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One Outs
One Outs
Jun 3, 10:07 AM
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Tetsuwan Atom (1980)
Tetsuwan Atom (1980)
May 28, 1:51 PM
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Tetsuwan Atom
Tetsuwan Atom
May 26, 7:01 PM
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Ou Dorobou Jing
Ou Dorobou Jing
Mar 13, 9:32 PM
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Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl
Mar 13, 9:32 PM
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Boogiepop Series
Boogiepop Series
Mar 13, 9:32 PM
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Sayanora12 Jun 2, 8:09 AM
I know lol. I never have and I never will xd.

Yea, but when a huge amount of people say something is really good, you’ll at least get something out of it, even if it doesn’t turn out to be the best.

No, you’re not xd. I get that you don’t really care for the visuals and sound quality, what matters the most to you are the story and characters and I also feel the same way. But, if the sound and visuals are noticeably shit to the point where it hinders my experience, then I’ll point that out I guess lol.

Wait, there’s a twist lol? I’ve never watched it, thanks for spoiling it for me:(

Ok, I’ll definitely check it out.

Yea, I agree some of the newer shit nowadays are just horrible and copy paste of the ones before. Like, every action movie is basically the same as the one before, and the biggest example of this is a movie called “Skyscraper” that movie is one of the most unoriginal trash I have ever seen. Tbh, you’ve kind of inspired me to start looking back at older works to see what hidden gems I can find lol. Thanks I guess xd

Oh, I’m also interested, I might buy that book to boarder my horizons. Yes I know, acting like an intellectual pretentious asshole towards everyone while you flaunt your knowledge does sound fun LOL.

Oh, I’ve never played that, but I have watched an anime called One outs. (YOU SHOULD TOTALY CHECK IT OUT, IT’S AMAZING)
Sayanora12 Jun 2, 5:47 AM
Sayanora12 May 30, 7:39 PM
It’s fine lol. Everyone seems to see it this way, and it’s kind of a shame I guess. People seem to think it’s a bunch of oiled up jacked up red necks putting each other in holds, when it’s not like that lol. Like, wrestling can be really good and can have a story that’s even better than most LIVE ACTION films and anime. Like, let’s look at my favorite storyline in the history of Wwe. It’s basically about this guy, who’s been in the company for 6 years, he’s been the best talker, the best wrestler and he’s excelled at every single position they’ve put him in, no matter what it was. So, he was a bit frustrated with how the company was booking him(they were treating him like a joke) so he told them that he wasn’t renewing his contract(that’s actually real) So on the show, they basically gave him and open mic to air all of his grievances, and he knocked it out of the park. He basically called everyone in the company kiss asses and complained about how part timers like the rock(yes, he’s the one you know) were stealing his spot, about how badly the boss of the company was running it, he even said the company would be better off after the boss “Vince McMahon” died. It got to the point where they had to cut off his mic lol. He gets suspended for this(fake suspension of course lmao) 2 weeks later, he comes back, and of course I forgot, he actually earned a championship match before he aired his grievances, so anyways, he comes up and negotiated with boss over signing his contract, the bos-Lol, sorry for boring you to tears, I didn’t realize how long I was typing till now xd. I guess I get excited when talking about wrestling lol. Anyways, check it out if you ever feel like watching it I guess.

Yea yea, I’ll definitely check the original out then. Although, the remake has an 8 rating on IMDb (which is very good)

Wow, how do you watch stuff that old?! Don’t the visuals and the abysmal sound quality impact your enjoyment? Also, is Psycho(A movie that came out in the 50s or 60s I forgot, but a friend recommended it to me, and I wanna hear what you think) a good movie? Btw, since we’re on the topic of movies from that time period. Do you have any recommendations that would blow my mind? Like, I’m not willing to watch a movie from those times, unless it’s something that’s truly special, A masterpiece so to speak. Also if you don’t mind, could you tell me how old you are? Did you live in that timeline and experienced those movies when they came out? Or did you just revisit them?

