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Mar 21, 2013
It's been a while since I've encountered an anime that i can rate this high. A show that really makes you think and feel. Psycho-Pass is truly an outstanding anime that gives something different to the table.

Now when i say different, i do not necessarily mean something new. Action/sci-fi/ cop shows have been around long before Psycho-Pass. So you might be thinking then "what's so special about this anime".

The reason i enjoyed Psycho-Pass so much is because i felt that it was done just right. They provided just the right amount of the two main ingredients that make up this show, action and conflicting beliefs. read more
Dec 31, 2012
...and the reward for best Ecchi anime of 2012 goes to... To LOVE-Ru Darkness!!!

Those of you who do not like Ecchi/fanservice anime might want to stop reading here. This anime focuses mainly on these two things and will most likely not be for you. Now for those who are in to Ecchi/fanservice, I will tell you why i think To LOVE-Ru Darkness is so great.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness is a sequel to the original To LOVE-Ru series. I highly suggest watching To LOVE-Ru, Motto To LOVE-Ru, and all the OVA's before you watch Darkness. For those who have watched and are familiar with the To read more
Dec 27, 2012
K (Anime) add (All reviews)
Beautiful art and appealing soundtracks. You're probably thinking, "This will be amazing!", right? Well it isn't. There are many flaws and factors that drags K down from being a well done anime to a below average one.

Let us start with a close look at the story. Our hero, Isana Yashiro, goes on an errand one day and is suddenly attacked by a group of men on the streets. It is later revealed that he is blamed for a murder that he does not remember committing. An interesting plot with a decent bit of potential behind it.

Everything is fine until we realize the plot comes to read more
Dec 24, 2012
Guilty pleasures...things you know are bad but like them regardless. This show would have to be one of my biggest guilty pleasures of 2012. So generic, so predictable, yet funny and entertaining at the same time.

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne, or OniAi, is yet another fan service heavy romance anime. An incestuous tale about about a high-school girl who, after six long years, finally gets to see her beloved brother. After some random unexplained developments, the story develops into a harem in just the first episode.

From there, the plot becomes extremely predictable to the point of just being plain sad. read more
Dec 23, 2012
Aliens, known as the B.E.T.A, invade our planet in the year 1973. They mindlessly attack humans and devour us like food. There is no way to communicate with these B.E.T.A , so our only option left is to fight them. To do so, we humans invent giant humanoid machines called Tactical Surface Fighters (or TSFs). Pilots are trained to man these machines and fight in the front lines against the B.E.T.A forces; however, this is not a story about those who fight in the front lines. This is a side story about the test pilots who make sure the TSFs are suitable for use on read more
Dec 23, 2012

Life can be boring, lonely and even painful at times. We humans naturally tend to avoid these feelings because of the discomfort they give us. We try to run away from them, but it is no use. Reality is all around as, and there is no place for us to hide. Our only option is to blast reality..and burst it into shreds!

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai focuses on a girl who does just that. She cannot accept reality, so she denies the fact that it's there. This girl opposes reality by being a Chuunibyou. But you might be wondering...what is a Chuunibyou? read more
Nov 29, 2012
It is pretty hard to choose where to stand for Dog Days'. On one hand you have a plotless, cheesy, and childish anime. On the other you have a nice, relaxing, refreshing, and a "good for the sou"l anime. I tend to lean more towards the second description.

Dog Days' is the second season for Dog Days (The difference is in the ' incase you haven't noticed). It would be wise to start with the first season, but it is honestly not that big of a deal if you skip that and move on to the second season. There is not much plot in either that read more
Oct 28, 2012
Yes, this is indeed another generic romance story. A love story between a boy and a girl in high-school which sparks into a relationship, except it is six different girls this time (and no it is actually not another lame harem).

Amagami SS is told in a dating sim style that separates the show into 6 arcs, Each arc focuses on one of the six girls that the main character can end up with. Just this already sets Amagami apart from the other animes from its genre because you get to see individually how each girl interacts with the main character for a straight read more
Oct 26, 2012
So my initial expectations for this anime were pretty low because of the first "Fullmetal Alchemist" series. I dropped it because it did not seem to be going anywhere and i honestly did not find it very entertaining. FMA Brotherhood however completely changed my views on this series.

Art 9/10
I personally did not prefer the art style for the characters in this anime, but the animation/backgrounds and everything else were very good. It was nothing too over the top but the art was still better than the first FMA's so its all good.

Story 10/10
I dropped the first FMA at around episode 20 because it did not read more
Sep 1, 2012
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C3... At first i thought it would turn out to be yet another generic harem/ecchi anime. Well, it still turned out to be a generic harem/ecchi anime (in my opinion), but the direction it took really surprised me.

The first episode did not set a very good base for the whole series. It felt nothing like the other 11 episodes that followed. My first thought when i saw episode 2/3 was "What the heck?? Oh god is this going to turn out like Elfen Lied or something?". Well with Elfen lied, they atleast had the decency to show just how whacked out the series was in read more