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Feb 26, 2024
Mama Yuuyuu (Manga) add
Preliminary (20/? chp)
Mama Yuuyuu starts off with an interesting premise: in a world of peace between humans and demons, heros and demons from other worlds begin to appear and fight. However, through horrible pacing, the manga flies through support characters, bog standard shonen tropes, losing any real flair while leaning into harem-eque character creation and a nonsensical plot.

For example, the first chapters set up dual protagonists between Mamama and Corleo, but Mamama quickly disappears into the background of the story, rarely appearing overall. This choice hurts any immediate and easy development between the characters. Corleo is forced into a situation where he has no established relationships, and ...
Dec 12, 2023
Ice-Head Gill (Manga) add
Ice-Head Gil Freezes Up Before It Can Get Going

The problems with Ice-Head Gil are many and consistent. Like all struggling and short-lived manga, it has flaws that push away any interest, and those problems are many.

Gil, the protagonist, feels too much of an archetype than a character, with the naivety of other Shonen protagonists, but none of their charm. This design choice makes it hard to connect with Gil and his actions. The benefit of this style of naive protagonists is usually that their purity cuts through complex immoral worlds and allows for their moral righteousness to win the day. Gil’s world, however, feels ...
Jul 17, 2023
Preliminary (8/? chp)
Nue no Onmyouji is a waste of time and one of the worst current Weekly Shonen Jump manga. The premise and characters are generic content. The series switches genres at a breakneck pace as if to only confuse the audience, and nothing makes sense as new ideas are piled on top of each other, for reasons never really fully explained. The main character does nothing to drive the plot forward, and has no interesting or redeeming qualities, instead opting to try to stop things from happening. Every chapter, there's more a focus on breasts than anything else with the newest female character moving the plot ...
Jul 17, 2023
Do Retry (Manga) add
Preliminary (11/19 chp)
Set in 1945/1946+, Do Retry emulates moments associated with Grave of the Fireflies, the violence of war and how that can change a child's outlook. Sadly, the manga doesn't attempt to follow up with this interesting idea of what it might be like to get involved in underground boxing for survival in the same way they treat that opening chapter, and instead devolves into the ridiculous with lacklustre fights, an unclear plot, and flat characters.

At first, Do Retry sets up an idea that permeates most shonen manga: what can a strong heart overcome? This question is interspersed with a firebombing of Japan in 1945. The ...
Jun 4, 2022
Blue Lock (Manga) add
Preliminary (44/? chp)
Blue Lock would be if you took everything interesting about sports manga and threw it in the trash and instead played with boring shounen tropes. A lot of reviewers try to talk up the idea of egotism in sports manga as being new, but that idea is usually best served in 1 on 1 sports (see Hajime no Ippo) rather than team sports which provide a different window into character development.

Blue Lock shamelessly crosses the content or feeling of darker mangas (such as Deathnote or Kaiji) in this weird idea that "survival of the fittest" is the best method to grow players, but instead, it ...

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