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Nov 14, 2012
Ever wanted to be a gang leader? Well, Ken Kitano never wanted to become one, but meh... he did. Let teh comedy ensue.

Enter the world of Sun-ken rock. An awesome manga written and illustrated by Boichi. If you are familiar with his other works such as Hotel or Ultimate space chef Caesar, then you know what kind of art to expect. But Sun-ken rock deviates from Boichi's usual sci-fi and delves into the world of THE MAFIA!

-Great story.
-Outstanding art.
-Just plain ol' hilarious jokes.
-Great cast of characters.
-Fairly realistic (Fairly...).
-Very very nice... fanservice.

-At times, it feels like the story is moving way too slow.
-Frustration... Ken Kitano's read more
Nov 13, 2012
^This actually happens in the manga...

Enter the ridiculous world of Oh! Great (Ogure) manga: Air gear. If you are familiar with his other works (such as tenjou tenge) then you should know what to expect. A convoluted mess of absurd amounts of fanservice, a cast of cliches, a great deal of random events, amazing art and (as an added bonus for this manga) bullshit physics.

Air gear takes place in a world where highly advanced, state-of-the-art, motorized roller blades known as air treks are used by people to zoom around the town, partaking in territorial wars read more
Dec 18, 2011
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This is simply my opinion so you may disagree with it, but i do hope you enjoy reading this :3

Brief review: For those who don't wish to spend too much time reading other peoples thoughts.

Story 4/10: Nothing ground breaking. I don't really care much if it has been done before... but the story just doesn't flow too nicely.

Art 8/10: The art was good. I liked the art. A number of scenes are used a few times too many. The effects where nice but i feel that if they added a bit more variation to the "OOO SHINY!! OOO SPARKLY!!" thing going on every time someone read more
Dec 18, 2011
This is my first review... ever... but i hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful in some way. Everything here is merely my opinion so you may not agree with it. ENJOY!

Brief Review: A quick summary for those that don't wish to spend too much time reading other people's opinions.

Story 2/10: A shallow series of events that force our protagonists onwards. Uninteresting at best...

Art 9/10: I loved the art. Not much to say here. Good art is good.

Sound 7/10: The OP and ED were meh-decent. The seiyuu did a nice job for all but one character... Saito Himea sounds very ...

Character 2/10: read more