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Jul 8, 2014
This review has grown big enough, so I'll cut the chase and let you jump right into it:

I'll go right ahead and say that I'm not usually "into" sports manga and/or anime, mainly because I'm not into sports in general. Thus, I can't really say how clichéd or not clichéd the story is compared to other titles in the genre. I do know a few things about shōnen though, and seriously - this is so shōnen.
A lot of determined faces, seemingly impossible odds, close failures that get solved in the nick of time by the power of some good ol' Japanese read more
Apr 23, 2013
When I went into this one, I really had no idea what to expect and what to receive. It's Shakespeare... as anime.
This would either be the best thing ever, or the most painful.

Story - to begin with, this isn't really Romeo and Juliet. The anime adds a lot of completely original elements, like (Neo-)Verona being a floating city in the sky, the existence of Dragonsteeds (which should be self-explanatory), people in oppression, a "La Résistance"-esque group of vigilantes and most importantly changes the morality from grey-and-grey to black-and-white. And that's this anime's biggest flaw. Capulet and their allies are pure and good and Montague are read more
Jul 15, 2012
Everyone familiar with Shugo Chara! probably already know about the abomination know as Shugo Chara! Party! so I'll just get to the point:
This. Is. AWFUL!

To begin with, there's no story whatsoever. Only episodic filler that really didn't have to be made and it's incredibly disappointing. The characters meet up, shenanigans ensue, and that's about it. Nothing important or exciting.

The art is pretty much the same as the previous two seasons, which is a relief. One thing they didn't manage to screw up!

The music... what music? I don't remember any music, which is funny considering they have two opening songs! One for the live-action segment, Dokki read more