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Mar 10, 2023
Cozy gay goodness.

The series is ultimately a cozy read where there isn't too much to it, nor is it horribly bad, it just exists and that is fine.

If you enjoy adorable ladies being cute and getting sexually closer this is for you!

It, unfortunately, starts off with a trope that I don't like; the questionable consent of a one-night stand with a straight character, however as the story goes on it does keep referencing back to that moment in ways that I found thoughtful.

The characters are adorable. Cute. Cozy. They're a hot chocolate on a snowy eve. I want them to succeed and be cute together ...
Mar 10, 2023
This has been a wild ride.

While I love romance series, one of my biggest gripes when it comes to romance manga is how they portray the 'harem,' love rivals, whatever you want to call them, because it's almost always obvious that the main guy will end up with the first girl that kicked the story off. And you know what? My favorite aspect of this series is subverting that 'main girl' mentality and making every single girl a viable choice. Even the one person who I was like "He'll never pick her," had a chapter that changed my entire view of the story. I ...
Jul 22, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Like many anime, Hanako-Kun is a fun creative tale that piques your interest. Something that has been missing from the last year in anime has been the supernatural shows. Specifically, supernatural shows that are teen-friendly. I know that if I were 14 I would have loved this show, but because of that, I don't think it has the legs it needed to rise above average.

The animation is at times reminiscent of Way of the House Husband but, unlike that series, Hanako-Kun uses it in a way that makes it feel as if this were a fairy tale. There are many recurring shots that will spin ...
Jun 25, 2021
Cowa! (Manga) add
I was very surprised to find that Akira Toriyama did this series after Dragon Ball ended. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's something I would have expected earlier in his career. What we have here is a monster village living with humans. The monsters get sick and they have to team up with a human, who's referred to as a murderer every other page it seems like, to road trip across the country in search of medicine.

I really didn't like this.

What's a shame is that I could totally see myself liking this because Toriyama created a better version of this story early in ...
Jun 24, 2021
Note: A 4 does not mean it was bad, just disappointing.

Hell Warden Higuma is an interesting series. On the surface, it seems very generic. Higuma's clan has been tasked with being wardens of hell as they send escaped convicts that prey on the living back to their fiery afterlife. But after a few chapters, you start to notice how un-generic this series is. For one thing, there is no sexualization of women. Usually, a heroine falls in love with the male protagonist or is at least looked at in sexual situations, but none of those annoying cliches are here. Instead, we have Ayaha who is ...
Jun 22, 2021
Mixed Feelings
I'm a sucker for lonely robots.

Let me state that I have only read the first few chapters of Dr. Stone. It wasn't for me, but I was curious what this prequel would hold. Turns out, even though it's called Byakuya, Senku's father, he's not the main focus. The first three or four issues are about the international space station crew witnessing the fall of Earth and then figuring out how to get back there to do...something. The rest of the series is about Rei, the cutest most loyalist robot that ever robot.

It's predictable. If you're a fan of Dr. Stone then maybe you'll feel ...
Jun 21, 2021
Well... it's a thing.

I'm really glad Kubo came back with something. Sometimes after a long and popular series authors either retire or their later work isn't recognized enough, but here it was at least popular enough to get the fires burning again for this. At its core, I really enjoyed the world even though the story is pretty poor. Lots of exposition and dialogue that is almost whiplash from Kubo's Bleach series that eventually became minimalist. I really enjoyed Noel. She is a mood I subscribe to, and her partner is fine too.

What really brings this series down is Balgo. God, I fucking hate Balgo. ...
Jun 20, 2021
Red Sprite (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Red Sprite had a lot of potential, and sadly it got the ax like so many series all too soon.

What I really enjoyed about Red Sprite was the world. It had a clear steampunk WWII aesthetic going on... or would it be more appropriate to call it electropunk? Anyway, really cool setting where babies are experimented on to be, essentially, human batteries to power weapons. There was a clear and achievable goal from the get-go, which is for the main character, Tatsu, to find his brothers and sisters that were taken from the orphanage. It just so happened that taking down a dictatorship is the ...
Jun 19, 2021
Love Rush! (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Love Rush reminds me of the little sibling between Nisekoi and Rosario + Vampire. A lot of people talk about how cliche the story is, and when the first three chapters came out I was one of them, but after taking another look at this short-lived romcom I couldn't help but feel the shackles it was trying to get out of.

Monsters exist, and because of a certain sexy uber gene, one normal high school boy is soon the most sought-after mate on the planet. What I found to be really impressive in the first few chapters is the main character's determination. While the plot does ...
May 22, 2021
Gokushufudou (Anime) add
Oh boy.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room first. Yes, this is more motion comic than actual animation. I read an interview where the director was saying that they wanted to try and keep the appeal of the manga, and that way they kept movement to a minimum. I understand the intent, but when you're characters are running like cardboard cutouts there's only one response to it and that's laughing your ass off.

The animation is truly shocking. Can't even say anything good about it because it's not good nor creative. It's just cheap.

The characters grew on me, but still, there's not much ...

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