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Apr 26, 2018
**This review is spoiler free**

Down in the forgotten slums of Tokyo, under the "bridge of tears" by a polluted river, only crossed by those that have fallen to rock bottom - the lost, the broken and hopeless - a small spark leading towards tomorrow is ignited, burning steadily through rain and darkness, a spark filled with endless dreams for the future. Here is the modest Tange boxing gym, filled with second-hand equipment, run by Tange Danpei, an ex-boxer and hopeless alcoholic, along with our protagonist - Joe Yabuki - an aspiring boxer with boundless fighting spirit.

But the story doesn't begin with Joe - the read more
Mar 25, 2018
Kokkoku (Anime) add (All reviews)
Kokkoku is a solid series exploring what happens if you have the ability to stop time (to enter a frozen world called "stasis"), but the series fails to really realize its full potential and a lot of important questions remain unanswered.

NOTE: this review is spoiler free

The story is a bit strange. It starts off very different from the usual, with an adult casts of characters attempting to rescue their nephew/grandchild who gets kidnaped by a gang for ransom money. The grandpa apparently has a magical stone which is able to stop time that had been secretly passed down in their family read more
Jan 6, 2018
I want to make a few notes here:
-I have not read the original manga from the 70s
-I did not know what big names where attached to the production of this anime or who the director was
-I did however, walk into the show expecting it to be good based on the ridiculous amount of hype surrounding it right now.

Spoiler alert: I was VERY disappointed and let down. This show was a complete waste of my time and I would absolute NOT rewatch it or recommend it to anyone else.

To be honest, this show left such a bad taste in my mouth that read more
Nov 24, 2014
This is a one shot, meaning it's a very short manga (a total of 8 chapters, roughly 30-40 pages per chapter). If you’re hoping for something long running, turn away now.

PLOT (5/10—just average)

The plot is fairly simple and, to be frank, completely predictable. It’s pretty much all the same romance troupes and clichés which have already been played a million times over in shojo. Second year Nayu falls for her childhood friend Oumi (one year younger than her). She realizes her feelings for Oumi approximately when Oumi tells her he has a crush on a girl in school. Feeling defeated before even getting to read more
Nov 22, 2014
For those of you not interested in reading a rant or all the nitty gritty details, skip to the very bottom. I make a complete summary and offer if this manga is recommended or not. This review is spoiler free until I discuss the final segment (enjoyment level). With that being said…

PLOT (5/10—average…and that’s being generous)

The story is relatively simple. Country girl Suzume moves to the city for the first time to live with her uncle, thus leaving everything she was comfortable with behind. She gets hopelessly lost in the city, only to be rescued by Shishio, her uncle’s friend read more