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Apr 24, 2019
This is something that I think everyone should watch. It not only gives you a good representation of who we can thank for where we are today, but also how far we've come. With that said, here is a bit of a review.

Story: 6 Without spoiling it, it's another historical animation, with a bit of good action and a story that you will at least find a bit interesting.

Art: 7 It might seem weird giving this a 7, but for 1939, you've got to consider the limitations, and how what you are watching isn't so much about the shine or the sparkles, but read more
Apr 24, 2019
91 Daze (Anime) add (All reviews)
This review requires a bit of backstory, which I will shrink down into about two sentences, which will also sell this show: "Hey random Anime watchers, did you just finish 91 days but thought 'hey, wish I could have more stupidly funny scenes of Angelo and Nero just kind of getting on each other's nerves? No, well then just watch it to put a complete next to the whole series then, ok..."

Story: 7 There were some funny parts, and then some episodes that nearly put me to sleep. The 7 was both for the rate of good comedy to bad comedy... and because I read more
Apr 24, 2019
So, did you ever have a language teacher that played a song for you in a different language that you'd never heard before and the whole time, your face was stuck between 'I hope she can't tell I'm terrified' and 'Please help me'? That would be these three minutes of 'music'

Story: 4 It's about 44 cats singing. Weird that I've seen weirder, but still bizarre because's 44 cats singing.

Art: 5 Honestly, for the time it was made, and the target audience, which is kids, it isn't bad. Nothing to write home about, but not bad.

Sound: 6 Good enough to get stuck read more
Apr 24, 2019
001 (Anime) add (All reviews)
When searching for quick time wasters, one usually searches for something that is funny, memorable, maybe even a bit interesting. I would have to say that 001 combines all of these very well.

Story: 6 To avoid spoilers, it was better than what I've seen some full Anime make in five episodes, and this had 37 seconds so.

Art: 7 Very simple art design leaves it to the imagination to fill in the color and the world around it.

Sound: 7 Starts off with realistic sound effects that are quickly replaced by random sounds that bring a hint of comedy to a rather dark concept.

Character: read more