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Apr 18, 2023
First of all - this is my first time watching an anime adaptation after already have read the source material, so my review might be a little tainted. I guess you should probably watch the anime first and then read the LN. This is the second LN from FUNA that receives an anime adaptation and the first one (Average Abilities) was poorly adapted imho, since the adaptation strayed away from the source material to the point where you'd have to read the LN from the beginning if you wanted to continue where the anime ends, so I did not expect much here either - but ...
Jun 23, 2021
Mixed Feelings
In one word - "meh". You know how almost every anime has that fanservice episode involving swimsuits or another random episode that has nothing to do with the story (usually involving Christmas or another holiday)? Well why make a single episode if you can make an entire season?

I like Tensura, it's one of the only well made isekai anime around, but Tensura Nikki doesn't give any of the vibes of the parent show. It seems that they tried to make a gag anime based on Tensura but the jokes are repetitive and it just gets boring after the second episode. I really don't believe I ...
Mar 26, 2021
Mixed Feelings
The TL;DR - What a letdown.
This is incredibly disappointing because the first season was brilliant, with so many reviewers giving it a perfect 10, it was one of the best psychological anime I know. On a first glance, the second season appears to be just as promising but this is only for the first few episodes. It then turns into a complete mix of clichés and things that would make you scratch your heard mumbling "wtf". Possibly a part of it is that there will be no 3rd season and they wanted to conclude the story, which may sound like a good intent but with ...
Jan 6, 2021
To be honest - I don't know why it has so many perfect score review. Don't get me wrong, it's a sweet slice-of-life anime with a taste of fantasy that's definitely worth watching if you like the genre but it's far from perfect. This review will contain spoilers but these are not about what happens in the anime but rather what *doesn't* happen, which is my main disappointment here. If you prefer not to read that, that's ok. The TL;DR is - The show ends in a way which reminds me of the cases where the original manga / novel continues past the end of ...
Oct 24, 2020
This anime is basically an isekai anime but in this world. The background of the story is that there are many different "other worlds" that people from earth have been summoned into. In some of those worlds there are dimensional portals, allowing the "heroes summoned from earth" to eventually return and about half of them do. Furthermore, it seems that heroes who've gained superpowers, be it super-strength or magic, get to keep them when they come back. There is a special school called "Babel", intended only for those returnees, which helps continue train them for... some purpose.
Our story begins where your usual isekai story ends ...
Oct 22, 2020
Glasslip (Anime) add
The good news is - the art is amazing. The bad news is - that's pretty much the only good thing about this show.
I picked this one up because I was looking for something similar to NagiAsu and this show, de-jure, is similar - a love story with a twist of fantasy. It's a story about a transfer boy and a local girl who share a unique ability of occasionally seeing or hearing glimpses of the future and how it affects their lives and relationships. Sounds pretty sweet. Unfortunately the de-facto truth cannot be further away. The fantasy element is so miniscule to the point ...
Oct 19, 2020
Probably one of the worst Isekai anime possible. First of all, here's the worst thing - You know how in many cases the anime has no real ending because the original manga / novel continues long after the anime ends? Well this is the first time I see it the other way around. This anime is from 2018 while the light novel began in 2013 and for some reason beyond my comprehension the anime doesn't start at the beginning of the story but a lot later. To be blunt, it's like they decided to skip the first season completely and begin with the second season. ...
Oct 13, 2020
TL;DR - This movie is basically the final episode of the third season, so if you've watched it then watch the movie too to see how it concludes. If you haven't watched the third season you really need to watch it first, otherwise you wouldn't understand anything.
The movie follows Bifrost's final scheme. While govt. Karina Komiya is in the public safety bureau building, the entire building locks-up, all doors, both internal and external, are locked, all means of communications are shut-down and several people are taken hostage. It seems that Bifrost are going after Komiya's head. With surrender not being an option, the teams must ...
Oct 13, 2020
Psycho-Pass 3 (Anime) add
The good thing is that compared to the movies this is a huge improvement. The bad thing is that it seemed like nothing could compare to the first season and after watching season 3 my opinion has not changed.
Season 3 happens after Japan has rescinded its isolation policy and is willing to accept immigrants. The story begins with two new inspectors joining the police force. One is an immigrant and the other is a mentalist - a person who can see mental thoughts from traces such as corpses and crime scenes. They attempt to uncover a complex criminal organization which uses a sophisticated chain of ...
Oct 12, 2020
This movie is pretty much a sequel to the first movie (the full feature) and if you thought that one was so bad it couldn't get any worse then this movie is the definite proof that it can.
The movie follows the former enforcer Shinya Kougami after the events of the first movie in SEAU. He takes a ride to the Nepal-Himalaya alliance, yet another country in a middle of a civil war. He rescues a girl who happens to be half-Japanese and who wants to learn how to fight, purely to take revenge on the one who killed her father, then somehow everyone ends up ...

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