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Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future
Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future
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Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream
Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream
Jul 21, 2014 1:46 AM
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slayerizedcarol Dec 28, 2015 6:52 PM
thank you!! happy almost new year. i hope you got some nice presents for christmas. did you have anything on your wishlist this year?
slayerizedcarol Sep 13, 2015 8:54 PM
lmao omg hello!!! it's been a while!! i hope all is well. can you believe how fast this year flew by? it's almost christmas for sure. another year i will get even more older too sobs
Silent_Stridah Jan 21, 2015 6:33 AM
I like uppie and himchan xDD
slayerizedcarol Dec 25, 2014 9:18 PM
Merry christmas!!
slayerizedcarol May 17, 2014 9:07 PM
hello friend!!! omg i still have to check if it's on dvd or not. i haven't heard anything about it yet but i will double check! i totally forgot it was a trilogy hahaha ok i will give it a try. ah i finally watched the hunger games! well the first part lol years later. i had no intention to watch the movie because the book was alright, it didn't keep me so interested but my mom really wanted to see it. So we rented it and i enjoyed it a lot actually lol. So i will try to watch the other parts soon.

does ilhoon still have that blonde hair of his?? i totally don't know what they look like right now but i remember when i saw him with that hair i was like WHAT IS THIS. it's ok though i got used to it now lol but i still really love his sort of light brownish hair the most. hyunsik is so hot omg i love him a lot and that smile of his. lmao omgg i haven't seen that mv but i cannot picture sungjae looking like kikwang. i will try to check it out.

pfft siwon looked so weird with a mustache!! he looked like 20 years older. you know what, last time my friend showed me a comparison picture of zelo like 2 years ago i think?? and then a picture of him now and HE HAS GROWN SO MUCH, PARTICULARLY MUSCLES. im so taken back by this, i can't believe it. how did this happen so fast lol.

omg thank you!!! gosh i would be fine working in the summer. im not even in school right now so i've had enough vacation time lol im a super adult cries, have to go out there and work now. no luck yet although i've gotten some few calls back which makes me happy. the only problem has been that they change or need people working late at night shifts which i can't do sobs. something will hopefully come up though thank you!

about my onew dream, it's funny because in my dream some speak korean but i hear it in perfect english in my head so i don't even know. he was talking in korean but i was hearing it in english and it was totally fine lmao. omg i can't even remember what we talked about but it was probably really basic stuff like "here is the thing".

i have never auditioned for anything mostly because i'm not asian haha and usually like SM auditions require you to be at least half asian or something. i also have never auditioned because I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW TO SING. lmao i'm horrible at singing so yeah no. I know of a friend who was going to do it though, they have them here in los angeles like every year so i always hear info about it. I have a friend that sings really well and she's Asian so I've told her to go for it one day. i don't remember if some of the auditions have changed now though that they will allow all types of people to come so, i will look into that to check. are you planning to give it a try?
slayerizedcarol Apr 4, 2014 12:11 PM
hi hi!! yes i've heard of divergent i just don't' know anything about it! which is surprising because i like reading books and usually know when movies are being made but this one totally slipped my radar. all i know is that my mom wanted to watch it and i was like what is it about? she was just like idk but it looks cool lmao. so i haven't checked out what it's about!!

oh man that's true with b.a.p!! i thought this recent single was different from the sound they are used to but now after hearing them perform it, it totally fits them you know?? that's what i love best about them. they are always putting out different songs but maintain their style. ilhoon is my bias in btob but i also really like hyunsik and sungjae. that whole group is crazy, they always make me laugh at lot. ok will do!! i still haven't heard the others haha i forgot to check out the cd.

that's great!! that means, hopefully more concerts will come your way!! i think jongup is older by a year. not much really lol. i know right?? how does zelo do it, he keeps growing but still maintains looking like the youngest member. omg i have that problem too!!! lmao like people still ask my mom, "so when is your daughter going to graduate from high school?" and she's like, "she's already in the university!!1" people still think i'm a high school student sobs. it's funny right now but it's beneficial later on when we are older hahhah! i am actually not the tallest person so i think that doesn't help either but haha yes our faces just look younger compared to others. pfft your friend omg what even, i think we are old enough to discuss these things pls.

