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May 22, 2012
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Special! is the extra episode which runs for about 12-13 mins. Perhaps, episode 27?

Story? Not much to say about the story. It's a fun story somehow.

Art & Sound? Very much similar to the series itself. I find it okay.

Character? It was great since there is a fan service being showed by the characters in the special episode and it's amusing.

Enjoyment? It's was alright I think? I still enjoyed this extra episode although it's short.

Overall? I admit that I expected a lot from this special episode, I thought it was another add-on to the series but no. Still, it was something although I'm read more
May 22, 2012
Kaichou wa Maid-sama Lala Special is a special episode wherein the main & few characters are introduced and some bonus voice swapping as well.

Story? There's no specific story. Only introduction & a "bonus".

Art & Sound? Still the same. It's alright for me.

Character? The main characters are still present and of course, still, there is the good and just portrayal just like in the main series itself.

Enjoyment? I enjoyed this short special episode because of the comedy and dialogue delivered by each character.

Overall? I'm satisfied despite of the fact that's just a 12 min episode. It's really funny & you'll enjoy it somehow. You'll understand this read more
May 19, 2012
Kaichou wa Maid-sama was really popular last year or two but too bad I wasn't interested because I thought that it would be a typical shoujo anime or another lovey-dovey anime. Yet, since I watched Special A and liked it, and this is the top recommendation, I had to try watching it as well.

Story? I find it quite amusing as the female protagonist Misaki Ayuzawa shifts from being a courageous and strong president to a versatile maid in a Maid cafe. I found it interesting and add Usui Takumi's flirty/heroic actions and you'll definitely enjoy it.

Art and Sound? I don't comment much on it but read more
May 14, 2012
My boyfriend downloaded this movie for me because of my own curiosity (Admittedly, I'm a Tekken fan myself). And now, this is the result of my answered curiosity..

Story? 3. The plot wasn't very well developed and at some points, you won't understand where it is going.

Art? 10. Graphics were really good. It was very clear. Animation is awesome.

Sound? 7. I think it was okay.

Characters? 6. Of course, the characters look the same as those in video games. I rated it "Good" because only few characters appeared in the movie. So don't expect that you'll see them all. **sorry, Spoiler.

Enjoyment? 7. For a Tekken fan, at read more
May 2, 2012
At 1st, when this anime was aired in the Philippines (I think it was aired in TV5), I heard a lot of my schoolmates murmuring, “Uy, napanood mo yung Special A kagabi? Nakakilig si Kei nu? Ang sweet nya ke Hikari!” —> Translation: “Hey, did you watch Special A last night? Kei’s so sweet with Hikari right?”. I was really curious, so I tried watching an episode. I liked it too, but I didn’t have the time to continue watching it because of my hectic schedule (this was way back in High School).

Here comes my Summer Vacation from College! My boyfriend downloaded this anime for read more