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Jan 24, 2022
copied from my review on another site titled ''A review from a meta mindset(, mostly written to get people to look at this episode (with a meta mindset)).''


Cowboy Bebop was started/approved with the intention of selling toys/merchandise of the space-ships, Watanabe was given creative reign and produced something fairly controversial, the show wasn't promoting their spaceships/toys enough, it was too violent (especially with the school violence going on at the time), and it had the whole jazz/blues thing it had going on, the producer pulled out halfway through the show (though luckily enough the show was picked up by Bandai) and an "ending episode" had ...
Jun 2, 2021
Have you ever just scoured through MAL to find really short shows that are easy to finish so you can get your "completed" list a bit bigger so it doesn't look like you're just a general anime hater that drops half of the shows he watches?
No? Just me?

Well that's how I stumbled upon this show and let me tell you what it is. It's 7 mary sue characters ready to give you some serious manservice with a song to back it up.
All of them are intentionally beautiful and skilled and don't do anything wrong in the video, even intentionally only doing things girls would ...
Apr 5, 2021
Ten Count (Manga) add
Ten Count (copied from my review on a different site)

Spoilers for the entire manga Ten Count, reading time approximately 7 minutes.


Basic Story Setting (and topics that are gonna be discussed)

Ten Count is a boys love manga about Tadaomi Shirotani, a 31 year old mysophobe (AKA germophobia, bacteriophobia), and Riku Kurose, a 26 year old psychiatrist meeting and developing a relationship.
Riku takes on the dominant role (or sadistic seme, as I've seen other reviewers describe it) while Tadaomi has the submissive one, allowing Riku to touch him despite his fear of germs, or better put fear of being dirty or "contaminated".
During these scenes you will often ...
May 27, 2017
This is purely in response to "certain people" claiming this anime doesn't exist; this anime DOES exists, just look for it using one of it's Synonyms

It's pretty crappy tho, and it's not gotten english subs yet (to my knowledge) so I couldn't follow what was happening at all, the art was pretty crappy and they didn't make up for it with at least animating the shitty art smootly, it just looked awful.
There was a kaiju tho, and it does a thing, so if you're one of those guys that likes those you should, like, skip through the show till you see it and then close ...
Jan 29, 2017
1989 (Anime) add
1989, by the pillows (who of course did the soundtrack for fooly cooly), is an absolutely stunning autobiographical song about the early days of the pillows, and how not reaching an audience feels like to an artist.
It is complimented by a video perfectly suited to it, and although the video does change the meaning of what’s being said at some points quite extremely (making the video itself non-autobiographical) I believe together they are a perfect combination, and the absolute best music anime I’ve seen.
Although, Before getting to the part where I shower this show with praise, some brutal honesty, the art is decent (at best) ...
Aug 24, 2016
This anime is about two little cute sea-creatures just walking around, maybe they actually have a destination but it doesn't really matter, what matters is the journey.

The lyrics, tone of the music and story of this video go together perfectly. when the music is calming you might see the two characters walking past some gorgeously animated plantlife gently waving in the wind, and when the song gets to a slightly more dramatic part, the story already made you expect that this was going to happen by building up some sort of incoming threat or shifting from brighly lit to a slightly darker environment.

I expected not ...
Aug 13, 2016
Committed Red (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings

The visuals of this show tell a fantastic story, and the music is also very good, unfortunately they don't really go together all that well.
The lyrics and tone of the music suggest some high action exciting visuals in a battle between good and evil, and while the show does have a few of those moments, it is certainly not the main theme of the story.

My other real critisism of the show is it's animation. Not a lot of movements of the characters were animated, a lot of it was just freeze-frames or a few frames of animation repeated over and over, usually ...
Aug 13, 2016
This show starts with showing a girl in a glass elevator going upwards and seeing another girl, on another elevator, opposite of her. Only this girl, from her point of view, is standing upside down, it was like something out of an Escher painting.
This scene already shows off what this music video's visuals will be; whatever looks entertaining. There will not be any deep story telling or meaning behind the visuals, and if you do find them, you're clearly making them up and it was not intentionally put in there.
So that leaves the question; does it entertain me?

My answer is "meh, not really". Sometimes ...
Aug 12, 2016
Ainone (Anime) add
"We continue the journey
Little Dal seems a have squid
So whether acoustic love the sound of love"

After this terrible translation by google and my lack of knowledge of the japanese language, the only thing that I can use to make sense of the story and meaning behind this music anime is it's visuals, and boy did they give me a lot of stuff to work with.

One of the things that's very different from music anime and just anime is that a normal anime needs to be understood to some extent on the first viewing, while music anime is, in my opinion, made to be watched several ...

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