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May 31, 2021
Cute magic girls going through creepy moments, that's what I signed up to, that's what I got :D

The art is pretty cool, I like the aesthetic in general. The plot is not brilliant but it delivers one or two clever moments (this is not fuckin Code Geass, leave the author alone lol), it's not a bad plot either, it sure has some corny moments but... meh, I've seen worse. The main thing keeping our eyes on the screen are the countless torture scenes and the mix of cuteness and creepiness. There are a lot of tension and it works most of the time, so it's read more
May 31, 2021
I'm not sure why this is listed on MAL, but as the name says, those are recaps posted on youtube by the official channel avex pictures.

The first one covers episode 1 to 5 of the show, and is narrated by Kizuna Ai so it's very fun to watch.

The second one covers episode 1 to 10 and is narrated by Aya's creepy older brother. Nothing against him, but I wish it was Kizuna Ai again T_T

Incredibly, I happened to stop watching the anime at episode 10 some years ago and now I found out about those recaps, so it was a very good way to remember read more
May 30, 2021
It's somehow comforting to think that, whether we love it or hate it, the rebuild series is accomplishing it's (assumed) goals.
But I can't judge it based on the meta interpretation that I and my fellow evangelion fans take away from it (unless, of course, Anno himself sits down to an interview and tells us that he was really trying to subvert the series and open our eyes once again).

I don't like the tone of this new instalment, or what happened to the characters. But I sure will keep wondering if all of that is true... if he was really trying to mean something deep with read more
May 29, 2021
You see, depression was one of the main themes in the whole classic series, even the first recap (Death) wasn't just a compilation of episodes, it was made in a way that made clear that the most important thing to be taken away from the anime was the mental state of the characters in order to prepare us to the End of Evangelion.

Complaining about Shinji's cannon "manbitching" or whatever the posers are talking is ridiculous. He wasn't always running away and crying to fill the spaces where there was no Mecha fights. He was always crying and complaining because he WAS SAD, the show was read more
Apr 17, 2021
Tomie (Anime) add (All reviews)
Summarizing: the manga itself was written in an episodic way, making it really easy to take... say, 2 chapters and adapt to anime. Hell, they didn't even had to make it chronologically, just take two really cool stories and adapt it...
But no, they choose to make TWO 10 minutes episodes that can't even cover 1 chapter properly and the result is... bad.

I mean, the voice acting is really good, the sound track is very cool, but it's not worth it. I enjoyed cause I just finished the series and it was refreshing to go over some plot points again, the animation is not bad, and read more
Oct 22, 2020
short version: beautiful world. distant characters.

long version:
I read someone saying that we feel like we are part of the story in some of the reviews so I decided to give my opinion about that.

Yes, I agree on that, but... personally I felt this because they put more effort into world-building than character development. I wouldn't go as far as some people and say that the characters doesn't have a proper personality, they do! But, most of the time they are sooooo distant that we can't really reach them.

The episodes plot seem to wander through this magical world and the events never seem to have much read more