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Aug 17, 2016
Speaking as a Batman Fan, this is horrid. Speaking as an anime fan then this is brilliant. Batman animated movies and anime are worlds I personally would appreciate to be kept away from each other. So I am going to review the parts which an Anime would normally cover.

The art works were different amongst each section of the movie but overall well drawn for each. A personal favourite would be the second section of this.
The sounds were well placed and well covered for each situation in between the fights and action scenes.

I'd strongly recommend staying away if you are a very strong fan of the read more
Mar 2, 2016
Where to begin with Akame Ga Kill... Well, I'll begin with the story.
The story was pretty solid, not perfect but solid. Each character had reasons for being as the story had adapted to them quite well. The story also isn't afraid to make drastic changes as it rolls on (no spoiling haha). I personally enjoyed the story as I said, it was solid usually I often decide to seek out mistakes for an in depth story but this was almost flawless and enjoyable at the same time.

The artwork is something to behold as well as something unique and different when in comparison to most read more
Feb 7, 2016
Where to begin with Tokyo Ghoul. I would personally class this as one of my most enjoyable anime mainly because it was a unique show for the Horror and Psychological genres. 'Unique' because it seems to try something different when it comes to how the characters are developed and how the story is put together.

The story for me personally is somewhat an emotionally psychological thrill ride mainly because of how each individual character is structured leaving me as a watcher emotionally invested to the point of sitting on the edge of my seat as each part of the story takes a serious twist.

When read more