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Jul 18, 2019
*This review may contain some spoilers*

Game Obu Familia- Family Senki, or Game of Familia- Kazoku Senki is by far one of the better story-based isekai manga out there right now, mainly due in part to the author of said manga, Yamaguchi Mikoto, who has produced many other very intriguing stories, such as Dead Tube, Saiteihen no Otoko, which, if you haven't read them, are incredible Horror/Mystery stories. As far as the isekai concept goes, it's pretty played out at this point, there are so many other isekai based manga, that it's not even funny. Game of Familia- Kazoku Senki however, doesn't take the generic isekai read more
Dec 10, 2018
I don't think I've ever cried that aggressively before in my life. It was one of those moments when you're crying so hard snot comes out of your nose. The story was fairly consistent with the visual novel, and the visual novel was pretty good. Some of the characters were pretty forgettable, the children in particular are fairly forgettable, but even though they are the future, they're not really the important ones in this story. I can definitely say with certainty that the music was unforgettable for me. The visuals really like to remind you did this is a dystopian future. I don't know how read more