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homemadecool Apr 16, 2012 10:12 PM
Thanks a lot. I'm rewatching Eureka seveN before starting AO 'cause I feel I'd get more out of it that way seeing as I don't remember fully. And yeah, I'm pretty excited about Sakamichi no Apollon and Uchuu Kyoudai. I'm pretty sure the last anime I watched weekly was Kaiji's second season, and I don't think I was watching anything else with it. I've seen Tatami Galaxy, one of my favourites, too. I know Madoka was pretty popular when it aired and I've heard good things about Chihayafuru. I saw the first episode of Panty & Stocking when it aired, but I never continued with it. Is GAINAX changing itself or something? That's kind of upsetting.
homemadecool Apr 16, 2012 6:38 PM
Hey, so I haven't been watching a whole lot of anime lately. I kind of fell out of pace with it all. It's been quite a while since I did a marathon of a show or watched a bunch of shows seasonally. I've recently started to want to get back into it with my exams coming to an end and summer starting up. I was just wondering if you had any recommendations so far for the current season. I've got a couple that I'm keeping an eye on for now in my Currently Watching list. Hell, any shows that really stuck out these last couple seasons? I'm kind of just assuming you kept on watching shit looking at your history here.
Captain-Pimp Jul 23, 2010 6:47 PM
Hopefully they'd do the Rin scene since it's gonna be released on DVD :D Lol! Don't worry, september will come sooner than you think.

Unfortunately, FPS games are only updating in graphics which isn't that much of a change. Although I usually play them for the multiplayer experience and not for the AI much. Heh, I'm afraid the gaming industry are going towards the 3-D trend only in the future (and even movies too D:) which will be really weird. But I guess I'll observe its development for now.

Hmm...I guess that's what happens after making a bazillion FF games xD I wonder if they'll really go up to FF100. That'd be hilarious!

I think you should keep up with shows that you really enjoy watching. Even if the ones you started already bores you alot, you could put them on hold. Or use anime blogs to see if the series you're watching are even worth watching xD But yeah, it really sucks when your schedule gets tighter as days go by =/

Btw, (if you get the chance xD) you should check out Inception. It's like one of them rare movies that are 1000x better than most crap being released this summer.
Captain-Pimp Jul 3, 2010 6:04 PM
Being a sadistic bitch is what makes Stella so fun to watch =p

G Gundam, oh man...that brings back memories xD Yea, it's sad that CN is taken over by crappy reality shows and cartoons with no effort in them. Well, some of the classics can be seen on Boomerang channel but mostly Hanna-Barbera's shows xD

Lol, you and me both. But at least UBW movie has a release date. It'll be out before we know it. Really? I didn't think that it would do so bad...Studio Deen better not mess this up >_>

I've only played FF7 and FF9 tbh. And some of FFIV on DS but I played it on an emulator so the bugs sorta "bugged" me xD I used to be an RPG fan but just not as much as now. Haha! Honestly, I can't call myself a Tales fan since I played Symphonia and nothing else ^^;; I just rely on the adaptations mostly and they're decent enough for me.

3 Years w/o touching your 360?! Wow, does 360 really have only a few games that are fun to play? xD

Yea, that's what I like about FF13's gameplay. Square Enix really improved the graphics of the FF series. And I agree, the cutscenes look great too xD I beg to differ. I think the guy with the Afro will be the best character design in all of FF history >D
Captain-Pimp Jun 24, 2010 7:10 PM
Haha, take your time. Anime must be enjoyed to your fullest pleasure =P

Definitely, the side characters in Arakawa are insanely awesome. They need more characters like Stella, Maria and Sister. Especially Sister >D

Oh, you'll love the ecchi. The artist for the manga had drawn for hentai doujins :awesome

Yea it's a shame there aren't many sci-fi anime popping as much now. Too bad adult cartoons don't show as much imagination as Japan does =/ Hell, even Cartoon Network's in the U.S. isn't even showing cartoons nowadays...

But you're right. These recent anime seasons have tons of crappy moe and romance shows (generic ones). I guess it's Japan's only way of getting more money out of otakus or something :/

Lol, yea...waiting for the real Haruhi release would be a better idea. Ahh, actually...the release date for UBW came out several days ago ..finally>_> It's going to be out on 9/30, a long ass wait but better than nothing...

Well, I used to play FF games but I stopped since they take alot of time (imo xD) to go through. Plus, I tend to think rpg grinding is getting annoying >_< I'm sure you'll like FF13 one way or another =p The real-time combat system looks good but I heard the storyline is really linear in this one..

