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Jan 18, 2009
One Pound Gospel is an anime about gluttony and why learning from mistakes is something important.

The story begins with a guy named Kosaku, which is a regular boxer. He's a really great boxer with a KO punch that could end the match in one round. His only problem is that he thinks about food too much. Whether he's running, practicing in the gym, or just resting, all he thinks about is one thing...FOOD. Even his trainer gets too irritated that he wants to fire him on the spot, or just plain quit as his trainer. Kosaku gets a preaching from his coach every now and read more
Jan 18, 2009
Classical music really does have some good stuff with it.

Gauche the Cellist is a movie that tells the story of a guy named Goshu that just tries his best to be a better cellist player. His hopes are put down by the conductor that's managing the orchestra. Surely, this was a big downer for Goshu. Being bad already and out of tune at playing his instrument, he doesn't get any support from anyone at all. He then decides to practice harder back at his cabin so he can prove his master wrong. As he does, random animals appears out of nowhere. That's where the fun read more
Jan 17, 2009
Hajime no Ippo is a series that was very inspiring to me.

The plot begins with a regular, average high school student that's just trying to get through with life and school while trying to help out his mom with their family-owned business. Almost everyday, punks in school always bullies him after school. That changed one day when a pro-boxer came and saved him from receiving more punches and kicks from these punks. From that, Ippo (the main character) strives to become a pro-boxer just like that guy. He suddenly becomes motivated to be a boxer in the future. Throughout this series, he constantly trains and read more
Jan 16, 2009
Mushishi is really one of those series that's very unique and mysterious.

The story starts off with a Mushi-shi named Ginko, which throughout his journey, encounters different kinds of people that are in strange situations that are caused by these creatures called "mushi." They exist to somehow help out people that are afflicted by the mushis, so they act like medical doctors that's wandering about from place to place. The people he encounters are really unique, and their problems symbolize diseases in the real world, at least as I see it. Ginko appears in the villages where these peoples are and try to relieve them read more