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Jun 17, 2012
Oh well what can i say about this one shot manga. First of all i like the story, yeah its something you kinda know what will happen at the end, but i really enjoy reading it. Who could imagine a guy working like a butler with a "fake personality", the character got his own personal reason for working at it. Later a girl meeting him working and then finding how he really is might be shocking!

I personally recommend it, i really enjoy it and well loved everything of it ^^ !
Jun 17, 2012
Well as you can see at the rate i had given to this manga means that i love it !Besides that i am a lover of animals (mostly dogs) I loved this manga.
The story develop in a slow/fast way at the same time, but everything goes at the right time.The mood of the story its just like a normal day of school in real life, the situation that happened to her about a delincuent falling in love with her, and her friend talking about how she was gonna do about the situation, everything is well written in this manga.How the characters personalities read more