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Jun 29, 2019
The plot follows a dark humor comedy on the infamous murderer silhouette of every murderer 'Hannzawa-san' in DC/MTC universe as it is planning to murder someone (without mentioning who) starting with moving out to Beika city where many murders take place everyday. The manga seems like it's making fun of DC/MTC universe by poking out odd things the series oversees in order to adapt the setting to the plot.

Why would you read it?
You're either a DC/MTC fan who's thrilled to see small cameos of the cast and of characters that haven't been out there for a while but are unforgettable, crime scenes from the series read more
Jun 4, 2019
I remember watching the dubbed show countless of times and never getting bored, and I still remember how much I wanted a Patty plush toy.

It's such a great anime with so much morals for kids to learn from. All the characters were lovable and cute, and the bad guys were such a comedy relief.

Basic new girl in town meets the town people, and their adventures.

Even from a 2019 point of view it's pretty good, and taking into consideration it's a 90s show it's great! All characters wear cute colorful clothes with accessories, even the villainous cat brothers looked cool in their suits xD

It is read more
May 30, 2019
This review is based on 6 episodes of the anime, which I'm leaving it on hold because It started to get boring but still curious about the heroine's origins >w< that I can't completely drop it.

Story 7/10:

The story is quite interesting, long story short (you could read the synopses for the full thing) it starts with Ko aka 'Rec' your prefect man who has lived his life without getting indebted to anyone until he gets saved by Nino - your not so average lady- who doesn't need anything in return but one thing, to experience love. Like washing her lover's hair with toilet cleaner, in read more
May 6, 2019
Overall 6/10
In short, it feels dull compared to the Manga.

Art 3/10
The art just doesn't live up to it's predecessors (I haven't watched them but I have seen clips of them and the art is much more nicer). I'm very disappointed since it is a 13 episodes show. ( I know the predecessor animation looked dull too but the art was better when it was much older).

Story 7/10
On the other hand, the story telling was precise and we even got some informing details that didn't exist in the manga but adding them made so much more sense.

For the Sound:
Opening OST and Ending OST were good but read more