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Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai
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Prison School
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Mob Psycho 100
Jul 22, 10:41 AM
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EmilioX Aug 24, 2:33 PM
Haha yeah I can eat so many sweets that I get stomach ache XD
I see I'm not really a big fan of Rookworst.

Haha well you could always got to Holland, but where are you gonna find them? :o

Well I don't really want to go to short, so maybe I'll go during winter vacation indeed and then after school ended and I'm working I'm gonna again during spring time. Only problem it would be a solo trip, so that means I have to celebrate Christmas and new year alone. Not sure if I'm happy with that. >w<
EmilioX Aug 23, 10:02 AM
I see, I have a big sweet tooth, I love sweets, I eat to much of them. >w<

Nice both are very dutch meals/snacks. Did you like them?
I really like the Italian Kitchen, and meat is always very nice.

Yeah I feel you, I'm living in a pretty big village, but I would never move to a city, far to crowded for me.

Most of them are, but they are also pretty forward, like most Dutch people are.
Haha thanks a good food tour sounds very nice.

That unfortunate to hear, I wanted to do an internship in Japan starting September, but eventually choose not to for some various reasons. Now I think I might go during winter or summer vacation, even though I would love going in Spring, I can't miss 3 weeks of school. :(
EmilioX Aug 22, 2:23 PM
Haha yeah those are also golden ^^
Well the food isn't bad, but I would call it great, but maybe it's because it doesn't feel special to me. What kind of food are you interested in?
And I think most people are indeed nice, of course there are always some rotten apples, but that is the case in every country. The nature is definitely very nice here, but hiking isn't really a thing here, Netherlands are really really flat, so only some hills, but camping is indeed very custom to do here, lots of nice camping places with nature. About the girls well there are indeed some very nice looking girls here. ;)

I see the culture and religion seem interesting, even though I don't really believe in a god or something. I think it's nice people have some kind of 'safe-heaven' to fall back to in their faith. I have tasted some of India's food, but of course it's not the real deal. I've never been there. Not sure if I would ever go there, there are so many nice places that I want to see someday. First up is Japan though, have you ever been there?
Iizbakaokay Aug 22, 12:25 PM
Girls are moh maaya. The latter one, it's all the same. Koi bhi field ho, it's chutiyapa. CSE have it a tad bit better though.
Iizbakaokay Aug 22, 12:06 PM
oh. Nah, I'm in CSE. Mech has lots of gundas and gang unless you're in NIT/IIT cream of the crop
Iizbakaokay Aug 22, 10:46 AM
The one with the biggest herd.
buzzingbee87 Aug 22, 5:41 AM
Ah I see, I also remember watching DBZ but I guess I didn't really count that as anime LOL. Tell me about it, we all did- I used to watch the shit out of Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel... good times. :) Oh nice, that's awesome- what a sweet story! :) there is so much for every taste and interest or what not, super diverse form of media for sure :) how are ya doing?
EmilioX Aug 22, 4:14 AM
Haha nice, which one where you thinking about?

Thanks!, you are too.
Well for me the Netherlands is nothing special, but it's nice and quiet where I live. We have some big lively cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and such, but also still some very nice nature. It's pretty hard to say for me, I wouldn't know why people want to go to here. :P

How is it where you are from? :)
EmilioX Aug 21, 1:54 PM
Me too, sometimes when I don't really know what to do, I rewatch one of his older series. ^^

Well thanks, it's because since I introduced myself I greeted everyone after that, so yeah then people are gonna find and add you often. ;)
Iizbakaokay Aug 21, 12:45 PM
No, I don't mind at all. I'm still studying. It's my last year and I'll be one of indias manufactured chutiya engineers soon. What about you?
EmilioX Aug 21, 7:48 AM
Yeah his Happy wheels run where great, with the dad and son. I also only watched him when he made gaming video's. My favorite of him is till corpse party, I really like the game and his commentary was very fun and great. ^^

Easy, just go to the forum > introduction topic > and great everyone that is new and tell them they can add you if they want, like I did on your topic. I added a few people that responded on my introduction topic and then greeted everyone new, and like half will add you. ;)
Iizbakaokay Aug 20, 7:10 AM
Hey been a while. I'm alright I guess. Skipping way too many classes but yeah it's like a drug.
EmilioX Aug 20, 6:00 AM
Nice, what was your favorite serie or series of him? ^^

I see very interesting to see how people came to watch anime. Of course I've seen Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and Shin Chan and such when I was younger, but I don't see them as anime. I watched the Dutch dub versions so they felt like normal cartoons for me back then.

So what is your favorite anime?
EmilioX Aug 19, 12:15 PM
I see, if you watch them let me know what you thought of them. ^^^

Well good question. My first ever contact with anime was when I saw a video on YouTube about the most *curse word* anime's and one got me curious. That was Kodomo no Jikan, so I watched six episodes and stopped. They shortly after that I watched Corpse Party, because back in the days I used to watch PewDiePie and I loved his Corpse Party playthrough. After that I took a while to get into anime, but when the years passed I started watching more and more. So I guess YouTube got me into anime. How about you? :)
buzzingbee87 Aug 18, 8:08 PM
Ah nice! I also switch between those genres except harem as my profile says. ;) I still haven't seen OPM- I saw the first episode and went oo okay but I'll give it a shot! Yea I think it's really good honestly, it gets higher praise than a lot of shows I've seen recently so it's a good time. Let's see, in 7th grade my friend introduced me to Full Moon and from there I'm honestly not sure how I got into anime, maybe I googled it? I watched Pandora Hearts next and the rest was history :) I did take a break for a few years and then returned to it- I kinda watch on and off whenever it strikes my fancy. :D Hbu?