Oh, I’m not an outdoorsy person so I can’t relate a lot... But I’ve fished before and it was quite the relaxing experience... It kind of just made me forget everything and calm down lol. Could you tell me why you are physicist? I’m interested in hearing your response.

No, i’d say you’re pretty interesting lol(As I’ve mentioned before, I would’ve probably ignored if you weren’t). Also, I’m fine with people talking about themselves, I like learning more about people I guess. My hobbies are swimming, playing football(or SAWWWWKER in the US lol), going out with friends from time to time(although, that has unfortunately decreased a lot), reading the occasional book, and yea lol.

It’s almost one hour, and it’s about something I haven’t watched lol. I’ll check it out some other time.

I said that because I wanted to separate Japanese animated films from western non animated films:)

Btw, I’m up to talking about anything tbh. So, just mention any topic you find interesting or you want to hear my opinion on and I’ll definitely talk to you about it.
Sayanora12 May 30, 4:06 PM
I’d recommend A PS4 and switch. The amount of games they posses should keep you busy for years lol. Also, if you ever try out persona 5 and like it, then you can play the rest of the titles on the Ps vita. It’s basically a Ds, but it’s made by Sony and it has lots of exclusive titles. Plus, it’s a nice place to play Jrpg’s and Visual novels.

Wrestling is Wrestling. If you look at it on the surface, you won’t like it. If you really wanna know why people like it, then try watching it. Now, don’t watch the stuff that’s on now, the program now sucks. I’d suggest going back to 2002-2011 if you really wanna see a good wrestling program. I’ll be honest, i’d probably feel the same way you do if I hadn’t started watching it when I was little, so give it a try if you would like.

That’s why he’s so good. I don’t watch his shit because I seek validation for stuff I liked/disliked, I watch it because I wanna see him I guess lol. Yea, M.Night is a joke lmao. After earth is almost as bad as the shitty purge movies.

Yes all his new videos have been basically him kissing every new anime’s ass, and it got old at some point.

Sure, I’ll check them out. I’ve added them to my never ending movie list xd. Oh! I’ve heard of Blade runner! Should I watch the new one? Or the old one? Also, I’ll keep Hitchock’s name in mind then.(Although... that will be hard considering... Oh nvm!)

How is 2010 new lol?! It’s been almost a decade lmao.

Do you have any hobbies other than watching live action films and anime of course?

Sayanora12 May 30, 2:22 PM
Lmao, just added it to my plan to watch list. The score and look of it don’t make very excited tbh xd.

Zero escape isn’t a puzzle game, the puzzle parts are more of an annoyance than anything tbh... I wouldn’t really call them fun. They’re just used as a break between story moments I guess. The story is just amazing, it starts off looking like your typical survival game, but slowly it starts showing what it’s really about and that’s what makes it so good. I’ll refrain from saying anymore to avoid ruining it for you, but yea. Yea I’ve played Skyrim for like 300-400 hours and I haven’t even finished a quarter of the quests in that game lmao, so yea it’s probably the “freeiest”(yes I just made up a word lol) game I’ve ever played.

I’m very very very ignorant when it comes to computers and such, but I can tell you which consoles and handhelds you can play them on. So, first off... Zero escape. You can play it on either the PS4 or Psvita if i’m not wrong, and you buy the first 2 games 999 and virtues last reward together for 45 bucks, which isn’t so bad. I played it on the vita, because I like reading Vn’s on handhelds tbh. Skyrim is basically on everything at this point lmao. PS3, Ps4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 lol. So if you have any of these, then you can play it. If you don’t own any gaming console, then you can probably check how powerful your pc needs to be by running a quick google search.

To be honest, I think a good content provider is one that can entertain you no matter what the video is about, even if it’s not interesting. What makes Digibro so good is that even with the endless tier lists and the never ending rants, I still enjoyed every single video he’s made using these 2 formats, even when the topic in hand wasn’t very good, that’s what makes him so good. Another good example of this is James Oliver... His videos touch many subjects(namely politics) and most of his video topics don’t necessarily interest me, but the way he presents information is what makes me ultimately entertained I guess. I’ll definitely check out pause and select sometime, sure. I watched some of Endless jesse’s wrestling videos and I found them to be very similar to the only other wrestling YouTuber I watch, except that the other guy is 10 times more interesting and entertaining than him.

