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Dec 14, 2012
Malice@Doll (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Story: 5/10

Having lost their human masters since long ago, the entire cast of Malice@Doll is comprised of androids that no longer have any reason for being but still choose to carry out their original duties with loyalty. Amongst these characters we find Malice, a specific kind of robotic creature made solely to provide sexual satisfaction to human customers who used to exist. When an abnormality grants her the gift (or curse) of humanity, everything changes as she allows not only herself but also the other "dolls" to be reborn as sentient, emotional beings who quickly start to explore the pros and cons of being human.

This ...
Dec 8, 2012
Tales of a Street Corner is produced by Osamu Tezuka and uses a combination of living and inanimate characters to construct a story with a heavy anti-war theme. Sounds bizarre, right? Well, it certainly is and the first half is unlikely to get any other reaction than a few raised eyebrows and smiles as it introduces the characters and setting.

Among the cast we find a human girl and her father; a moth; a group of mice; a street-lamp and finally a plethora of various posters containing a large variety of characters. These characters inhabit a street corner that, through clever development, comes off as an ...
Oct 16, 2012
It sometimes bothers me that people advertise Madoka as a morbid deconstruction of the magical girl genre. First of all, taking a genre full of roses and choosing to emphasize the thorns is not in itself an indication of quality. Furthermore, if that’s what you wanted you’d need to look no further than to the appropriately named Revolutionary Girl Utena from the late 90’s era. In truth, anime fans have peculiar ways of promoting their latest obsession which might have caused quite a few to perceive this show as the typical piece of generic storytelling so commonly adored by the majorities but ultimately unsatisfying. Surprisingly ...
Jul 25, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Let's just cut to the chase; the answer is yes, this anime does depict romantic relationships between people of the same sex. I'd choose to describe the more sensual scenes as highly palatable and sometimes even intensely beautiful, but if you're unable to handle a story of such nature, then read no further.

Basically, this anime uses a prestigious French school as its setting where our protagonist, the virtuous and talented Serge, meets his new room-mate and polar opposite in the manipulative Gilbert who uses his body to gain various favors from other men. Unlike some other anime of the same genre I know of, the ...
Jul 17, 2012
Nekojiru-sou (Anime) add
Some anime want to confuse you with complex dialogue or heavy symbolism while others might be difficult to comprehend because of their randomness and nonsensical approach alone. Cat Soup belongs firmly in the second category; the creators themselves have proclaimed that it doesn't really mean anything but the storyline is bizarre enough to demand fair amounts of attention. I see this anime as, above all else, a visual experience and this review exists for the purpose of explaining why.

As far as narration goes, Cat Soup speaks in strict visual language without any traces of verbal communication to convey its plot developments. The core of the ...
Jul 15, 2012
Kaiba (Anime) add
Story: 9/10

Straight from episode 1 it's clear that Madhouse tries to pull off a narrative in a reversed timeline as the first scene shows a strange boy waking up to discover that he has no memories. The setting is that of a future where memories can be transformed into data and transported from different bodies and as the world is explored more thoroughly, we also receive shattered pieces of information about the protagonist. These do little more than confuse you at first but prove to be vital if you want to comprehend the latter part of the show.

Pulling off a story with such an unconventional ...
Jul 15, 2012
Spirited Away; not only one of the titles associated with anime in general, but also the very movie that introduced me to the splendid medium of Japanese animation. If said statement doesn't make me seem highly biased, then allow me to proclaim that this review most certainly is. I think it's natural to reserve a certain amount of one's affection for movies and books one associates with particularly pleasant memories and experiences. With this in consideration, I do acknowledge the vague possibility that Spirited Away's position as my favourite anime of all time is due to the fact that it was the first I ever ...
Jul 15, 2012
The first time I watched this I perceived it as an enjoyable ride, but profoundly inferior to the otherwise excellent Ghibli features. After viewing it again I've changed my opinion rather fundamentally and in this review I'll try to explain why, while trying to maintain a quick and basic approach.

Story: 8/10

Storywise, Nausicaa combines the environmentalism that was so prominent in Princess Mononoke with a theme of pacifism as we're introduced to a setting 1000 years after civilization was destroyed by Giant Warriors. As toxic gases fill the air and insects have mutated into huge beasts, humanity has succumbed into smaller countries in the few habitable ...
Jul 14, 2012
As far as art-house goes, I'm usually not that interested. Whether it be the dangerously pretentious presentation of your average Art College moviemaker or the bizarre nihilism of "Begotten", this type of movies doesn't interest me. Why? Because in 90% of the cases all they do is justify bizarre and pointless (as well as overly sexual) content with fabricated allegorical claims. With this in mind, do note that anime has a tendency to eliminate the borders of pretentiousness and reach those heights of creativity I admire. It was with humble expectations that I decided to give Angel's Egg a chance and it turned out to ...
Jul 14, 2012
The everlasting dilemma when you choose a historical setting for your story; is it more beneficial to aim for historical accuracy or inaccuracy? Pretentious historians would most likely point at "accuracy" and label it obvious while I personally think that a tone of creative liberty allows the narrative to soar into more admirable levels of grandeur. Rose of Versailles is not only famous for being among the first titles ever produced in the Shoujo genre and its strong female lead but also for the fact that it takes place before, during and after the French revolution using non-fictional characters like Marie Antoinette and Maximilien Robespierre ...