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Aug 3, 2020
Preliminary (21/? chp)
I'm gonna start saying that I've read 22 chapters so far and I'm not giving it a solid 9 since I don't wanna rush it, but I'm loving this manga.
I'll keep it as simple as I can:
This is a very shoujo manga but the main characters have something other couples in the same genre don't: COMMUNICATION SKILLS. They express their feelings and thoughts clearly, which is sth rare in this genre and usually it's used to create misundersating and give somes sense to the plot, but many times it's simply frustrating.
The female lead, Hotaru is an honest and caring girl but not in the ...
Feb 11, 2010
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (8/9 chp)
The first thing I read when I entered to the manga site was a thread with the title "Most stupid ending ever!". As I kept looking, there were more similar titles. "It can't be THAT stupid" I thought. When I was almost ending the story and I saw it was getting nowhere, I thought it may be true... And it actually was.

It wasn't all bad though, it has its pros. I think the art was very good and suits this type of manga, some of the characters were pretty cool and I found it kinda enjoyable, since I'm a shoujo lover.

But to sum up, it's ...
Oct 6, 2009
Well, what can I say? I found it really cute and enjoyable. However, there're some questionable points. But in the end, it's a nice manga.

Story: Mm, let's say that the questionable points focus mostly here. It is a simple story, with a simple development and quite a simple ending. The fact that I didn't know who I wanted the main character end up with, and then finding myself disappointed of her decision, and how she suddenly got there, well... talks by itself. We've already seen similars plots, and sometimes the reactions seemed a lil bit too exaggerated to me, and sometimes not enough. Anyway, it ...

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