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Oct 11, 2011
Gouhou Drug (Manga) add
I have deduced that when CLAMP sets out to create a piece of work, they put in a plan to put it to a halt. Just to make us all suffer (not really, but doesn't it make you wonder?).

Story: For any of you familiar with xxxHolic, Legal Drug plays out similarly to that, even though LD came before it. But while in Holic you find Yuuko's store when you have a wish to be granted and Watanuki and Domeki find a way to grant it for you; in LD Kakei, the owner of the Green Drug Store, comes to Rikuo and Kazahaya with odd ...
Aug 23, 2011
Chobits (Manga) add
If you look at my profile, at my manga list, its fair to say that I am a CLAMP follower. Not that everything they do is perfect and is right for everyone but they generally do what they do right. But when I read Chobits I was disappointed.

Story: Take Hideki. A poor, 19 year old ronin student who can't get a job, a girlfriend and who has no life. On top of that he talks to himself when his imagination gets overly excited. And one day his luck just happens to hit him square in the forehead. Meet Chii. A very naked, very curvaceous...persocom? ...
Jun 30, 2011
Sakura-gari (Manga) add
I'm sorry. Yuu Watase wrote what? That's right. She wrote yaoi. A shoujo yaoi. How does that work? (To be honest, I was confused.)

Story: Sakura Gari really is a gem. It's the first yaoi I've found in a really long time that wasn't ridiculous and oversexed with no plot to speak of whatsoever and unrealistic characters who scream out "No! Please stop!" while having sex but really want it in return (Because no means yes, obviously). There was a story here that had me reading it into the wee hours of the morning and had me thinking what a sick, twisted little thing throughout ...
May 9, 2011
The Summit (Manga) add
Preliminary (28/? chp)
It's hard to recommend a manga to someone when 3.7 of the volumes have been translated. That's right. 3 full volumes have been translated. Half of the fourth. And then like 4 other random chapters after that. How are you supposed to reel anyone in with a premise like that?

Because it either will or it won't.

The Summit is surprisingly good. Not great because I haven't felt like I've had the full helping I should (like I explained above, not the full translation), but what I've been given had me reading straight through. I didn't stop and I wanted to read more. And I ...
May 2, 2011
Tokyo Babylon (Manga) add
My love of CLAMP spills out again. Tokyo Babylon is another beautiful tragedy that every CLAMP follower, and manga reader should try.

Story: Find yourself in Tokyo, the 90s, following Subaru, a young progeny onmyouji. Exorcist for all who don't know what that is. Sounds so ordinary, so very relative. You can't even begin to understand how absolutely tragic and emotional this manga is. Subaru's companions, Seishirou and twin sister Hokuto accompany him as he travels throughout Tokyo and what is ultimately the setting for X/1999. There's plenty of humor here, parallel with tragedy and drama.

If you're uncomfortable with shounen ai, you may not ...
May 2, 2011
X (Manga) add
Preliminary (158/158 chp)
If nobody could ever hurt or kill anybody, then why would people become blinded, to the most important things?
- A Dragon of Earth, X/1999

I can't imagine why anyone could dislike CLAMP or X. You don't have to like X I suppose, but they must have something you would like. Also, you should really read Tokyo Babylon before this one. It is a prequel to this and is just as beautifully tragic as this one, as well as a few of the characters in there and their stories coinciding in X that you may not understand or get if you don't read it. Check out ...
Mar 24, 2010
Perhaps my score of an 7 intrigues you? Because everyone else has pushed it to the side like you do your asparagus or brussell sprouts (if you like these, then please think of the vegetable you hate most)?

Honestly folks, were we really thinking this movie would be something other than fan service? Come on! It's so typical for shounen, especially long running shounen to mass produce pieces of work that highly resemble your Great Aunt Babette, the one who's always pinching your cheeks, or commenting on how big your...ahem. Well I'm sure you get the picture. It's meant to be a filler! I can't help ...
Jan 5, 2010
Preliminary (Unknown/195 chp)
Story: The story for Dazzle or Hatenkou Yuugi (I use Dazzle because it is WAY shorter), is pretty unique and I liked it from the start. Rahzel is so annoyingly awesome you can't help but love how obnoxious she is. And I particularly liked Alzeid's character. Not to mention he's pretty sexy, but that's for the females who read this. For the 9 volumes that I've read, the stories quick and charming and all around fun. It has its serious moments, which are usually ended with something witty either by Rahzel or Alzeid. But you can see its steady development into a good story.

Art: ...
Dec 27, 2009
TRC, is a heavy piece of material. The first thing you should know is that this is a world of crossover. What does this mean you ask? Any material that CLAMP has produced may or may not have been put into the world of TRC. Mainly it will be characters that are central to CLAMP’s other works. People who seem like they should be important or have some distinct background but you aren’t getting. It’s not necessary to read them before reading TRC, but trust me. If you read them before you read TRC, you’ll see these people and be like “Oh my god, ...
Jul 9, 2009
Fruits Basket (Manga) add
I find that there are people who absolutely love (this seems to be the majority) Furuba or people who can't stand it.

I believe that it's hard not to like Furuba. At first I thought it was just going to be funny, because the first 7 or so volumes are full of hilarious scenes (mainly because whenever the Juunishi are hugged by the opposite sex, they change!). But once you get to volume 6 everything seems to start to gravitate in a different direction.

The story line, when it's revealed, is a little cliche in my opinion. Hence the rate of a 9. Don't get ...

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