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Sep 1, 2019
When it comes to OVA Girls und Panzer is pretty unique because the OVA is not pointless - it actually has something to do with the plot of the main show.

The show follows the Senshado tournament which consists of four matches but it only shows the first round, the semi-final and the final - It notes that the quarter-final was against a school called Anzio but the actual match is missing. I don't know whether that was intentional or maybe they just couldn't squeeze everything into 12 episodes and had to leave something out. Anyway this OVA completes the missing piece and shows the entire read more
Sep 1, 2019
I usually don't write reviews on specials but why not. I loved G&P itself but as usual the specials are nowhere as near as good as the main show (note: there's also an OVA, which unlike the specials is definitely worth watching).

The 6 episodes are very different from each other and I gave it an overall of 6 but here's the breakdown -

Episode 1 - The girls plan to go to the beach and shop for swim suits. A standard and completely unremarkable fan service episode. I really have no clue why they insist on making one for virtually every anime that exists. Unless you're read more
Aug 23, 2019
I decided to watch this one after seeing all the praises it got here and after watching TBH I'm not sure why it got so many such praises in the first place. This seems like an attempt to make a combination of both shoujo and shounen genres but it ends-up with a show that is essentially jack of all trades, master of none.

Background: It's a story about the king on the sun kingdom, who managed to conquer most of the world even though he's still a child, and the princess of the rain kingdom, a poor country and one of the last places that remain read more
Aug 15, 2019
One thing that I can say is that I've never seen such huge effort put in OVA specials ever. It is incredibly unique among OVAs due to it not being a side story or a sequel to the parent story. Rather, these are the first episodes of the fictional anime shows whose creation progress is the plot of Shirobako.

These two anime shows created in Shirobako are completely different in genre so naturally these two episodes are also completely unique and different from each other. Each one would have actually deserved its own review.

The first OVA is the first episode of "Exodus", the anime produced in read more
Jul 20, 2019
Every anime season needs a cliche harem right? Well look no further. Seriously there's nothing really unique about this show compare to any other generic high-school harem.
The only thing that usually changes between shows of this genre is the background story and "Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai" is no exception - Take a students that's a little above average in all subjects (but emotionally an airhead) and a bunch of girls who are exceptionally talented in one subject but ridiculously bad in others then just throw them all together and have the girls, have them all fall in love with the guy and stretch it read more
Mar 31, 2019
So you're a high school student, madly in love, but you're a huge tsundere. Ah, that's cute. What's the worst thing that can happen? Well, one thing is to discover that your love interest is as big a tsundere as you are.
Kaguya-sama is basically a tsundere parody done by taking it to ridiculous extremes. Out two lead characters are Shinomiya Kaguya, the school's student council vice president and Shirogane Miuki, the president. Both are the top students in school and both have a crush on each other. Furthermore, they pretty much know that the feeling is mutual but neither is willing to make the first read more
Mar 29, 2019
OK, it's a single episode so don't expect a long review. You shouldn't take this episode too seriously because it doesn't take itself as such. It's basically a gag where characters of Fairy Tail and characters of Rave run into each other and somehow end-up fighting each other, only to be attacked by a common (ridiculous) enemy and having to cooperate. Pure stupidity but it actually makes it fun if you take it as such.

One remark though - While this episode seems to take place somewhere during the second season of Fairy Tail, it takes place a lot after the events of Rave. If you've read more
Mar 29, 2019
Rave is more or less the spiritual predecessor to Mashima Hiro's later but better known manga / anime "Fairy Tail" and story lines do seem familiar even though this is a different show.

The story is a typical shounen and if you like the genre you're gonna like this one, though "if you like shounen" is a key point here because it's not something unique among other shounen anime. We have a young hero named "Haru" who is the heir to "Rave", a special item which was created 50 years ago to rival "Dark Bring", its evil counterpart, which destroyed 10% of the world at that read more
Jan 23, 2019
The two OVA episodes are unrelated, i.e. each one has its own story and no need to watch them in sequence, therefore I'll have to review each one separately.

The first episode is about Elf and a party made for her first anime adaptation (or whatever) and her mother, who's not too keen about her life. Frankly I think it's pretty boring. Proper disclosure - I watched this show when it aired back in 2017 and didn't bother watching it again just for the OVA, and I didn't really remember Elf and it took me a while to even understand who she is. Also, it refers read more
Jan 7, 2019
I wouldn't even call this thing shoujou ai, more like shoujou sekuhara if you ask me. I'd probably say this should be rated 18+ because it portraits sick fantasies as cute romance but I cannot stress this enough - if someone did anything even close to these "cute" things in real life they'd be in prison.

** Minor spoilers from here on **

Basically we have a second year high school girl who happens to be the student council president falling in love with a first year more or less asexual girl, Yuu, who ends up also being in the Student Council. Throughout the show Nanami keeps read more