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Sep 11, 2020
A quick filler TOEI used. Yeah, is based on one of Oda's original oneshots for One Piece, but the reason he didn't used them for the plot at the end is because they weren't good. The autor knew they weren't good. I know they weren't good. If you watch this you´ll know this ain't good.
The plot is pretty simple and silly, everyone is starving at the ship so they send Luffy to gather food. When Luffy arrives at an island, he helps a blond Nami from an evil pirate, gathers the food and goes back to the ship. The end.
First problem, the setting: Why would read more
Apr 16, 2019
Writing a long review for this show is pointless, we all knew it was gonna be another excuse for milking the franchise until the eventual Persona 6.
Plot - 3/10
Same plot as the game but more rushed, while the game it's fun by it's own the plot was always flawed, having posser characters and teenagers outmarsting light novel villains is not a good point. The traitor twist is even more evident because the show decided to put Akechi in almost every episode doing worthless things, Adachi never suffered from this (although he was a weak character too).
Art 3/10
Many characters change sizes, do stupid faces in read more
May 2, 2018
Honestly, i don't know why there are some many 7s or even 8s. This OVA is just one adaptation of one of the sidequest you can do in the game source (and a uninteresting one in my opinion). As a stand alone product it fails because you need to have played to game to understand it and as content for the players it's pretty boring because it focus too much on irrelevant characters and tries too hard to make the heroes looks cool without them doing anything remarkable until the only (and final) battle. By the way, the ending doesn't make any sense at all, read more
Feb 8, 2016
As a Fire Emblem fan, I really needed to read this. Fire emblem Hasha no Tsurugi is a side story for Fire Emblem Binding Blade (a GBA game) who changes the main protagonist, from Roy, to Al.
The story follows the journey of Al, a brave 15 years old kid who gets involved in a war that will affect all the continent (not world, continent)
First, the premise of the history is a cliche, a boy with a strong sense of justice who travel with his friends and save the world-sorry, continent. Still, you shouldn't judge this for the premise, but, the development, i mean, a lot read more
Dec 28, 2015
I was interested with this "spin off-what if" but, i just don´t like. In the Suzumiya Haruhi original serie, things were changing and have a little drama (a lot in the movie) but here... the world is like a rainbow where nothing crucial happens. From the start at the end of the anime. Later, in episode 11, i thought that the history was just starting, and I really was excited, then everything just happen with a boring "drama" if i can call it like that (excepting the love confession). Finally, in episode 16 everythings just... nah, restart button and nothing happen.
About characters... they were like read more
Dec 25, 2015
When you watch this, you will probably feel dissastisfied. I´m no trying to say that "this is bullshit" no, this is good in a lot of ways, the OST is cool, the plot is the same as the prequel-game (good) and the animation is done by Madhouse (should i say more?).
My problem with the OVA is the duration of this, the 25 minutes are very enjoyable, but, when this ends, i feel like "is this all?" this should be more long. Anyways, i think they are just 25 minutes because this OVA encourages you to play the game (or buy it).
Oh, and I must read more