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Apr 18, 2009
No action... No blood... No ecchi or fanservice... No politics... No mystery... How could this anime expect to get anywhere? What could it possibly offer? Mark it as a huge failure and move on right?

If anyone reading this were to do that you would be making a huge mistake. All this anime needs is the smile of a heartbroken child to wholly capture you and take you on an amazing journey. I don't care how bloody or epic you like your average anime to be, if you are honest to yourself, and at least partially human, you will be touched by Aishiteruze Baby. Give it read more
Apr 13, 2009
Fruits Basket is an anime that sets a mood at the start and follows that mood til the end.

Story - 7

Definately dialogue driven rather then plot driven, Fruits Basket doesn't start you in one place and end in another, it simply delivers a message. With a mildly unrealistic female main character, helping a slew of male characters to overcome problems based on social interaction, the material seems almost redundant by the time you finish the show. True the message delivered is quite potent and subtly monumental, but the presentation and delivery of it would have been much better if it were more raw (less overworked). read more
Apr 9, 2009
Story - 9

Mai-HiME has a great story with elements of fantasy, mecha, mythology, and high school drama. There is even some extremely predictable mystery but mystery none the less. These elements were combined with great effect in Mai-HiME, creating an epic and tantalizing feel to every episode. If there is one thing I would change about the story in Mai-HiME it would be making certain twists less predictable. There were no real surprises in this although the attempts were made. Simply changing the artwork of one "male" character just a tad, removing one shadow that is evident throughout the story would have made it so read more
Feb 23, 2009
When I started this anime I expected sweet mecha battle action, maybe a little bit of drama, and an epic ending to wrap it up. I recieved none of the above.

Story 2

I kept watching this anime for and only for the awesomeness of the mecha's. I've heard that if you watch the movies the story for this anime makes more sense... Would you take the chocolate chips out of a cookie, to eat the cookie first and then eat the chips last? No, you would naturally eat the thing as a whole. Back to the anime, there is no explanation, no decisive battle between good read more
Feb 13, 2009
Angelic Layer is an anime for a younger crowd, with enough in it to keep the little ones happy, but not enough to be satisfactory to those that have become adults.

Story 4/10

Aside from a brilliant setup, the plot of Angelic Layer is a failure. The concept is plausible, clever and very interesting in theory. The delivery however, left me extremely disappointed. The main emotion wrench in this anime is caused by such a stupid reason, I felt scorn and disbelief when i was supposed to be happy and cornily crying. I really don't mind corny moments that make sense, but to have a corny read more
Aug 24, 2008
Story - 6

Hellsing could have done so much more with the material it was working with. Not to say that the story was bad, far from it, but it failed to elaborate and strengthen its plotline enough to really be immersed into it. There was even a setup for a huge conflict between the vatican and the Hellsing corp., that was reduced to almost nothing. I suppose with only 13 episodes you can only expect so much. The story score for Hellsing is a 6.

Art - 8

The art in hellsing is just dark enough just red enough to give it a very vampiric feel. Considering read more
Aug 23, 2008
Story - 9

I've never really been a person to watch sports, or game animes. Why watch a game when you can go out there and play it? But wow... Hikaru no Go captured my attention in a way that I would not have thought possible. Every part of the storyline had me watching until I could no longer keep my eyes open. Believably intense and even inspiring, Hikaru no Go is an anime, that will have its place in my library of goodies. Story for Hikaru no Go gets a 9.

Art - 7

The art is nothing spectacular and yet nothing could I imagine changing read more
Aug 20, 2008
Story - 7

Serial Experiments Lain is easily one of the most mind-bending anime I have seen to date. Do not watch Serial Experiments Lain if you need everything to make sense. From episode one all the way to the end you feel as if you are wading through a fog alongside the main character searching for it's meaning. It does progress and hopefully you'll be able to pick out enough information from the events that take place to continually take the next step forward, as the completion of this anime is, though complicated, extremely rewarding to those with enough of an open mind. The amount read more
Jun 7, 2008
Story - 8

Hitman Reborn is a pretty unique anime in my opinion. There is one major flaw in the story that prevents me from giving it a full 10. The first 20 episodes or so have no real story arc. While each episode is interesting and helps develop the characters it takes way too long for the story to truly begin. But I will say this. The story arc in this anime is top notch. Once you get to episode 20+ you will be watching the episodes one after another after another. I am anxiously biting my fingernails waiting for the next episodes to be read more