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May 21, 2019
I've seen a lot of shows with a bunch of pretty guys in them but this one seems different than the others. It's because it focuses on the different aspects of all the Buddhas, and each of the characters pretty much sticks to what they're considered to be in the religion. The argument that the characters are flat is pretty silly considering that they been determined by people worshipping them for thousands of years. They are what they are, aspects, not people.

The show is mostly about removing sin from the world and each of the Buddhist has a different way of going about read more
Apr 20, 2019
This is based on second half of one of the greatest manga ever written. They left a lot of the story out because they only had 24 episodes total, and while that included some of my favorite parts the heart of the story is all present.

Let's just get this part out of the way. The animation sucks. All the CGI from the first season is gone and everything has been replaced with stills for the most part. They show motion by overlaying some moving bubble layer on top of the audience and pianist whenever music is being played, and by panning over still pictures. read more