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Sep 9, 2012
Baton (Anime) add
This is director Ryuhei Kitamura's second foray into animation, and it's not a bad one. Kitamura's more well known for action and horror titles like Azumi, Aragami, and VERSUS (all of which you need to watch right now. I'm not kidding. Open up another tab and order/procure a copy of all of these movies while you're reading this review, and thank me later), as well as the noirish yakuza short Heat After Dark-- which you desperately need to watch if you're a fan of indie films. He also directed the motion capture fight scenes in the Metal Gear Solid remake for Gamecube. His work on ...
Sep 4, 2009
Too Long, Didn't Read Version: Really, really pretty. Buy the Blu-Ray and some controlled substances made illegal under state, federal,and international law when it hits stores. This kicks the Little Mermaid's ass, Sebastion de Stereotype be damned, mon.
When was the last time watching a movie left you feeling physically weak?
As the sing-a-long ending credits for Ponyo bubbled forth from the theatre speakers, I got up and started to ehad for the door...only to have my knees literally buckle underneath me. I felt light-headed, woozy, and couldn't maintain an erection for several days after. I'd suffered a diabetic coma by way of cuteness.

After manning the fuck ...
Aug 2, 2009
Clicking on BIGGU BATTERUUUU was really nostalgic for me.The OVA side-story feels just like an extended episode of Votoms down to the music. Hearing the familiar music and sounds, from the whirring Scopedog "skates" to the episode title jingle, made my heart do flip-flops. It delivers on that promise of a good time that comes with the series, and I wasn't disappointed: The C Team fights a land battleship. Chirico narrowly avoids certain death every five seconds, like he has literal plot armor or something. Gotho is a greedy bastard. Vanilla is a greedy Token. Cocona's pants are too fucking big, goddamn. That Quentian guy ...
Jul 21, 2009
Planetes (Manga) add
In the sci-fi genre, there are few books that can generate excitement for the real possibilities of space travel. They reach into your chest and pull out something small and glowing that many of us felt during our childhoods while watching space shuttles go into orbit or seeing stock footage of men on the moon. These books draw out this pure sense of wonder that makes you want to put them down and look at the stars for a few moments. And as we remember the anniversary of man's first steps on the moon, they become more poignant-almost painful. Something catches in your throat, ...
Jun 15, 2009
Mixed Feelings
If you discover a new particle through a particle accelerator that looks eerily similar to a magic circle, your first impulse should NEVER be to build a giant orbital laser with the aforementioned particle and fire it into the ocean just to see what happens. Just don't do it. I hope to god the guys operating the Large Hadron Collider have a bit more restraint when they're making science.

On that note, I really wish that the creative team behind Demon of Steel had been a bit *less* restrictive on... everything.

I don't feel like rehashing over the story again at all:there's no depth to it. This ...
Jun 13, 2009
I like to imagine that every anime ever was started by reefer-fueled brainstorming sessions among the creative staff. In this session, Go Nagai has just finished coughing after a monstrous bong hit, and he's waving his hands around to punctuate his speech:

Uncle Go: "Okay, okay, dude, get this:... Um, like, so back during the Warring States period, like, frickin' Nobunaga contacts aliens to get special technology like mechs an-an shit, and he augments his warriors with cyborg parts and nukes and lasers and stuff. So like, these ninjas go after his most hardcore cyborgs so like... They fight and shit".

Dude: "And?"

Go: "So like, the ...
Jun 13, 2009
If you find a mysterious box on a truck in your technical college, the best and most obvious course of action to take is to open it. If it happens to contain a suit of powered armor and a manual,only read the passage that tells you how to turn it on and get inside. After that happens, there's no better way to celebrate the activation of your newly-found robot suit by visiting your ex-girlfriend in a crowded tower.


Metal Skin Panic Madox-01 (don't you love those old-school robot titles? 'Armored Trooper Votoms', 'Blue Comet Super Powered-Tracer Layzner'...) is another one of those old 80s ...
Jun 13, 2009
Imagine that Onizuka had an older brother who was part genetically modified warrior-part asshole, and that when he suplexed his female students, they suplexed him back. And there's magic. And henshin hero fights.
And awesome. And stuff. Honestly, I don't remember too many details about this show, but I remember that I laughed quite a few times, and wished it had a proper sequel.
I hope that counts for something.

Bio Ningen delivers everything you expect form a good 80s'-era OVA: good animation, fight scenes, schoolgirl fanservice, an ignorable plot (this is always for the best) weird characters, and poofy hair. However, it doesn't have any stupidly-detailed robots, ...
Feb 4, 2009
I saw this movie on a whim while I was looking for episodes of the live-action TV show "Firefly", which I've been meaning to watch for years, and was pleasantly surprised. Horus/Hols:Prince of the Sun (localized under several other titles in other countries) has an amazing pedigree-directed by Isao Takahata , animation credits by the famous Hayao Miyazaki, among other famous names in Japanese animation, and is considered to be the first modern anime film, as it broke away from the typical Disney movie fare that they saw in anime.

That being said, the movie still looks, feels, and sounds like Disney animated classic, which is ...
Oct 12, 2008
Stardust Memory is mecha pornography, and I am a total mecha pervert. If you ever got a little hot when you watched Gurren Lagann's combination, aroused by the scent of a Gundam model, or felt flushed after watching Macross Zero's THRUST VECTORING, then you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, you'll probably be able to enjoy it, albeit on a different level. The best thing about Stardust is that the creators know that there is a segment of the human population that are raving mechaphiles (why else would their cheaply made plastic models sell so well...and be so damned enticing...), and the brunt ...

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