I used to watch Mother’s basement and Bob samurai, but I stopped because they became stale to me. Tbh, I only watch 3 youtubers now, they’re:

Yms(Your movie sucks) He makes reviews on movies and mostly shits on them lol, and he’s entertaining as hell. I strongly suggest you check out the videos he made on the walking dead, it’s probably his best work.

Joseph Anderson... He’s probably my favorite youtuber ever. He makes analysis and critique videos on games and they’re so fucking great. And his streaming channel is even better. He pretty much plays single player games, but the difference between him and any other “let’s player” is that he actually questions the game’s logic and criticizes the game when it does bad. Like once, he was playing Danganronpa, and he stopped the stream for 40 minutes because he found a major plot hole in the game and he basically argued with the people in the chat on whether it was a plot hole or not for all that time lol. It feels like you’re experiencing the game alongside him I guess. He’s also very funny, but he recycles a lot of his jokes lol.

And of course, Digibro

I’m not the biggest fan of movies tbh xd. The only directors I know are Quentin Tarantino(who doesn’t know him lol) and M.night(just because Yms always makes fun of him lmao) So, I don’t really know the people you’re talking about xd. Hmm, I like detective mysteries, oh that reminds me! I’ve been looking for a movie called “Memories of Murder” for a while, and I can’t seem to find for some reason. It’s the highest rated Korean film on IMDb, and the plot synopsis and look of the movie really intrigued me, but I can’t seem to find it. Anyways, A detective mystery never disappoints me, A bizarre and weird movie like Pulp fiction would also be good lol. And something with the same quality character dialogue and plot execution as The social network. Also, do you know of any survival game movies that are actually good?

Lmao, don’t worry, I’m not an asshole xd.

Sayanora12 May 30, 9:45 AM
Ok I’ll definitely go into EoE with as little expectations as humanely possible lol. I hope it turns out good tho.

Well it obviously depends on what the thing is of course. But i’d like to think that any idea an anime has come up with since the start of anime would be enjoyable, if it were to be executed well. A good execution of paint drying isn’t really interesting television for me lol. But a story like death note or a romance anime with a weird gimmick or even something like Domestic girlfriend can be good, if the execution is on point. I hope you got what I meant, because I worded it horribly lol.

Okie, I’ll give ya some recommendation, see which ones interest you:
G-senjou no maou(It’s technically not a game but a visual novel, if you don’t know what vn is, then google it, you probably do tho lol.)

Zero escape series (They’re basically visual novels with some puzzle solving thrown in between. I recommend that you only play virtues last reward, which is one of my favorite game of all time and it should deliver on your desire for intellectually stimulating stories)

Skyrim(basically an open world medieval game, that’s pretty exploration and quest heavy. The main appeal of the game isn’t the combat, the combat is actually pretty shit lol. So I’d recommend playing it on the easiest difficulty.)

The persona games (My favorite game series ever. They’re basically dungeon crawler/life sims that put a lot more emphasis on the life sim part I guess. They’re actually a bit difficult, but I beat them on normal, so you should be fine on easy if you just pay attention to what the game tells you.)

I noticed you watch Digibro! I’m also a huge fan of his, although I prefer after dark over his main channel tbh lol. What other youtubers do you watch?

Also, I kind of noticed you’re a big movie fan lol. What are your favorites xd?
Sayanora12 May 29, 2:15 PM
No lol. If I wasn’t enjoying the conversation, I would’ve simply ignored you.

I don’t think it’s just you. The series wouldn’t be nearly as popular and as well liked as it currently is if it wasn’t for the second half and its craziness. I understand why they would hate it thought... They wanted a conclusive ending to the series outside of Shinji’s mind that would tie all the threads together I suppose. And it seems they might have gotten what they had asked for with EoE.

