say, that it captures the essence of the sherlock story, while branching out into it's own element.

The Moriarty brothers beginning from the offset was unique in that they chose to do wrong for the sake of the right. Their road is paved in blood of the irredeemable, and while murder is undeniably wrong it does go ...
Dec 12, 2020
Maybe it's just my perception, but the tension is a bit lacking. Though the show had a series of high points and in between those points were standard flat lining stories.
The story's main selling point in my eyes is the mystery of the world. From bird's eye view learning more about the white cloaks and the adolla link, haijima's influence, the creation of the empire and the people's reliance on it's religion. How that religion is seemingly the only true one in the whole country except the small region of asakusa. What the pillars are meant to do, and the grand scheme of it all ...
Mar 23, 2020
Id:Invaded (Anime) add
Id Invaded delivers it's story with a punch. Each mini arc is infinitely interesting and has its own purpose within the grand scheme of things. The climax was worth it, with the final showdown with john walker, although the very final episode was a bit of a let down. In hindsight, the show would've been better if it stuck to it's episodic format while further expanding on the characters. The overarching story did accomplish its purpose in that it tied all the loose threads, kaeru chan, the id well, how was it created etc.,and while the explanation is more than satisfactory, I can't ...
Mar 22, 2020
The most important thing I feel to know before you step into this world, is that there is so much lore explored previously. That's all. Knowing or not knowing may or may not influence your enjoyment, but it does exist , so when you finish the final episode it shouldn't feel like an end, nor a beginning, because there is so much before and after(both figuratively and literally).

My opinion is a bit biased as I play the game and thoroughly enjoy it, so my review will be in the perspective of a seasonal anime and a comparison to the game.

The narrative is rather expansive, as ...
Dec 12, 2019
Psycho-Pass 3 (Anime) add
The strength of this show, in my opinion, lies in the webs weaved by the unseen higher powers,i.e Bifrost and Sibyl. Each episode expanded the world to an extent, with immigration being the main issue at hand. Because of immigration, of for the sake of the issue , commit crimes as per their beliefs, whether it be using religious organizations as a front, creating/mass producing weapons, etc. The long run time of each episode allows the viewer to understand the issue at hand and end with a somewhat satisfying conclusion. There rarely is a cliff hanger and that is a great strength of this show. ...