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Mar 6, 2013
I had this anime on a portable HDD and I just let it sit there for about 2 years, I saw this listed on TV and decided to watch it.

Never again will I download an anime film and not watch it.

This film was highly enjoyable, the story is well paced and the characters develop so you care about them by the end, the music was fantastic and the art style was really good.

All in all I would highly recommend this to fans of studio ghibli films.

Jun 6, 2008
This anime is one of those masterpieces that actually makes you feel very sad.

If it doesnt get you the first time it tries then it will later on.

The relationships between everyone is really good as well, even though they tend to be stereotypical in anime, its nice to see ones like in Kanon.

All the little character quirks eventually make you love the characters and I guess in the end you wish that the story would just carry on some how, so you can see more of the characters.

Kanon is very good and must be watched.