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Dec 28, 2018
It goes without saying that the Second World War had an immense impact on Japanese culture and society. Depictions of the conflict in anime and manga have typically shown the nation’s part in the global event in a sympathetic light, which is in contrast to Western media. The pacifistic attitudes of the new generation of Japanese people comes is justifiable, given the country’s status as the only country to have been attacked with nuclear weapons. Regardless of one’s opinions towards the controversial nature of Japanese involvement in the Second World War, it is hard to deny the horrific nature of these weapons.

Following in the the read more
Aug 25, 2018
Isekai is an oversaturated light novel genre. They are, in my opinion, the light novel equivalents of Hollywood blockbuster action flicks.

With oversaturation comes a dramatic decline in quality, as authors write highly derivative works that do nothing to enhance the genre as a whole. Enjoyable as they may be, the recent upsurge in these novels have resulted in a sense of complacency both for authors and readers alike. Gems like “Grimgar” and “Re:Zero” are hard to come across, which is why for the longest time, I have avoided premises revolving around being lost in another world.

However, one day, as I was browsing the web read more
Aug 4, 2018
(I have just finished the fourth volume of the series, which at the time of this review, is also the latest one published in both Japan and abroad.)

Reki Kawahara, the writer of the (in)famous “Sword Art Online” light novel series, has been a polarizing figure in the minds of many anime and light novel fans alike. While he undoubtedly has very good premises, they are often marred by poor execution and writing, which has made Kawahara notorious.

But nowadays, more and more people are beginning to see that Kawahara has begun to show great improvement in his more recent works. For instance, his reboot of read more
Aug 3, 2018
(While I have tried my best to avoid spoilers pertaining to the source material and this novel, I believe that any person reading this review will benefit most if they have already seen or read the original series.)

Poignant and inspiring, “Your Lie in April” was a story that truly captured the hearts of those who have either read the manga or seen its anime adaptation. Even today, I find myself thinking constantly about it. It is undoubtedly one of the most memorable tales in any form of media to this day.

So when I heard that “Your Lie in April: A Six-Person Etude,” which serves as read more
May 17, 2018
Minor spoiler or two, but nothing major.

I’ve gotten halfway into the series at the time of this review, and the only thing I can really say about “Caligula” is that it’s a fun mess.

Character development is rushed, the story is all over the place, and the show’s tone seems to fluctuate from minute to minute. There were times where I had to pause an episode and try to rack my brains around why a certain character would do something. While some of these questions become answered as the episodes go on, some were left unanswered, leaving some lingering questions that may never be answered read more
Jan 20, 2018
There’s something absolutely mystifying about the Phantasy Star Online 2 anime.

While it is objectively bad, with poor animation and cliched storytelling (which seems to be the norm with anime tie-ins with video game franchises), the show has managed to become something that I have found myself rewatching over and over and over and over.

Before I elaborate, I’d like to first mention that I’d like to imagine that I have fairly decent taste in anime, but of course, some may also question why I decided to give the universally panned “Guilty Crown” a rather flattering score of 8. In other words, take my opinion with a read more
Nov 8, 2017
“Wake Up, Girls!” (WUG) came out in 2014 without much fanfare. While it wasn’t completely unknown to viewers at the time, it was definitely not a show that many paid attention to. Marred by poor production values and a plot that failed to really shine against its competitors, WUG never really managed to be a major player in the idol anime genre.

But nonetheless, it was a remarkable series in its own right. While more popular idol series like “The Idolm@ster” and “Love Live!” gave an idealized version of life as an idol, WUG always had a grounded approach in regards to how it represented read more
Sep 4, 2017
(This review may contain several spoilers up to volume 10, which is a little bit over what the anime series covers. I don’t believe that my review will ruin your experience, but if you’re coming in new, I recommend you AT LEAST have either read up to volume 9, or have seen the anime series in its entirety.)

I’m absolutely surprised nobody’s written a review for this series yet, so here I go.

The magical high school genre isn’t particularly anything new in light novels, anime, and manga. If anything, I would daresay that it is perhaps one of the most overused ones across all three mediums. read more
Jul 14, 2017
(This review contains minor spoilers for the second season, along with spoilers from the first. Spoilers from the second season are rather minor details, so they will not affect your viewing of the show.)

The first season of “Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt” is, in my opinion, the defining Gundam entry for this generation. Many Gundam series attempt to convey the message of the brutality of war to its viewers. For an entire franchise centred around the idea of gigantic robots fighting one another, the Gundam series has always had some anti-war undertones amongst its exciting stories. That being said, the first season of “Thunderbolt” was no read more
May 31, 2017
It’s been three years since the first season of “Aldnoah.Zero” aired. Having not been made aware of the series until several weeks ago, I decided to jump in with a fresh perspective, free from the hype that had surrounded it during its release.

I have given this show a score of 8, which to many people, may seem like a ridiculously high score for a show that is supposedly one of the greatest disappointments of the 2014 anime season.

The first season of “Aldnoah.Zero” is a standard mecha anime series that makes up for its lack of originality with its ability to make you want read more