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Sep 8, 2021
this manhwa isn't school fluff. It's full of conflicts, twists, drama, and messed up people, proceed with caution.

I binged it in one go since I was afraid of forgetting the details with so many things happening each chapter.
The ride was tough but I didn't even wink away after the first 10 introductory chapters; I was so invested in the drama and thriller (the thriller isn'tanything spooky it just the drama was really thrilling and the unfolding was unexpectedand sometimes ridiculous).
The ending was satisfying for some characters and wasn't for others.

Only one character is sane and acts like a normal human being. The others are read more
Aug 21, 2021
The collection contains 3 stories, the second two are average and didn't really pique my interest. So the 7 is the result of weighting the 1st one a half, while the other two shared the other half.

First story is the best story, wish it was the one with three chapters and not the Sakura story which didn't really feel like it needed 3 chapters more than the first one.
Third story (Sakura), plot idea was promising but fell short with bad execution and dragged events.

Nice without much detailing.

First story characters had so much going on. They wee lovable and entertaining.
Sec one were forgettable and plain
Third one, read more
Aug 21, 2021
Story: 7/10
Cute but it gets boring at some points.

Art: 6/10
Nothing too detailed or fancy.

Enjoyment: 6/10
It's too depending on 'love prevails all', so maybe I would have enjoyed it when I was 15~

Characters: 7/10
ML is likable and so mature you might think he's a man in a child's body that transforms into a teen.
FL: on the FL Annoyance scale barely scores 4, and gets better with time.
Other characters were either ok, or anoying or uncalled for (didn't add much to the story).

Overall: 6.5/10
Wouldn't recommend reading it, but might be a good between the read shoujo, and definitely doesn't have an reread value.
Aug 21, 2021
A unique tale about Sita the kumri girl and her life from start to end. The narration is shared between her and her ML Sangmin in sometime a confusing but engaging way.

Nothing too fancy but done quite suiting to the story atmosphere.

Flat, especially Sangmin was uninteresting and dull.

Depressing and tear jerking 💔
It's so heartbreaking to think that there might be alot of young Nepali girls whom have had Sita's experience but with no Sangmin to help them out...this reminds me of 1Liter of Tears, where the heroine got someone to support her unlike the real story 💔

Hopefully this an ancient tale that isn't really practiced read more
Jul 9, 2020
Enjoyment: 7/10
Not the best out of Han Yurang. It's fine and easy to read but rushed with so many things that are going on but so little time..

Story: 6/10
Cliche concept with 'I saw that coming' twists. What's new is dropping the cliches of living together..maybe bcuz she's underage and he's an adult.

Art: 6/10
On a Han art style quality meter this ranks a 6/10 there far more worst ones and far more better ones. The character designs have always been recycled but this time it's even more on the bad side than usual xp and we get no MC transformation! minus 2 points!!
The artists were really read more
May 30, 2020
- Disclaimer- the translators stopped at 19 chapters so my review is based on them.

Story 6
A girl had to live with a boy's family (cliche checkboxes):
✔ cold guy, has a wounded heart and complex personality.
✔ Poor stubborn bubbly girl.
✔ Family secrets and a history that no one is willing to talk about.
✔ Brother with a secret (bonus sick bro).
✔ She's the only one who can change him.
💯The dialog will give you secondhand embarrassment.
It's too rushed😅 the events fold exponentially in an artificial way, sacrificing the flow and logic.
ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, there seem to be alot of mysterious secrets that for once aren't that predictable read more
Nov 4, 2019
I scored this manhwa six not for being 'fine' but because it stands in the middle of two extremes.

Story 8/10
Nice story of connecting and finding what they need in each other. I just wish they didn't do the little useless twist that just made me read bitterly adding nothing.

Art 7/10

Character 6/10
The characters had some development and growth but what can I say the love triangle and excess stress made us hate the characters many times. Although the sides characters are interesting and a joy.

Enjoyment 3/10
The manhwa had great potential which was ruined after a couple chapters with the author's insane idea of hinting to a read more
Nov 2, 2019
H20 (Manga) add (All reviews)
Story 8/10:
It's weird and messy but compelling. I had my jaw dropped the whole time for there is always a drastic turning of events on every corner.
The manhwa has a fresh unusual flow. Like for instance, from the outside all the characters look stereotypical (Nerdy girl, prince, delinquent..) but the truth is unexpected and amusing to read through.

Characters 7/10:
The story circles around the 6 MCs with no favoring. My favorite would be the nurse, she has the most realistic character, she's honest with herself and always makes me laugh. While the most intolerable characters are Myunga and delinquent guy. Their side of the triangle had read more
Oct 27, 2019
Oujo Alexandra felt like an inspired sequel to the play of the two sisters in the sister manga Glass no Kamen. I mean it felt like an illustrated play which is very fun to read.

Story 7/10:
It's a about a princess who losses her ability to see in an accident that changes her life and her confrontations with her stepmother and her children (It's an infusion of Cindy, Snowy and the imagination of the mangaka). Although there are holes and the message of trust solves everything feels too wishy-washy, it's a fine piece.

Character 5/10:
Maybe because it's an old manga the characters were typical fairy-tale flat characters read more
Oct 1, 2019
All the characters make you fall in love with them and their act!

Story: 8/10
It is nothing new as a plot but the execution is very entertaining. Our heroin is a social butterfly, while our hero has a regent hairstyle but doesn't act as a delinquent, he is very mature(They kinda resemble my favorite duo in 'Dame na'). The story has some interesting twists that works out without stressing you along the read.

Art: 10/10
Yazawa's style is unique and the characters are always dressed elegantly, she changes their hairstyles and looks often! It's very enjoyable with Midori and Mamirin, especially because it's very 90s here.

Enjoyment: 9/10
A manga read more