Captain-Pimp Jun 17, 2010 6:58 PM
Ehh, it's not entirely as what the genre is displayed for Angel Beats!...Imo, there's really 2 full action episodes and a few other ones. And the comedy is done at bad timing when it's added during serious scenes. But when it devotes to a just plain comedy, then it works better. Though it's still enjoyable even if it has some flawed issues with the story ^^;;

I think Arakawa's alright, some of the gags aren't as funny as I'd think they should be. But it's in SHAFT's territory so that's fine xD

Lol! I hope the name of that anime won't disappoint itself xDDD The trailer looked interesting despite the exaggerated title. You should try the 1st episode of Highschool of the Dead when it's aired. The manga ain't too shabby with the whole zombie apocalypse even if it's been done like a million times. There are a few crazy plot scenes that happen but I'm all in it for the gore tbh =P

Hmm, I think what's missing among most of these recent anime seasons (moe-shit and all)...where's the awesome sci-fi stuff, mecha, and mind-f*** shows these days? D:

You can try watching the Haruhi movie cam if you want (but I guess the DVD release will be better quality xD) but for UBW, I doubt it'll be out before summer since there's been no official release date yet :/
Captain-Pimp Jun 13, 2010 3:21 PM
You were never gone, were you? :P

Heh, surprisingly spring season kinda sucks just as much last season >_> The only good ones I could think of are Arakawa under the bridge, Angel Beats!, and Senkou no Night Raid. I recommend Night Raid but its popularity in subbing seems to be dead atm :x

I can't wait for summer's to start already >_<
Captain-Pimp Apr 11, 2010 8:24 PM
Lol, that's true, but I still think sometimes SHAFT gets a bit lazy with the animation... Though their art is pretty shiny/colorful most of the times :D least you can expect epic action scenes in every episode at this point. But if BONES stick to the manga til the end, this will be the most faiithful adaptation by them T_T

Haha! Who knows what these otakus think there? xD

And perverted old guys tend to be awesome =P Agreed, Nodame S3 really messed up when it had another chance to fully use its potential. Oh, well. It's done anyways.

Yeah, I guess Sora no Woto as a whole was good besides the ending. At least it turned moe to something more serious lol!

Aww...have fun missing anime for awhile xD You'll probably enjoy catching up later on =P

Oh, Summer Wars...I think it was pretty entertaining to watch at the very least. It felt like a true "summer" blockbuster movie imo. Even if people say the storyline wasn't so intriguing, the characters were fun to watch since each of them were special in a way. Plus, seeing a grandmother being badass is not so common to see these days xD
Captain-Pimp Apr 2, 2010 6:56 AM
Well, at least you have direct download to count on =p

Hahaha, that's true. As long as SHAFT doesn't depend on using fully color background shots just to save budget, then it's fine (but they tend to get away with that..). The funny thing is that Shinbo stated that Bakemonogatari was their hardest project to use their style with but it turned out to be fans' most fav atm xD

Lol, nah. The chimeras rejoining the bad guys wouldn't really be much in their favor =p Donkey Kong and Lion King are too good for the homunculus >] Nope, 50 episodes wouldn't be enough plus the mangaka still has at least 3 chapters left until she's done. I'm just hoping she told BONES the "real" ending even if she doesn't get the last chap out since we have enough crazy-Nazi-take-over-the-world stuff already >_>

Either Haruhi S2 or Training with Hinako is what I'm still debating why otakus bother buying xDDD

Yeah, the last 4-5 episodes of Nodame were much better compared to the beginning. Maybe it's because Stresemann made the whole show more interesting >___> (I just love that guy heh). I hope the last episode's decent for an ending before I see it D:

Really? I thought Sora no Woto was a bit...disappointing at the end. I was hoping some blood would shed even if they're moe characters involved but the way the battle ended between the two countries was anti-climatic imo. As a whole, this was good but the ending left me wanting more. Though Senkou no Night Raid looks promising for the next original project.

Spring, here we come :O
Captain-Pimp Mar 6, 2010 8:52 PM internet sucks balls when a gazillion people are using one internet source at the same time >_>

Haha, and it doesn't help when the main lead character does not add anything to the plot. I'll probably give one more episode before I drop Ookami :/

I agree with yah there. Shinbo's style isn't really bad, but just used for way too many shows. Sometimes I think SHAFT goes with his style so they'll save budget with all those eye shots and close up scenes.

LOL! Nah, the chimeras would've betray the good guys a long time ago. Plus, they've been treated like crap by Kimblee so I'd go rebel against him imo. Though I'm really glad that BONES still has the budget to make godly animated action scenes. Yeah, there also some "info" that this will extend to 63 episodes so there's some hope.

Hmm...I'm betting all the other otakus' money went to the moe shows :/

Haha! Well, I'll still enjoy both versions of TTGL anyways. Yeah, whoever that animator for that final fight scene really took it to the next level.

Tbh, this "last" season of Nodame is just as decent as Season 2. I think they're trying to focus so much on the side characters there's not much development with Nodame and Chiaki. I was also hoping for more grand concerts like in season 1 but I guess that won't happen much now :/ To me, season 1 is still the best atm.
homemadecool Mar 2, 2010 7:18 PM
I think I might follow what you did and not list my favourite anime. I just can't seem to pick a definite top 5.

Do you find that some of your favourite anime aren't necessarily the "best" out there?
Captain-Pimp Feb 22, 2010 1:39 PM
Yeah, Azuerus lags a bit (opening up task manager says alot for it xD). But if your internet connection is really fast, then I guess that'll make up for it while downloading.

