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Feb 25, 2024
Preliminary (116/? chp)
It has been a WHILE since I last enjoyed a manhwa this much! Especially when it comes to the "waking up in a book" troupe.
It's so funny, intense, and intriguing!

Story 8/10:
The story is solid. It is full of unique elements and deals with cliches in new ways! (My only complain is that chapter one doesn't give it any justice. It was the reason I never got interest in reading it before.

Characters 10/10:
The FL takes it all! She's not always protected with the plot armor, always developing and learning from her mistake, and a cute sunshine.
The other characters are good and are all entertaining to ...
Dec 12, 2023
If only it wasn't for the abrupt ending I would have rated this a solid 8.
But honestly the ending felt like a clif hanger I hated it, totally ruined the mood.

Story 9/10:
A depressing story about portraying a horrible group of friends and their journey I guess to adult hood.
The atory is unique, and I loved its premise. The atmosphere is obviously gloomy but the comedy and tiny cutesy moments are really good. However, late season2 to 3 just ruins all the good build up of the story.

Characters 7/10:
The characters are obviously a horrible bunch but they are charming at first then some get really ...
Nov 12, 2023
I came in with low expectations, but was surprised with how entertaining Tora to Ookami is!

Characters 8/10:
The characters are extremely amusing. FL is cute, funny, confident, and has great interactions with everyone.
The other cast are all interesting too. Ookami is kinda of cliche but is still extremely funny and lovable! Tora and the girl-friend aren't your average shoujo characters.

Settings: 7.5/10
The resturant setting is quite refreshing.

Entertainment: 9/10
Apr 30, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Alpenrose, Alpenrose~ this song is the best thing aside from the art can this anime offer.
I didn't want to be harsh on a personally classic nostalgic show that I once thought it was great and even now I can't bring myself to rate it below 7 even though in reality it would be a mediocre 5 😅

Story: 3/10
+ The story is really interesting and the setting is too but thr execution and show length made it a terrible mistake.
- The plot has alot and I mean ALOT of stories and twists to tell for a 20 episodes show! If Alpenrose have been a 100 episodes ...
Apr 28, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This special -too short to be a movie- is purely a recap of events from ep1 till about episode 60 with only an encapsulation of it through an introductory frame and a closing frame!
I honestly found no need for this new girl that was introduced since she had zero contribution to anything, the special could have used an already introduced kid and nothing would have changed. Maybe would even have saved more tine for the recap.

□ Should you watch it?
■The recap was nothing special, if you have recently watched the recapped episodes you wouldn't really feel the need to watch it but it's still ...
Jan 14, 2023
Coffee Thief (Manga) add
A capturing fairytale like story, kinda messy, but once you start uncovering the mysteries of its world you can't just stop.

Story: 5/10
This story had enormous potential but plot holes -more like plot caves- made it a tidy bit less enjoyable. If only it would get adopted by Studio Ghibli! They would fix it into the masterpiece gem it should have been~
There are things covered up by the mystery element, but alot of others are just neglected of any explanation or cover up. (For example how they used the "the world will know" to stop one of their chasers but at the same time they do ...
Nov 8, 2022
Preliminary (21/? chp)
Everything is illogical, that it's obvious the writer isn't even trying.. from events existence to solutions of problems, things just get magically done to make the story move. And what's worse is not even trying to cover it with comedy or something 🙃

The guys are handsome, but barely have any distinguishable personalities.
Ina is so beautiful and confident but dumb and just goes with the flow most of the time. The only appealing aspect is her looks cuz she changes outfits frequently, and her so called crush who's the most good-looking of all the cast.

Pretty and is the reason for reading that far, but ...
Nov 8, 2022
[I'm keeping my review from the time I finished it as is, since I find it more genuine to what I felt finishing the webtoon.. in short]

I can't find the words, I'm in daze since I just finished this up ~

The mystery, thriller, and issues that this webtoon deals with are no joke! Especially when it comes to mental health, the way it's depicted in the panels is incredible.
Although I was kinda bothered by the art change halfway through, it thankfully didn't affect my experience of reading, and so the score of such a jewel!

The characters are well written and you can totally feel their ...
Nov 8, 2022
Box Kei! (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
As I mostly do, I went in blind-reading and the first chapters gave me a very opposite signals of what this was about. And I feel if only this manga kept on the starting atmosphere this would have been one of the good reads.

A bunch of character are on a bus that our main girl is taking with her bestie. The girl is an idol to be and her bestie is her biggest support. We have a social guy who's "friendly" with everyone, a quite kid that has the weakest lines and story, and a don't-give-a-what attitude girl.
Almost all the characters get despicable and ...
Nov 8, 2022
Wangan Jungle (Manga) add
This collection consist of Ch1&3 as a connected story, and then ch2 is an unrelated oneshot.
I would recommend reading straight in without reading summaries cuz it's best to experience it that way -as I did- . That's why I summarized the topic of each story in one short sentence to make this 100% spoiler free and 100% surprising read.

1] Two friends get invited to their class reunion held in a new island. [2] Doing a part-time job in the summer.

Really great story 9/10! Loved the characters and wish this was a long series on it's own!
The story is so interesting and ...

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