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Feb 28, 2010
Tegamibachi (Anime) add
Preliminary (13/25 eps)
This review will contain some minor spoilers but those spoilers are only there so you could get a better understanding of the story.

Tegami Bachi is a very unique anime. The way it tells it story is amazing and the story is pretty damn good too. The story is not about save the world or anything like that.
The first 2 episodes of Tegami Bachi is a introduction so you must se them and the 3 episode to understand the serie.
Tegami Bachi is about Lag Seeing who in the first episode gets saved by Gauche Suede. Gauche Suede is a Tegami Bachi (Letter bee), they deliver ...
Jan 6, 2010
Area no Kishi (Manga) add
Preliminary (45/503 chp)
Area no Kishi is a manga about football. This is not just any sportmanga, but a wellwritten one. The story is incredible deep and wellwritten. You will be suprised how wellwritten this sportmanga is. You might even shed a tear or two. This is not the typical sportserie wich usually is Sport / comedy. Area no Kishi is a sport / slice of life serie. Its 100% serious.

Area no Kishi is about Aizawa Kakeru. Aizawa is a talented fotbollplayer who aims for becoming a pro, just like his older brother Suguru who is already good enough to play in the U-15 national team.
This is ...
Dec 29, 2009
I just picked up a random oneshot to read and this is what i got. I never read a oneshot before so i was hoping it would be a little special. But i was wrong. Its not the fact that it was a oneshot but the fact the serie is not as good as i thought.

The story is a little dumb and boring.
Its about some friends who plan to take a trip to a neigbour town to visit a haunted place but everyone except the main character and a girl wich he is in love it cant go. So they will be alone.

Character's are okay. ...
May 12, 2009
Naruto (Manga) add
Preliminary (446/700 chp)
Naruto Manga is long manga and follows the life of a ninja. Not like other series where the story is focused on goal like finding a stone for example. So if dont plan on reading something long dont bother with Naruto.
But its the long story wich makes it intresting and special.

Naruto is currently divided into 2 parts Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1 is the beginging. It feels like it is just a ground for part 2.
You get introduced to all the characher and certin events happen and charachers devolep. When part 1 has ended you pretty much know backgrounds for the entire new ...
May 12, 2009
This is the worlds most underated manga ever made. Possible the most underated thing in this world.
This series is just as bleach but more serious and less humor.

As most series it starts out a little wierd but later it turs into a masterpiece.
The story follows a boy named Kyoshiro, a medecinman who only wants to help people but an bounty hunter yuya misstakes kyo for Demoneyes kyo and caputre him. Later on he Kyoshiro changes into Demoneyes kyo in a dangerous situation. And some chapters in the future he changes into him permanently.
Then story follows him trying to found his own body. It sounds ...
May 12, 2009
Preliminary (94/203 eps)
First you must know this. The first 20 episodes of this serie is just there to build up the characherts so you get to know them etc. There isnt any story at all there so dont judge the serie if you havent watched throught the first season.

When the story begins in the serie it becomes very good. This serie will remind you of bleach or Naruto or other series like them.
At the start the charachers are weak and must train to take on greater oponents.
This may sound average but this serie does it great.
And after a while in the story around season 3/4 ...
May 12, 2009
Naruto (Anime) add
First time i watched Naruto i did not like it. Second time i did not like it but since all the people praised it for being so good i saw 5 episodes of it. Before that i didnt even got through the 1. And i liked it.
The story takes place in an alternitive world where ninjas exist. And you will be following Naruto and his life as an ninja. He is an 12 year old kid who graduates from the ninja acadmey at the first episode and so his the journey begins with Uchiha Sasuke and Sakura Haruno as Team 7.
If you like the ...

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