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Sep 7, 2007
Ping Pong Club is the most twisted and perverted comedy ever with the funniest characters and situations ever... and i'm not kidding... it can also be considered as a cornerstone of exagerated/ecchi/comedy/schoolkids animes that would follow, like Green Green and even Great Teacher Onizuka.

The animation is not well mannered and without any cute intentions, even crappy... strange, after i called it that i still gave it a high grade, yes i did because that crappy animation gives it that funny feeling.. it just perfectly blends with the mood and the characters... I mean did you see their faces? the guys look like a bunch of read more
Sep 6, 2007
Wow... this is a great anime... and belive me, I'm not a big fan of romantic animes and somehow this one ended up in my top10.

Story, Characters
This is not your normal happy, romantic, shallow, childish, idiotic, puffy pink harem anime that i hate so much, even dough it has the triangle love story... it's quite the opposite, it's realistic, dramatic, depressive and really deep and somehow it managed to impress me so much that it even gave me tears... and belive me, I'm not an emotional guy at all so tears are rare with me.

It starts like a normal, generic, romantic anime but it really read more
Sep 3, 2007
I've seen a lot of overrated and over-hyped animes here, but this has to be one of the few who's underrated, and one that should really be in the Top10 of Top100.

Strange but this anime seems to be the only one that all the people who rated it liked and respect it, even the ones that gave it an average 7 think this is a really good anime, but just gets dragged down by animation and the really depressive story, in their opinion, i happen to like the animation and the story.

This anime has one visible flaw but the good points more than make up read more
Sep 2, 2007
Great Teacher Onizuka... heheh and what a great teacher he is. A really original and good anime filled with comedy, action, and a few serious moments, an animation that has given life to one of the most memorable characters i've seen, Onizuka Eichi.

The animation is good, different from what you see elswhere but fits just right with the mood the show aims to give you, the funny faces Onizuka or Uchiyamada make are a real blast of comedy, ones i can always remember and still laugh about.

The sound is great, great voice acting from everybody and a really cool soundtrack. Just watch the OP theme read more
Sep 2, 2007

Neon Genesis Evangelion... one of the most controvercial animes of all times, with legions of determined fans and legions of convinced haters this is one anime that hasn't gone by without leaving some feelings behind and so how can we not recognize it's value.

There are a lot of guys that say Evangelion was a great mecha/action anime for it's time but the confusing and boring ending and the fact that Sinji is a very weak character pulled down the anime... in my opinion they just didn't get the show at all... that is the beauty of NGE, the story is to deep for some read more