aaah that's what im trying to find!! a part time job would be heaven sent but im having a hard time at the moment. it's hard when you don't have much experience here. Like i haven't worked in years because i'm been focusing on school but i hope i can find something before the summer!! i must!!

when u start dreaming about your favorite group, you know you are in too deep. there is not turning back!!! lol it's all good. omg i have some friends that do it so easily and i'm like, lend me your powers because i can never see my favorites in my dreams. yees i love onew, he's like one of the few people that i still love as much as i did as when i got into kpop some time ago. omg yeah we just talked simply sobs need more action in my dreams once in a while lol.

lol it's ok, i mean in general this is all really pop but i guess some just have more of a hip hop influence than others. that's what i would definitely say block b is leaning towards!! :) hope all is well with you!!!
slayerizedcarol Mar 23, 2014 10:37 PM
hay hay!! I hope you had a nice weekend. mine was really tiring and crazy. so many things happening, sobs. anyways, yes i totally enjoy their new album. they had a lot of good songs i liked. Sometimes i miss their sound from like the beginning with warrior but i like the progress and the different songs they always put out. oh haha i get you!! i like btob a lot too! i didn't really like the new song they came out with but i haven't heard the rest of the album yet so idk if it's good.

ah that's good that they have merch there! at least you know it's available whenever, it's just all about saving up and getting it. I know it's difficult and more expensive for other people that live other places cuz they gotta order it all the way from korea and then wait forever haha. I don't remember how much the albums are here but they are sometimes from $15-$20. For a couple of songs it always seems like a lot to me but in the end, the pictures is what is worth it.

omg zelo is super younger than me like that's why it was always funny when my friends heard me spazzing about jongup. he wasn't even legal yet but he is now pfft so it's ok. Aww hahaha you can definitely call him oppa then but you know i feel like he gives off that vibe too, of someone you want to care for like a little brother and just do fun stuff with him. He's definitely getting taller now but he does still look too young lol.

omg no i didn't see that video!! i'm gonna look for it. I hope you enjoyed your holidays!! I am doing ok! lot's of things happening so I'm stressing out about a lot of stuff. Mostly trying to find a job and such. Anime is the thing that keeps me sane and distracted at the moment so i won't lose my mind hahaha ah!

aaah lucky you having dreams with bap!! you know i never have any cool dreams with any kpop groups. there have only been about 5 dreams with people from kpop and idk why they always involve shinee. the funny thing is that onew is my bias and i've only had one simple dream with him before. so sad, why not more lol. ooh!! im happy you got to check out block b! yeah i definitely liked their new kids on the block album and welcome to the block album the most.
slayerizedcarol Mar 10, 2014 10:51 PM
hello friend!!! sorry i took forever to reply!! i am happy that one shot made you like them! that was a good time for b.a.p. what did you think about their recent album and comeback?? i was very happy to see that they finally started winning awards for the music shows haha. yeeeaah i always love their dances!!! yeah i hope you can check out block b! if you like b.a.p then i think you will enjoy them too! i like their songs a lot. i actually used to buy albums when i first got into kpop but it's been so long since i've bought any cds!! haha i do want to get warrior and no mercy on CD though. they are expensive but some of them are worth the album art if you save for them!! :) is it hard to get their albums where you live? lol i don't know many jongup stans but we can always share ok!!! omg no i actually see zelo like my little brother. i want to take him out to eat and stuff but he's not my super bias, at least not like jongup lol but he's so great. yeaah that is so funny!!! i totally thought he would be exploding on all the members and bossing them around but nah he's chill. i hope you have been doing good!!!
idk3465 Mar 7, 2014 12:36 AM
Well.......I'll try to log on as much as I can, ok??
idk3465 Mar 5, 2014 1:26 PM
Yeah damn right! Lol xD
I'm thinking of leaving MAL (I've been soooooo busy and I keep forgetting to log in) so yeah I dunno :(
idk3465 Mar 4, 2014 12:26 AM
Gooood :)
idk3465 Feb 14, 2014 4:36 PM
Yeah cool :D
idk3465 Feb 6, 2014 12:06 AM
Ummm fruits basket, death note, mamotte lollipop, or something....
Lol I just named random ones I've read xD
idk3465 Jan 31, 2014 7:32 PM
Ya I don't mind it :D
idk3465 Jan 30, 2014 9:30 PM
Yeah they're great I'm reading the One Piece manga at the moment :3