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Aug 9, 2021

Overall 8/10 - This anime was just absolutely adorable and cute, start to finish and I loved it.

Story 7/10- Not really a story in this anime but it is about two brothers, Ryuuichi Kashima and Kotarou Kashima who had lost their parents to a plane crash so they had no one to go back to but luckily they were adopted by a chairman named Youko Morinomiya. Since Ryuuichi doesn't have anyone to look after his younger whilst he is at school, he leaves him at a babysitting club where we meet the other kids, with Yoshihito who looks after the kids and so we see read more
Jul 27, 2021

Overall 5/10- For this anime, I wasn't really impressed as it just felt plain even though it's about detective work and crime, it doesn't really make me feel hyped about it.

Story 5/10 and Enjoyment 5/10- I say that the story is connected to the enjoyment of the anime with its genre and that made the anime bland since the story was based on a student named Kobayashi who was framed for murder so he was taken by the police for investigation but the student is not normal as for him he was calm about the situation and that it only interested him which I thought read more
Jul 7, 2021

Story 7/10- The story is about Handa during his high school days and we see how Handa sees himself hated by everyone but in reality, he is loved by everyone due to his looks, personality, and skills but Handa doesn't see that about himself and thinks that everyone thinks negative about him which I think is a funny story and is different from how some highschool anime is like and it's still a small amine but still gives good scenes. Like the Handa we see in the anime, he still loves calligraphy and with how his other traits, he starts getting rivals which we see read more
Jun 23, 2021

I like this anime, it's simple and short but still enjoyable.

Story 7/10- The anime is about a calligrapher named Seishuu Handa who does everything he can into calligraphy but after him not getting praise for his work by the director and that he says that his work is lacking which pisses him off which ends him punching the director which only got him in trouble so he was sent to a small island called Goto island which he goes there for inspiration for his work. The story is simple as he just wants to get top place in calligraphy and he doesn't know how but read more
Jun 10, 2021

Part 5 was a bit better than part 4 but I still feel like it didn't really reach how I gave part 1,2 and 3 an 8 whilst this one a 7.

Story 7/10- Part 5 is set in Italy where we see crimes, drugs and gangs also known as the mafia are everywhere. Giorno Giovanna who is of course another stand user and his goal are to become the mafia leader or boss who controls the rest of the mafia gangs in Italy but he doesn't want any more crime or drugs as he wants the opposite of that which he meets Bruno Bucciarati which read more
Jun 4, 2021
(Minor Spoilers)

I feel like this part is not like the other three parts so I will be giving a 7 for it and he's why.

Story 8/10- After what happed in part 3 of the stardust crusaders and Dio, part 4 takes place in a small town called Morioh and here we see that Jotaro Kujo is heading to this town to first visit Josuke Higashikata who is the son of Joseph Joestar and also to find about how stands were growing in this town because of what Dio had left behind which was able to create even more stand user but that part is one read more
Jun 1, 2021

Sure was a crazy adventure for the Joutarou (or Jotaro however you spell it) and the crew.

Story 8/10- The story continues from the last season of the third part where Jotaro and others are finding Dio and wanting to kill him mainly for Jotaro to save his mother. So the crew goes through Eygpt encountering more stand user which they need to fight through in order to find Dio and his place. so the story is the same as the last season and I still will give it an 8 as it continues being really good.

Art 8/10 and Sound 7/10- Again, I say the art read more
May 31, 2021

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure really is good, and I'm hooked on the plot and the anime as a whole.

Story 8/10- After what happed with Joseph Joestar's and his adventure with the pillar men and the stone marks, we go through a couple of years where we see Joutarou Kuujou were like his grandfather, Joesph, he gets into his own adventure with the same villain from the first part Dio and he goes to with his grandfather and others to find and kill Dio as they need to find a way to save Jotaro mother from a new thing in this anime called stand which is a read more
May 26, 2021

Jojo many people like, many people hate but It wasn't that bad for me as I enjoyed it.

Story 8/10- So there are parts within the first season of Jojo, the first part starts everything of the Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando where both of them had stated their rivalry between them creating many events that occur in the next part with how characters or things from the first part come into the second part, which in the second we meet Joseph Joestar who is the grandson of Jonathan who gets into some trouble that had occurred before in part 1 which was a mask that read more
May 23, 2021

This was an interesting anime, kinda reminds me of how ghouls from Tokyo ghouls but instead they are called parasites who eat humans to survive so I guess it was good anime to watch.

Story 8/10- Shinichi Izumi is a high school boy who one day got in a situation where a parasite had almost infected his body but he luckily stopped it from going to his brain making it stay in its right arm which we slowly evolve through staying with Shinichi which also changes him. Others parasite had infected other humans being causing to take over their body and live like humans and to read more