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Jul 11, 2019
In the Manga/Anime media, it is known the existence of lots of shows that can be considered trash. They are produced systematically, and as a watcher, you can notice the used and copied plots, the empty characters, the boring world and the same history of ever. I do not say that to discreditable the Manga/Anime or something like that. I am saying this to put that message clear. There are lots of trash shows and people that have constantly watched them. It is a reality. But some shows try to do something different and send something different to their watchers. And today I am here read more
Jun 29, 2019
Story: 5/10
What can I say? I have watched lots of harem and I know how they work. More and less, it is easy to describe and predict the movements of the series. And Bokuben has not surprise me a lot. I like some of its parts and characters. But from further, I can not say what could they do to bettering the anime. I mean, it is not bad at all, but the story that Bokuben say to me I have watched it in lots of different places.

Something I dislike about the story was the situation. Bobuken tend to exaggerate their scenes and read more
Jun 21, 2019
Story: 6/10
I have checked the manga or whatever it was, and I’ve seen that there is no story present. All the thing that happened and would happen have a kind or temporal relationship. I mean, it happens in a determinate space of time. For example, one grade. And it tries to build an argument line, but it does not work well. It could work best if we watch it like separate elements, one independent to others.

In the manga, the things happen in a total disorder if you watch the anime first while the anime tries to give them a line. In the anime read more
Jun 17, 2019
Two super-intelligent neet are transported to another world where everything comes down to games. You can't kill, assault, etc. The only thing that's allowed in that world is to play for what you want. There are 16 races that exist in the same world and compete to further govern the world.

Not that I hate the series, but if I have my problems against this one. Even if Here I'll just talk about the plot. First, it's the rhythm of the series. I mean, he's a couple of protagonists and his way of advancing the world. It's okay for them to arrive and prove that they're read more
May 24, 2019
Net Juu no susume

A series of romance and Love (ROMCOM) that explores the lives of a 30-year-old Nini who left her work for problems related to it. And a company worker of the same age who are players of an MMORPG, the series tells us about their relationships in and out of that video game, that is, real life. He wants to touch the issue of how relationships roll, move and grow. Of course, all this with a very special touch of comedy derived from our two protagonists.

Story *Spoiler*
The story begins with a girl who leaves her job to become a Nini. Tired of read more
Jan 8, 2019
Gakkou gurashi
I think that gakkou gurashi is triying to tell us "Don't matter the problems, because you are bigger than them". I can see it from Yuki, that finally, overcame her ravings.

The series has terror, drama, cute moments, intrigue, and despair. All in one, and they do not get confused in the developing of the plot, they make a rough division between those moments, and it is awesome, how the anime take care of every thing in differents ways, styles, and finally, hat everyone form part of the same story.

The characters, the plot (again), the zombies, the feelings, and the cries make read more
Dec 18, 2018
Asobi Asobase is a greatfully amnd enjoyment serie. I recommend it.

It has passed a lot of time that I laught watching an anime, I had just laught with Konosuba. Now, I have seen Asobi Asobase, and it is incredible.

The characters is a point that i like so much, Their internal structure (Emotion, behavior, thoughts, etc) has lots of points that play with the history, and contruct it. In fact, a lot of jokes are watch what is the reaction of the girls when something weird happen. I can see them as a realistic personality. Their are not always sad, or are not always screaming, read more
Dec 15, 2018
AnoHana is a prickle in the hearth. You now that something happen, but you do not want to se what is going on. All, the characters, the envioroment, everything is hidden back a happy smookscreen, when, in the reality you can know how serious is the situation.

I just finished Anohana, and I feel sad and happy, how if something come to my room and give me a hug in my soul. How if I can apologize everything.

You can not hate the characters. MAybe you could feel a little angry with some of them. But in the moment, and when you change places with read more