I might just take a peek for the future Ookami Kakushi episodes for now. I'm also thinking this anime hasn't really been too interesting even though it's halfway >_> Although next episode seems to have a nice fight scene...

Agreed, Shouko x Yuuji is too hilarious as an anti-pairing. Although I hope they'll be more class battles and not just focused on relationships.

I think Ef - a tale of memories/melodies is a SHAFT anime that's not by Shinbo actually (though I haven't really seen it yet). Of course, I doubt Shinbo's strength is under romance/drama xD

Well, at least the mangaka makes use of her characters and not just dismiss them after one appearance. The chimeras, for instance, are awesome as supporting characters even though you'd never think they join the good side. But my main concern is still about the way the anime's gonna end. The manga's still going actually (but it looks like it'll end soon) so I really hope BONES slow down the pacing or something later on. It's too good to mess up at this point...

Even if BONES has poor DVD sales for FMA: B, they can still make use of some of their profit from previous shows xD

Lol! Yeah, the 2nd TTGL movie actually surpassed the original even further D: Nah...I agree with you there. The 1st half of the series was a bit slow while later on the level of awesomeness escalated so much each episode. I'm glad Kittan still got his epic death scene kept (I literally get an orgy from seeing it :awesome).

Captain-Pimp Feb 7, 2010 8:33 PM
Yeah, it kinda sucks that some torrent programs make you lag if you're dling something >_> utorrent avoids that problem? That's good, I might consider using it when I don't feel lazy getting it xD

Well, at this point, I think Ookami Kakushi is still too slow-pace and I'm still wondering what's going on. At least Umineko was a bit more entertaining than this :/ I'll miss that yaoi rape though >D

Haha! Yea, the Yuuji x Yoshii moment was hilarious. Hideyoshi's probably the best trap for this year so far. Yoshii even fell for him for once xD Can't wait for the next Baka to Test episode ^^

Ohh, I see. I'm guessing SHAFT back then also didn't have Shinbo as their director for majority of their anime. But I'll still keep my expectations up since there are some great animated stuff in the past.

Yeah, after the Greed arc stuff, FMA: Brotherhood really outshines the crappiness of the 1st FMA series. Lol! Well, Ed and Al are pretty much your usual shonen heroes. Though I do like Winry as a better female character than other shonen since she actually "does" something and not leave everything to the main protagonists. I'm just hoping that this reboot will not leave us off with another original ending since we're realllllly close to the manga >_>

Really? I was thinking the 2nd TTGL movie would just be the same like the 1st movie, but I'll take your word for it xD I don't know how they can make it even more awesome than it already is D:
Captain-Pimp Jan 28, 2010 8:43 PM
Well, DDL links can be alternatives if the torrent you want to dl from has low seeders or something :P Hmm, I didn't think torrent programs play much of a factor in dl speed. Though I'll be sticking to Azureus for now xD

Maybe vampire lolis are special enough to be shown naked? :P But yeah, Mina seems too weak to be in "control" of vampires. The manga probably has her true strength xD Yeah, hopefully we get to the real story soon in the anime.

Agreed, Sora no Woto actually has something going on and not just stuffing moeblobs in our faces like a certain anime <_< Haha!! Yea, I recently saw epi.3 of Ookami Kakushi and it was horrifying in a way xD Now we just need limbs flying in the air and we're all set >D

No problem =P Baka to Test had really surprised many people. Thank god there's at least a hidden gem in this season :D Haha yea, the parodying in this anime is awesome. My favorite part is probably the main character having his hand super-glued to a table for majority of episode xD

Hmm, that's interesting. Well, Mahoromatic did come out like...10 years? D: so it might have some influence on the maid stuff. I recall SHAFT as the staff behind it so I'll expect some good quality even if it's from ages ago :P

I know what you mean >_< Although usually, mangas that get adapted into anime would get original anime endings and that really sucks...I'm hoping FMA: Brotherhood won't get the same treatment twice since it's close to the manga right now >_>
Captain-Pimp Jan 22, 2010 7:52 AM
Ahh, so you torrented the whole VN D: Thankfully there's direct download links now =p

I'm pretty sure Mina was shown naked in the trailers (manga seemed to have nudity as well). I prefer SHAFT going all out than using unnecessary censorship imo :/ Hmm...I think they mentioned that she can only control vampires that belong in her clan or something like that (which is why she was surprised herself with that spider dude). But yea, she's not really living up to her reputation atm xD

Agreed, Sora no Woto does have potential right now. At least they're fleshing out the characters earlier and not at the last minute <_< Yeah, I might drop Ookami Kakushi if it's not going anywhere by next episode... Oh, you'll definitely enjoy Baka to Test =P The comedy is just spot on with the timing, thank god it's not heavy on fanservice for comedy like 90% of other anime now :D

Yea, if Durarara!! is 24 episodes, that would be awesome. It's so rare to find good storytelling like this one nowadays. Hmm, I've heard of Mahoromatic when I started watching anime. Maybe I'll check it out someday.

It probably shows that Japan is running out of ideas, which I hope they aren't D: