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Apr 7, 2018
FLCL (Anime) add
FLCL is so worth a watch, if you're at all interested you'd be doing yourself a favor to check it out. It's got feels, it's got heart, it's got a moving and rockin' score by band The Pillows. It's not about some kind of weirdness value like you're maybe thinking, it's a unique work of art that just might click with you.

FLCL is a coming of age story that immerses us in the topsy turvy world of a teenage lad. And does it better than most movies or shows I've seen trying to tackle it, at least for me. It tackles that awkwardness and sadness ...
Jan 3, 2011
Trigun Badlands Rumble is a very good movie, with some nice nostalgia for Trigun fans.

It's in the style of the first half of the series, Vash wandering around getting into trouble and helping people out. He runs into our cool heroine of the movie, Amelia, and she's quite likable. Of course, Meryl, Millie, and Wolfwood are in the house as well.

The story here is not black and white with good guys and bad guys, it's interesting in that the villains of this movie aren't all that evil, and overall the movie has a more laid-back feel than you might expect.

One cool aspect is how ...
Sep 8, 2010
One Piece: Strong world is a glorious adventure! I really enjoyed it.

They balanced a lot of great stuff well here. The side character plot of the feathered village folk was nice, and given just the right amount of time without any long flashbacks of their hardships, but enough for us to care. Nami really shined, and Shiki was a very solid villain, plus Luffy and the crew all had their cool moments. Good humor, good drama. And beautifully animated!

And it was fun seeing the crew dressed all classy gangster style, and firing huge guns like in some of those Oda color pages, cool stuff.

Only a ...
Apr 12, 2010
The Last Job is enjoyable, I'd say it's a decent special, with fun and zany Lupin action. However, it just doesn't seem as clever or well thought out as a lot of the other specials.

One of the twists to this one is that a recurring character has an apparent death scene near the beginning. Oddly enough, this angle is barely played up, compared to numerous emotional or memorable "death" scenes throughout the years, this didn't really stack up.

Anyways, aside from that bit which doesn't really get much screentime, this is just business as usual, the Lupin gang getting into constant action and one-on-one fights. Very ...
Oct 17, 2009
Lupin III vs Detective Conan is a very cool TV special.

This crossover between the two long running series is done quite well. There's a story involving a princess in danger, who looks just like Ran. Conan is on the case, and meanwhile Lupin wants to take a crown, which he attempted to steal long ago. This involves a nice flashback to Lupin wearing his classic green jacket, so we get both red and green action in this.

The plot is a Detective Conan style murder mystery, and the Lupin gang is added to the mix, bringing their brand of fun. It's a fairly complex plot, but ...
Oct 14, 2009
Sweet Lost Night is a great adventure with Lupin III.

The title is appropriate, as the twist here is that Lupin can't remember anything that happened during the night. Twelve hours are a blank to him, and some additional memory wackiness comes into play as well, as someone is stealing memories.

This sets up some great stuff, as Lupin scrambles to find out what he did during that time. A very cool narrative device, it sets up some nice gags as well as keeps the intrigue going for the main plot. Lupin even writes on his body to try and remember things, à la the film Memento.

The ...
Oct 14, 2009
Da Capo of Love: Fujiko's Unlucky Days (The Columbus Files) is a nice Lupin special.

It starts with Lupin and Fujiko up to their usual shenanigans, until they are bombarded by explosions and things get wild. The story here is that Fujiko has amnesia, and only she knows where the treasure is. And of course, getting Fujiko's memory back is Lupin's top priority.

Lupin is pretty serious a lot of the time in this one, because Fujiko is who he cares about the most. It's always nice to see that kind of emotion from the world's greatest thief. There's plenty of great comedy from the man as ...
Oct 13, 2009
Mixed Feelings
The Fuma Conspiracy a somewhat decent tale brought down by it's flaws.

Goemon is getting married when ninjas swoop in! The Lupin gang has to stop these evil ninjas, save Goemon's bride, and try for some treasure, for good measure.

This 80's OVA has the unfortunate distinction of being the only Lupin anime without the usual Japanese voice cast. This is especially bad, because the voices used don't fit the characters at all, and are distractingly out of place. The English dub is not good either.

On top of the unfortunate voice choices, the characterization is pretty weak here in general. The dialogue is not as clever as ...
Oct 10, 2009
The Castle of Cagliostro is a masterpiece.

Lupin and Jigen are following the trail of some counterfeit money to a castle in a small independent country in Europe. This leads them to a girl from Lupin's past in need of a hero.

Miyazaki's first feature film is a great one. He takes the already lovable Lupin cast and makes them just a bit more innocent, which gives this a very pleasant fairy tale feel. The characters are charming, and it's a joy watching the story unfold.

In this great adventure, our heroes set out to save the damsel in a tower from an evil count. The always great ...
Oct 10, 2009
Lupin III (Anime) add
The one that started it all.

This is a legendary anime series about some instant classic characters, the Lupin gang. This is amazingly ahead of it's time, being the first anime starring criminals, the first gritty comparatively more realistic anime with guns and such. Not just for anime, it's ahead of it's time in general.

Most importantly, it's still a joy to watch nearly 40 years later. Lupin is the cool, laid back antihero. This laid back style, helped by the very cool soundtrack, is still influential today in titles like Cowboy Bebop. Lupin has other sides to him too of course, he has an ego, and ...

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