Yea, I don’t think he made it that way because of financial or time constraints... I get this feeling that this is the way he really wanted Eva to end. But alas, the fans asked and he delivered. I just hope that EoE ends up being as good as people say it is. I won’t really see it as anything other than not canon if it ends up sucking:>

Yes tbh, I figured that out from the type of anime you like. I’m open to anything tho, I’m able to like any show if it executes whatever it sets out to do well I guess.

Yea I agree with all of what you said! Especially the part about the interactions between the characters and the visual presentation of the show. These two things really helped set apart Monogatari from the rest of anime...

LOL. Yes yes I understand... The girls are pretty appealing to say the least, I don’t blame you.

Also, have you played any of the persona games or the zero escape series? Or any “weeb” game for that matter?
Slushii2002 May 29, 12:10 PM
Thx. That scene from End of Eva was fucked up but amazing at the same time lmao
Slushii2002 May 29, 6:05 AM
Your profile picture is GOD-TIER
OfDeathandLove May 28, 10:31 PM
Nooo ;-; 💔

Though I think I've done that at some point, too--using a number generator to decide what to watch. I've also had people vote on what I should watch, and used Anime Watching Challenges. Lately I've been trying to decide by mostly just asking "What do I want to watch?" though that sometimes just leaves me with a gajillion in watching and me taking an age to actually finish them.
OfDeathandLove May 28, 10:12 PM
*becomes a detective and hunts you down like you're Carmen Sandiego*

Ahhh that's a shame D: Most of my friends have at least some level of familiarity with Python, particularly Holy Grail.

Side note, though, for shame, you haven't seen Mushishi or The Tatami Galaxy yet. Trust me, if you're looking for the cream of the cream of the crop of anime, those are the ones to watch. Even if your watching has slowed down a bit.
OfDeathandLove May 28, 9:59 PM
RogertheShrubber said:
Marry me

(kidding obviously but I feel compelled to make it clear that this is a joke)

Too late
We're getting married
*dons a white dress*
Giulia14 May 26, 6:48 PM
Oh don't worry about that, it's obvious people don't know he didn't write anything xD
His line can be misunderstood at times, but i don't think he meant that in a literal way, that was in contrast to the sophists, people that claimed to own all the truth and knowledge, so it's like the "All i know is that i know nothing" represents the mindset of never thinking you reached the perfection and that there's always room for improvement so don't stop just with the things you already know. I really can't explain it well ahahah

Funny enough that you talked about Aristotle and i studied something about him today in the subject "philosophy of science" and it said that exactly, about his theory of "impetus" and how it was replaced by Galileo's. Actually it's most like the fault of the blind aristotelians and pursued what he said no matter what. Galileo himself actually stated that Aristotle would be on his side and not aristotelian's side, if he was still alive.

Also thank you and sorry for the delay but i was busy :/
Sayanora12 May 25, 7:49 PM
I’ll reply to you at some point.(I’ve received 83833 messages... and replying to you is too time consuming lol, but I wanna reply don’t get me wrong, I find your point of views on Japanese cartoons interesting to say the least) Until then, enjoy this picture of Kotori from Rewrite

Giulia14 May 24, 4:39 PM
Actually you can't really read Socrates because he didn't write anything (this was his choice). He showed his philosophy by talking to people, not writing. And what we know about him is thanks to Plato. The first, and most important thing that Socrates showed was that the true knowledge is the awareness of what one doesn't know. He said "I know that i know nothing".
Some philosophers (like Neitzsche) thought Socrates was an idiot, who did more damage than good to philosophy. A lot of philosophers since have said it in less kind ways.
However, the real legacy that Socrates left behind was one of bravery; he was sentenced to death in Athens, after refusing to denounce his own teachings. Many people believe that it doesn't matter if everything Socrates ever thought was entirely wrong; the important thing is that he stood up for free-thinking, and helped transform the notion of 'being-true-to-oneself' into a virtue, rather than a vice.
I'm sure it's plenty of videos on YouTube that explain well his maietic approach :D

Oh shit, i'm literally crying and sobbing right now and my mom thought it was for my exams, i'm sorry i made you remember something so sad :'(