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Oct 17, 2020
The God of High School, the newest action anime to grace the world and (to my knowledge) the second Manhwa adaption after Tower of God. This, like many other animes of the same genre in recent memory, has had super, almost mind-blowing animation, but a subpar plot.

Let's start off with the worst parts and save the best for last.

Story: 3

I have not read the manhwa so it may change further in but the story falls under a specific pattern that a relatively good amount of tournaments fall under (Sponsors doing bad stuff, protag tries to win to stop them, a bunch of one-off characters) ...
Oct 13, 2020
Mixed Feelings
If you've watched this, are watching it, or are looking to watch this, then you probably just want more episodes completed or you want the satisfaction of watching every entry of a series on here.

There isn't really much to say about this. It's just a commercial for an alcohol-free drink that tastes like beer. It features the Matsuno brothers drinking in situations fitting them. It's a commercial so there isn't much in terms of animation, but the brothers are still fun to look at. Each commercial (episode I guess) was under a minute but each one was fun.

So yeah, it doesn't take too much of ...
Jul 23, 2020
Mixed Feelings
The OVA for the anime "Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai" or "We never learn"

Nothing really too special in this. Convenient storytelling leads the girls to a wedding hall (fanservice station) to try on dresses while the MC complements each one and each girl blushes etc.

Not related to the main story but if you had a particular ship in mind (Yuiga x Rizu all the way) then this is a good way to live that out. If you enjoyed the main show, then you're gonna like this. If you didn't like the main story, why are you here.

Wasn't the best thing I've seen. But it ...

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